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Message ID: 1171     Entry time: Mon Aug 24 13:00:05 2015
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Summary 
Subject: Plan of the week 

The goal is to start crackling noise data taking before the end of the week.

Activities to do

  1. Summarize the findings concerning the seismic coupling investigations (Xiaoyue, Yingtao)
  2. Complete the test and assembly of the new photodiode (Xiaoyue, Yingtao)
  3. Install the new photodiode (all)
  4. Investigate the origin of the bad sensitivity we have right now (Gabriele)
  5. Finish DAC noise measurements, including effect of dithering lines (Gabriele)
  6. Laser intensity noise projection (Gabriele)
  7. Automation of alignment using picomotors (Gabriele)
  8. Move electronic rack far from optical table (Gabriele)


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