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Message ID: 2600     Entry time: Fri Jul 9 10:57:58 2021
Author: Radhika 
Type: Summary 
Category: Cryo vacuum chamber 
Subject: CTC100 temperature extraction 

I wrote a python script to extract temperature data from the CTC100 via ethernet, for monitoring cooldown/warmup of Megastat. This is intended to replace USB data extraction, which requires the user to manually insert/remove the stick and plug into a computer.

The script queries the CTC100 every ~60 seconds for the latest temperature values (the frequency can be supplied as a parameter, but default is 60s). The script writes line-by-line to a .txt file and also plot the outputted data once collection is terminated.

Here is a gitlab link to the script: https://git.ligo.org/voyager/mariner40/-/blob/master/CryoEngineering/ctc100_controller.py. It is also found on the QIL workstation at /home/controls/CTC100/ctc100_controller.py. To run from the workstation, open terminal to /home/controls (home). Then:

cd CTC100
python ctc100_controller.py --filename='tutorial'

 Here, 'tutorial' stands in for the desired filename for the outputted data. The script will start pulling data and will print each line to the terminal. It will continue printing and logging the temperature values until the user hits Ctrl+C in the terminal. This will terminate the script and output the final data file. The file is saved as a .txt file in /home/controls/CTC100/data.

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