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New entries since:Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969
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  4   Tue Feb 25 14:02:17 2020 DennisProgressGeneralOptical Contamination Cavity Testing QueueHere is an update to the prioritized materials
testing queue for UHV compatibility, which
was last reported in 
  3   Tue Feb 19 09:35:33 2019 Dennis CoynePlanGeneralOCF QueueHere is an update to the prioritized materials
testing queue for UHV compatibility, which
was last reported in elog:1
  2   Thu Jan 17 16:04:17 2019 Dennis CoyneGeneralGeneralrevised thermoelastic response of the cavity mirrorThe original thermoelastic response of
the mirror was documented in T970212,
using the IDEAS finite element code. The
  1   Wed Jan 2 12:06:43 2019 Dennis CoyneGeneralGeneralCurrent status/state of the Optical Contamination Facility (formerly OTF)The Optical Contamination Facility
(formerly the OTF, Optical Test Facility)
consists of 3 vacuum chambers with high-finesse,
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