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  568   Thu Jul 20 14:14:49 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC bonding template alignment We aligned the bonding template onto the
glass braedboard. This was done with the
help of a vernier caliper and adjusting teh
  587   Thu Aug 3 10:31:55 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+ OMC build: beam spot positions 

  498   Mon Feb 27 17:40:27 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC curved mirror characterization[Camille, Stephen, Thejas]

Today, before the ZYGO lab was
cleaned and prepared for the cureved mirrors'
  499   Wed Mar 1 10:23:10 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC curved mirror characterization[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

Yesterday, efforts were made to
measure ROC of curved mirrors (#6) in the
  507   Tue Mar 14 10:41:06 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC curved mirror characterization[Camille, GarriLynn, Stephen, Thejas]

Folllowing the replacement of the
spherical transmission / reference mirror
  508   Tue Mar 14 12:12:41 2023 Koji OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC curved mirror characterizationRoC: 2.65m ! Interesting. I'll wait
for the follow-up analysis/measurements.
The RoC may be dependent on the area (diameter)
  505   Fri Mar 10 10:23:08 2023 ThejasOpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC curved mirror radius of curvature OMC test set-up

Yesterday, laser beam output from
the fibre follwoing teh mode-matching lenses
  569   Thu Jul 20 14:28:53 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC optic bench beam layout Beam profile of the input beam was measured
at it's beam waist, this is to ensure
the input beam waist matches the cavity
  572   Fri Jul 21 03:29:30 2023 Koji OpticsGeneralA+ OMC optic bench beam layout Nice measurement. This result suggests
that the fiber mode is supposed to be matched
to the OMC cavity by 99.8% at z0=0.358 m.
  494   Wed Feb 15 17:40:21 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC perpendicularity of hole prisms[Camille, Stephen, Thejas]

Contnuing the efforts to measure
and check perpendicularity: tombstone prisms
  581   Sat Jul 29 12:05:52 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ OMC unit 1 build: Resonance achieved [Camille, Thejas]

Steps followed to acheive this
  578   Tue Jul 25 23:39:07 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+ OMC unit 1: CM positions swappedWith CM #30 at CM1 position and CM #14
at CM2 postion, when the beam spot on the
CM1 is a little lower than the central line
  561   Thu Jul 13 01:02:58 2023 StephenOpticsGeneralA+ OMC, Bonding of Curved Mirror Batch 1[2023.07.13 - Stephen, Camille, Thejas,

We bonded Curved Mirror assemblies
  560   Thu Jul 13 00:38:47 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC, PZT DC Response and Length to Angle before Curved Mirror Assy Batch 1[2023.07.13]

The attached table includes the
characterization values used to inform the
  489   Wed Feb 8 16:10:52 2023 StephenOpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC, Parallelism of HR Prisms[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

We set up the white light autocollimator
in the Downs B119 cleanroom. (Nippon Kogaku,
  490   Thu Feb 9 15:54:41 2023 Thejas OpticsCharacterizationA+ OMC, Parallelism of HR Prisms [Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

Continuing yesterday's efforts
to measure the wedge angle of the back surface
  563   Tue Jul 18 17:34:45 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+ PZT sub-assemblies [Camille, Thejas]

Post sub-assembly bonding of CM
: Madeline will post a separate update on
  567   Wed Jul 19 14:26:17 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralA+ PZT sub-assemblies Pens like Sharpie are not recommended to
be used for CLASS B parts.
  571   Fri Jul 21 00:23:35 2023 Thejas OpticsGeneralA+ PZT subassembly glue sheetsBelow are the gluesheets for the first
four PZT subassembly bonding.
  589   Thu Aug 3 15:15:29 2023 ThejasOpticsGeneralA+OMC mode-matching efficiencyThe cavity falls out
of lock very often when subjected to slight
movements of objects on the optic table.
  590   Thu Aug 3 15:24:28 2023 KojiOpticsGeneralA+OMC mode-matching efficiencyThe amount of the reflected beam is a function
of the mode matching and the cavity loss.
  425   Mon Jul 25 18:25:04 2022 KojiGeneralGeneralA/C Filter was replaced
New filter PN
TK70457312T Mini-Pleat Air Filter,
  99   Fri Apr 5 18:18:36 2013 ZachOpticsConfigurationAOM probably broken


  90   Mon Apr 1 10:28:03 2013 KojiMechanicsGeneralAdditional UV blast for the top surface[Koji, Lisa, Jeff, Zach]

Jeffs concern after talking with the
  348   Fri Apr 19 09:35:28 2019 JoeGeneral Adjusting cavity axis, re-alignment of OMC and locking[koji,philip,
joe, liyuan,
  625   Mon Nov 13 23:57:55 2023 KojiElectronicsLoan / LendingAgilent 4395A Network Analyzer -> WB251Aidan and Hanna wanted to use the Agilent
4395A Network Analyzer at the WB251.
All the connections were removed.
  109   Fri Apr 12 09:25:31 2013 KojiOpticsCharacterizationAlignment of the OMC (without glue)[Zach Koji]
The first attempt not to touch the
curved mirrors did not work. (Not surprising)
  359   Thu May 9 17:35:07 2019 KojiOpticsGeneralAlignment strategyNotes
on the OMC cavity alignment strategy

