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Message ID: 154     Entry time: Sat Jul 17 13:41:45 2010
Author: Jan 
Type: Misc 
Category: Seismometry 
Subject: Ranger  

Just wanted to mention that the Ranger is reassembled. It was straight-forward except for the fact that the Ranger did not work when we put the pieces together the first time. The last (important) screws that you turn fasten the copper rings to the mass (at bottom and top). We observed a nice oscillation of the mass around equilibrium, but only before the very last screw was fixed. Since the copper rings are for horizontal alignment of the mass, I guess what happens is that the mass drifts a little towards the walls of the Ranger while turning the screws. Eventually the mass touches the walls. You can fix this problem since the two copper rings are not perfectly identical in shape, and/or they are not perfectly circular. So I just changed the orientation of one copper ring and the mass kept oscillating nicely when all screws were fastened.

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