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Message ID: 387     Entry time: Fri Jan 27 11:40:05 2012
Author: Giordon Stark 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Coating Q 
Subject: Laser Specifications 

 We have two lasers in the lab which have (quoted) "random polarization". These are the uniphase lasers labeled 1103. Details found here:


Under the stock number NT64-103 (reproduced below):

Model Number 1103
Beam Diameter, 1/e2 (mm) 0.63
Beam Divergence (mrad) 1.30
Minimum Output Power, TEM00 (mW) 2.00
Longitudinal Mode Spacing, Nominal (MHz) 730
RMS Noise, 30Hz - 10MHz (%) 0.10
Polarization Random
Laser Class - CDRH IIIa
Diameter of Laser Head (inches) 1.245
Length of Laser Head (inches) 9.50
Weight (lbs) 0.9
RoHS Exempt
CE Certified Yes













There is also a PDF for the uniphase lasers in particular found here which gives more specific details about the structure: http://www.photonicshop.co.uk/fe/Pdf/JUHeNeLaserHeads_1100Series.pdf.

To remedy this, Zach found a laser with 1103P (the P specification is plane-polarized) and seems to be working as we expect now.

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