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Message ID: 153     Entry time: Thu Jul 8 16:41:29 2010
Author: Jan 
Type: Misc 
Category: Seismometry 
Subject: Ranger Pics 

This Ranger is now lying in pieces in West Bridge:



First we removed the lid. You can see some isolation cylinder around the central metal 
part. This cylinder can be taken out of the dark metal enclosure together with the interior 
of the Ranger.


Magnets are fastened all around the isolation cylinder. One of the magnets was missing 
(purposefully?). The magnets are oriented such that a repelling force is formed between 
these magnets and the suspended mass. The purpose of the magnets is to decrease the 
resonance frequency of the suspended mass.


Next, we opened the bottom of the cylinder. You can now see the suspended mass. 
On some of the following pictures you can also find a copper ring (flexure) that was 
partially screwed to the mass and partially to the cylinder. Another flexure ring is 
screwed to the top of the test mass. I guess that the rings are used to fix the horizontal 
position of the mass without producing a significant force in vertical direction. The 
bottom part also has the calibration coil.


Desoldering the wires from the calibration coil, we could completely remove the mass 
from the isolation cylinder. We then found how the mass is suspended, the readout 
coil, etc.:

DSC02509.JPG DSC02513.JPG

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