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Entry  Thu May 5 21:39:07 2011, tara,ryan, Things to Buy, Blades, blade holding block base.PDFpillar.PDF
    Reply  Mon May 9 22:25:26 2011, tara,ryan, mingyuan, Things to Buy, Blades, blade holding block IMG_1554.JPG
       Reply  Tue May 10 16:59:36 2011, tara,ryan, mingyuan, Things to Buy, Blades, blade holding block base.PDFpillar.PDFedge_bottom.PDFtop_edge.PDFclampAssem.PDF
          Reply  Wed May 11 22:42:28 2011, tara,ryan, mingyuan, Things to Buy, Blades, blade holding block 
Message ID: 193     Entry time: Thu May 5 21:39:07 2011     Reply to this: 196
Author: tara,ryan 
Type: Things to Buy 
Category: Blades 
Subject: blade holding block 

We made a drawing for a structure hat will hold the maraging blade. The details aren't complete yet. The holes for the clamping will be  identified,  but the sketch shows the rough idea.

     We want to clamp the blade to a structure. The drawing for the clamp will be provided by Ryan (he found it in the dcc.) The structure is consisted of the base and the pillar. Although a monolithic structure is better, it might be to expensive to carve out a big piece of Al block, so Koji suggested that we do it like this. The base will be mounted on the table, and the pillar will be mounted on the base by 4 screws. The height of the pillar is not decided yet. It depends on how big the Al mass block we need to pull down the blade by its weight, and how the mirror for reflecting the beam up will be mounted, but it should be around 6 - 8 inches.

    The mass block will be used for mounting the end mirror of the interferometer + a translational stage. This way we can steer the beam with 2 mirrors and adjust the arm length. We will determine the weight, so we can estimate the size of the mass block, assuming we will use Al.


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