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Message ID: 1     Entry time: Wed Jan 2 12:06:43 2019
Author: Dennis Coyne 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: Current status/state of the Optical Contamination Facility (formerly OTF) 

The Optical Contamination Facility (formerly the OTF, Optical Test Facility) consists of 3 vacuum chambers with high-finesse, resonant optical cavities used to test the effect of outgassing from materials/assemblies on optical properties (absorption, scatter @1064nm) over time.

basic description: P990032

original block diagram: D1001800

new block diagram: D1800215

compendium of all materials/assemblies tested to date (includes RGA results as well): E1000193

Current facility status:

  • One of the cavities is currently not operating until we get another NPRO laser.
  • Currently only one test is underway - vacuum compatibility of the EUCLID device; see E1800210
  • Current materials test queue (in my ordering of priority):
    • EUCLID (possible A+ component) - testing underway
    • Accu-Glass PEEK UHV Heat-Shrink Tubing (useful for in-chamber cabling)
    • Krytox LVP (not officially approved for LIGO, but permitted extremely small amounts on beam diverters & within New Focus picomotor 830X-UHV)
    • Torr Seal epoxy (proposed for ZnSe window seal for in-vacuum, non-pumped, wavefront sensor by Australians, possibly for A+?)
    • Castrol Braycote 601EF (used in a proposed vacuum rated heat switch motor assembly for Voyager)


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