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Entry  Sat Nov 24 20:09:14 2018, Duo, Misc, , Noise monitor PCB assembly completed 
    Reply  Sun Nov 25 19:25:37 2018, rana, HowTo, Electronics, Noise monitor PCB assembly completed 
Message ID: 1772     Entry time: Sat Nov 24 20:09:14 2018     Reply to this: 1773
Author: Duo 
Type: Misc 
Subject: Noise monitor PCB assembly completed 

Progress: the board and components arrived and assembled. Some obvious mistakes are fixed on the next version in Altium.

Next: how to test the board? i.e. How to connect the test instruments (such as spectrum analyzer, DC power supply) to the board? We need connector converters (from BNC to headers female & from BNC to 9 pin D shape male). Or do we have better ways to test it?

Note: Altium footprints for WIMA capacitors are created. Altium test point component is created. These might be useful in the future.

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