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Message ID: 2012     Entry time: Thu Feb 4 21:23:31 2016
Author: KojiN 
Type: Misc 
Category: PD QE 
Subject: Preparation of some components 

I prepared some basic optics for a PD QE enhancement experiment.

Specifically, two half wave plates, a PBS, a BS, a PD mount, and a stage for the PD mount are prepared.

The PD mount has a glued connector for PDs for replacing them easily.

The sage for the PD mount has three micrometers for moving PDs accurately to three axes.


A male pin assignment for a DC power supply of a circuit for the PD is confirmed.

As shown in the following image, #1 pin, #2 pin, and #5 or #9 pin should be connected to +15 V, -15 V, and GND, respectively.

Male pin assignment for the DC power supply of the circuit for the PD


In addition, for aligning the optics, a CCD camera and a lens for the camera are also prepared.

All things are placed on an optical bench without being aligned.


I will align the optics and test the PD circuit and the camera with laser light.

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