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Message ID: 2707     Entry time: Mon Jan 10 16:46:19 2022
Author: Paco 
Type: Misc 
Category: Equipment transfer 
Subject: 2 inch GYRO optics 

[Paco, Yehonathan]

This afternoon, we entered the QIL to look for a 2 in optic from the old GYRO experiment that might work as the PR2 in the BHD upgrade in 40m. We found some in the right most cabinet near where MEGASTAT is. We ended up taking two pieces (see Attachment #1 for evidence) one labeled "COATED 2"dia F.S. SUB S1: HR R>99.99% @ 1064NM S2: AR R<0.15% S/N:" and the other one from ATFilms, labeled "2"dia x 0.375" thk FS HR/AR @ 1064nm Run#s': V6-704 & V6-705" and a datasheet which specifies T = 0.02 % or 200 ppm.

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