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ID Date Author Type Category Subject Text Attachments
  574   Mon Jul 24 16:12:14 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralA+ OMC Unit 1 Cavity BuildIt is ~1mm from the zero of the micrometer
readings. See attached photos from the 1st
OMC build.
  573   Fri Jul 21 13:42:10 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+ OMC Unit 1 Cavity Build7/21/23

Fringes were observed at the optic-breadboard interface.
This was eliminated by cleaning the interface
  572   Fri Jul 21 03:29:30 2023 Koji OpticsGeneralA+ OMC optic bench beam layout Nice measurement. This result suggests
that the fiber mode is supposed to be matched
to the OMC cavity by 99.8% at z0=0.358 m.
  571   Fri Jul 21 00:23:35 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ PZT subassembly glue sheetsBelow are the gluesheets for the first
four PZT subassembly bonding.
  570   Fri Jul 21 00:07:03 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneral [Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

Effort was made to coarsely align
the laser beam into the caivty
  569   Thu Jul 20 14:28:53 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC optic bench beam layout Beam profile of the input beam was measured
at it's beam waist, this is to ensure
the input beam waist matches the cavity
  568   Thu Jul 20 14:14:49 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC bonding template alignment We aligned the bonding template onto the
glass braedboard. This was done with the
help of a vernier caliper and adjusting teh
  567   Wed Jul 19 14:26:17 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralA+ PZT sub-assemblies Pens like Sharpie are not recommended to
be used for CLASS B parts.
  566   Wed Jul 19 11:00:56 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC Bonding [Camille, Thejas]

The A+ OMC transport fixture
and optic breadboard was transported to the
  564   Wed Jul 19 08:38:07 2023 Camille MakaremElectronicsCharacterizationPZT Reliability Test Results (part 2 of 2)Results for PZT reliability test:
Batch 3: SN31, SN32, SN35, SN40, SN45
  563   Tue Jul 18 17:34:45 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+ PZT sub-assemblies [Camille, Thejas]

Post sub-assembly bonding of CM
: Madeline will post a separate update on
  562   Mon Jul 17 10:15:56 2023 Camille MakaremElectronicsCharacterizationPZT Reliability Test Results (part 1 of 2)[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

Results for PZT reliability tests:

Batch 1: SN37, SN38, SN39, SN44
  561   Thu Jul 13 01:02:58 2023 StephenOpticsGeneralA+ OMC, Bonding of Curved Mirror Batch 1[2023.07.13 - Stephen, Camille, Thejas,

We bonded Curved Mirror assemblies
  560   Thu Jul 13 00:38:47 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC, PZT DC Response and Length to Angle before Curved Mirror Assy Batch 1[2023.07.13]

The attached table includes the
characterization values used to inform the
  559   Wed Jul 12 17:27:44 2023 KojiGeneralGeneralMitsutoyo Digital Caliper (100mm)We had missing digital caliper from the
clean room. As it is an essential component,
I have ordered a replacement.
  558   Mon Jul 10 20:52:19 2023 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC (004) TMS measurementBelated entry: OMC(004) TMS measurement
with the PZT voltages scanned (Jun 12/15,
  557   Mon Jul 10 20:29:05 2023 Koji GeneralCharacterizationOMC(004) PZT characterizationBelated entry: OMC(004) PZT Slow
scan / freq response measurements (May 10/11/17,
  556   Mon Jul 10 20:23:47 2023 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC (004) Spot positionsBelated entry: OMC(004) Spot positions
(Jun 15, 2023)

Photographs of the spot positions
  555   Mon Jul 10 16:15:06 2023 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC(004) FSR / FinesseBelated entry: OMC(004) FSR / Finesse
measurement (Jun 13th, 2023)

RFAM Injection (Attachment
  554   Mon Jul 10 16:09:35 2023 KojiOpticsCharacterizationOMC(004) FSR / FinesseBelated entry: OMC(004) FSR / Finesse
measurement (May 3rd, 2023)

1) FSR measurement with
  553   Thu Jul 6 10:19:23 2023 Thejas GeneralCharacterizationOMC Lab optic table [Camille, Thejas]

The optics table in OMC lab was
cleaned up, cameras and photodiodes used
  552   Fri Jun 30 10:55:45 2023 Camille MakaremElectronicsCharacterizationSummary of PZT reliability test procedure[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

To test the reliability of the
PZTs, they were driven for 10^7 cycles. (At
  551   Fri Jun 30 10:30:57 2023 Camille MakaremElectronics Summary of DC response measurements[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

The DC response of the PZT was
measured using the following setup (pictures
  550   Sun Jun 25 21:08:37 2023 KojiGeneralCharacterizationOMC (004) transported to Downs for cable furnishingOMC (004) + the transport fixture was transported
to Downs 227 with the boxes for OMC cabling
hardware and DCPD/QPD connector parts.
  549   Sun Jun 25 21:04:35 2023 KojiGeneralCharacterizationOptical assembly/testing of OMC (004) completedOptical assembly/testing of OMC
(004) completed
- OMC (004) with the transport fixture
  548   Wed Jun 21 02:07:24 2023 KojiElectronicsConfigurationOMC(004) QPD adjustmentQPD#             
  547   Thu Jun 15 13:13:57 2023 KojiElectronicsConfigurationOMC (004) DCPD/QPD preparationWork
log for June 14, 2023