- x3=1.17 γ + 1.40 δ, x4=1.40
  189   Mon Jun 23 21:54:16 2014 KojiOpticsGeneralAll of the gluing completedThe bottom-side templates were removed.
The last beam dump was removed
  188   Fri Jun 20 18:59:12 2014 KojiOpticsGeneralAll of the invar blocks have been gluedAll of the INVAR blocks have been glued.
I found thinner shims in the stock.
On Monday, the template will be removed.
  187   Thu Jun 19 23:16:50 2014 KojiOpticsGeneralAll of the prisms have been glued- All of the PRISM mirrors have been glued
- 4 out of 5 beam dumps have been
  55   Fri Jan 18 13:25:17 2013 KojiOpticsConfigurationAutocollimator calibrationAn autocollimator (AC) should show (0,0)
if a retroreflector is placed in front of
the AC.
  54   Wed Jan 16 14:10:50 2013 KojiOpticsCharacterizationAutocollimator tests of optics perpendicularity/parallelismThe
- Autocollimator (AC) borrowed from
  257   Sat Mar 26 18:22:24 2016 KojiElectronicsCharacterizationBaking / Contamination tests of the PDsFor the production of the aLIGO PDs, the
following transfer of the PDs were carried
  259   Tue Apr 5 18:22:40 2016 KojiElectronicsCharacterizationBaking / Contamination tests of the PDsPossible
reduction of the QE was observed after air-bake
at 75degC.
  194   Wed Jul 2 18:58:42 2014 KojiGeneralGeneralBeam dump delaminationWhile the OMC breadboard was being inspected,
it was found that two out of five black-glass
beam dumps showed sign of delamination.
  195   Thu Jul 3 17:45:18 2014 KojiGeneralGeneralBeam dump delaminationHere is the resolution.
I'll apply fillets of EP30-2 along
the edges of the black glass (See figure).
  87   Fri Mar 29 08:55:00 2013 ZachOpticsConfigurationBeam launched into fiber


  97   Thu Apr 4 23:44:52 2013 KojiOpticsConfigurationBeam launched into fiberWe had to move our flipper mirror to share
the beam between Peter's setup and ours as
our flipper is at the place where the ISS
  386   Fri Dec 6 00:55:25 2019 KojiOpticsGeneralBeamdump gluing[Stephen, Koji]

20 glass beamdumps were
bonded at the 40m cleanroom.
  76   Sat Mar 23 02:41:00 2013 KojiOpticsGeneralBlack glass beam dumps for the first OMCReceived black glass beam dumps from
- gluing by EP30-2 looks pretty fine.
  283   Sat Jul 1 15:29:57 2017 KojiOpticsGeneralBlack glass cleaning / Final bonding for the emergency repair for OMC #002[Alena, Koji] 

Report of the work on June
  419   Thu Jul 21 14:35:35 2022 KojiGeneralGeneralBond reinforcement blocks for the invar bracketsBond reinforcement blocks for the
invar brackets:

Attachment 1:
  529   Wed Apr 26 14:43:44 2023 StephenGeneralLoan / LendingBorrowed Items for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor SetupBorrowed for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor
Setup (see Attachment 1):

Thorlabs PDA100A Photodiode
  538   Fri May 12 10:00:06 2023 Camille MakaremGeneralLoan / LendingBorrowed Items for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor SetupThe ThorLabs MDT694B piezo driver was returned
to the OMC lab.

  385   Tue Oct 22 15:54:59 2019 KojiElectronicsLoan / LendingBorrowed LB1005 from Cryo CavFrom Cryo Cav setup

Borrowed LB1005 Servo box ->
  343   Tue Apr 16 23:11:43 2019 KojiGeneralGeneralBorrowed items from the other labsApr 16, 2019
two laser goggles from the 40m. (Returned
  293   Thu May 3 21:45:58 2018 awadeGeneralLoan / LendingBorrowed toaster ovenI’ve borrowed the black and decker
toaster oven to dry some sonicated parts.
It is temporarly located in the QIL lab. 
  424   Fri Jul 22 17:47:38 2022 KojiGeneralGeneralC&B request for the reinforcement blocksOMC Reinforcement blocks

1. P/N D1600316; Version v4; Type
01; Qty 30; Source Chemistry Machine Shop
  365   Thu May 23 01:42:46 2019 KojiOpticsCharacterizationC30665 high power testAn Excelitas C30665 PD with the
cap removed (SN07 in Case H slot #2) was
exposed to the beam with the optical power
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