Selected QPDs from the
  546   Fri Jun 2 17:15:44 2023 StephenGeneralGeneralA+ OMC Build Progress, Weeks of 2023.05.22 and 2023.05.29A+ OMC Build efforts ongoing or completed
in the last two weeks:

 PZT lead onboard
  545   Fri Jun 2 13:28:09 2023 Camille MakaremElectronics PZT op-lev measurementsThe op-lev setup was modified slightly
(picture attached). The He-Ne laser was replaced
with one with a lower divergence angle. The
  544   Tue May 23 16:30:09 2023 Thejas ElectronicsCharacterizationA+ OMC Piezos LA coupling Oplev setup was built: arm length about
2 m 

As the PZT 44 was actuated with
  543   Fri May 19 16:09:31 2023 StephenGeneralGeneralA+ OMC Build Progress, Week of 2023.05.15A+ OMC Build efforts ongoing or completed
this week:

 PZT lead onboard
  542   Tue May 16 13:07:11 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationPZT DC Response with Shadow Sensor - DC Response Qualitative Results, Batch 112 May 2023, Downs 227

Stephen, Camille, Thejas

We completed a first batch of PZT
  541   Tue May 16 10:26:12 2023 KojiGeneralCharacterizationOMC (004): Final Testing
FSR measurement (dip) -
done May 3, 2023
measurement (RFAM injection) - done
  540   Mon May 15 14:24:41 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC ROC Koji's mirror measurement result attached
herewith for comparison. 

  539   Mon May 15 14:20:03 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC ROC Herewith attached are the results
of curved mirror radius of curvature characterization. 

  538   Fri May 12 10:00:06 2023 Camille MakaremGeneralLoan / LendingBorrowed Items for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor SetupThe ThorLabs MDT694B piezo driver was returned
to the OMC lab.

  537   Thu May 11 10:46:17 2023 Thejas GeneralCharacterizationaLIGO OMC[Thejas, Camille, Koji]

We aligned the laser beam to the
cavity and drove the OMC cavity PZTs (0 to
  536   Fri May 5 18:37:31 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationPZT DC Response with Shadow Sensor - First measurement attempt[Thejas, Camille, Stephen]

In Downs 227 on 05 May 2023

We took the following actions:
  535   Thu May 4 15:12:14 2023 KojiGeneralCharacterizationOMC (004): Final Testing
FSR measurement (dip) -
done May 3, 2023
measurement (RFAM injection) - done
  534   Thu May 4 11:39:19 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationPZT DC Response with Shadow Sensor - First measurement attemptEfforts from Tuesday through Thursday Wednesday,
02 through 04 May, are described below.

The main outcomes were:
  533   Tue May 2 12:49:43 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationPZT DC Response with Shadow Sensor - First measurement attempt[Stephen, Camille, Thejas]

A running log of our efforts from
Monday 1 May. Data continues to be placed
  532   Mon May 1 13:30:40 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationPZT DC Response with Shadow Sensor - PD Calibration[Stephen, Camille, Thejas, with support
from Luis]

Calibration reattempted
  531   Fri Apr 28 14:24:03 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Matching [Thejas, Camille, Stephen] 

Here are some notes on how
I plan to approach matching of
  530   Fri Apr 28 13:25:40 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralaLIGO OMC Unit-4[Camille, Koji, Thejas]

Yesterday, we cleaned the cavity
optics with first contact, aligned the input
  529   Wed Apr 26 14:43:44 2023 StephenGeneralLoan / LendingBorrowed Items for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor SetupBorrowed for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor
Setup (see Attachment 1):

Thorlabs PDA100A Photodiode
  528   Wed Apr 26 13:23:00 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationPZT DC Response with Shadow Sensor - QPD Calibration[Stephen, Camille, Thejas, with support
from Marie, Dean, Luis]

We setup a shadow sensor! (Attachment
  527   Mon Apr 24 15:29:48 2023 Camille MakaremOptics summary of zygo setupsSummary of Zygo setups

Initial Zygo Setup:
Our initial Zygo setup consisted of
  526   Wed Apr 19 14:28:08 2023 ThejasOpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Curved mirror radius of curvatureRestimation of the parameters

Camille and I went back to the
lab to re-measure the beam profile follwoing
  525   Tue Apr 18 07:59:46 2023 Madeline LesovskyGeneralGeneralTest Cure Bake - Curved Mirror Subassembly BondingThis is a test bake conducted in Air Bake
Oven A (ABO-A) held in the 40m Clean and
Bake facility. The overall objective is to
  524   Mon Apr 17 17:56:25 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC Piezos wedge angle PZT dimension analyzed and characterized.
The blue dot in the images represents the
position of the cathode. The length of the
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