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New entries since:Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969
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  309   Thu Sep 27 20:19:15 2018 AaronOpticsGeneralMontecarlo simulation of the phase difference between P and S pols for a modeled HR mirrorI started some analytic calculations of
how OMC mirror motion would add to the noise
in the BHD. I want to make some prettier
  310   Thu Nov 1 19:57:32 2018 AaronOpticsGeneralMontecarlo simulation of the phase difference between P and S pols for a modeled HR mirrorI'm still not satisfied/done with the
solution to this, but this has gone too long
without an update and anyway probably someone
  451   Mon Nov 7 21:16:16 2022 CamilleOpticsConfigurationSetting up the fiber couplers[Camille, Koji]

Began setting up fiber assembly
for OMC testing:
  454   Mon Nov 14 08:34:45 2022 CamilleOpticsCharacterizationtransmission measurements through OMC #1 (before cleaning)[Camille, Koji]

Friday, Nov 11th, 2022

Setting up OMC #1 for transmission
  456   Tue Nov 15 07:46:58 2022 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralcleaning OMC #1Monday, November 14, 2022

Camille and Koji did a "deep
cleaning" of OMC#1:
  461   Fri Nov 18 18:41:05 2022 Camille MakaremGeneralGeneral2nd deep cleaning of OMC #1The four cavity mirrors in OMC #1 were
each scrubbed using acetone and a cotton
  514   Fri Mar 24 07:38:54 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsCharacterizationROC measurements of the curved mirrors[Thejas, Camille]
21 March 2023

We made slight adjustments to the
  515   Fri Mar 24 07:47:37 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsCharacterizationROC measurements of the curved mirrors[Camille]
22 March 2023
Beam profile measurements were continued
  516   Tue Mar 28 11:21:27 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsCharacterizationSagitta measurements of curved mirrors[Camille, Stephen, Thejas]

Curved mirror sn02 was used to test
  521   Thu Apr 13 07:47:28 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsCharacterizationZygo setup for curved mirror measurements[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

We modified the Zygo setup for
measuring the sagitta of the curved mirrors.
  522   Fri Apr 14 15:52:53 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsCharacterizationDetermining the curvature bottom of the curved mirrors[Camille, Thejas]

We repeated Zygo measurements (using
the same setup and method as below) for curved
  527   Mon Apr 24 15:29:48 2023 Camille MakaremOptics summary of zygo setupsSummary of Zygo setups

Initial Zygo Setup:
Our initial Zygo setup consisted of
  538   Fri May 12 10:00:06 2023 Camille MakaremGeneralLoan / LendingBorrowed Items for PZT DC Response Shadow Sensor SetupThe ThorLabs MDT694B piezo driver was returned
to the OMC lab.

  545   Fri Jun 2 13:28:09 2023 Camille MakaremElectronics PZT op-lev measurementsThe op-lev setup was modified slightly
(picture attached). The He-Ne laser was replaced
with one with a lower divergence angle. The
  551   Fri Jun 30 10:30:57 2023 Camille MakaremElectronics Summary of DC response measurements[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

The DC response of the PZT was
measured using the following setup (pictures
  552   Fri Jun 30 10:55:45 2023 Camille MakaremElectronicsCharacterizationSummary of PZT reliability test procedure[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

To test the reliability of the
PZTs, they were driven for 10^7 cycles. (At
  562   Mon Jul 17 10:15:56 2023 Camille MakaremElectronicsCharacterizationPZT Reliability Test Results (part 1 of 2)[Camille, Thejas, Stephen]

Results for PZT reliability tests:

Batch 1: SN37, SN38, SN39, SN44
  564   Wed Jul 19 08:38:07 2023 Camille MakaremElectronicsCharacterizationPZT Reliability Test Results (part 2 of 2)Results for PZT reliability test:
Batch 3: SN31, SN32, SN35, SN40, SN45
  579   Wed Jul 26 12:14:53 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsConfigurationSwapping Subassemblies While using mirror SN14 and mirror SN30
for CM1 and CM2 respectively, we monitored
the two beam spots on FM2 and continued to
  582   Mon Jul 31 13:19:14 2023 Camille MakaremGeneralGeneralplans for this week 31 July 2023Plans for this week:
1) Verify electronics setup for cavity
  583   Tue Aug 1 11:04:13 2023 Camille MakaremGeneralGeneralreoptimizing cavity alignment before locking[Camille, Thejas]
We rechecked the alignment this morning
and re-optimized the resonance a bit. There
  585   Thu Aug 3 07:22:19 2023 Camille MakaremGeneralGeneralparticle count and cavity optimization/alignmentYesterday, we measured the particle count
in the enclosure to ensure that the lower
setting on one of the HEPAs is still acceptable.
  591   Mon Aug 7 07:36:09 2023 Camille MakaremGeneralGeneralparticle count[Camille, Thejas]

We lowered the setting to MEDIUM on
  592   Mon Aug 7 07:40:33 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneraloptimizing reflected signal[Camille, Thejas] 4 August 2023

-REFL PD signal (unlocked): 3.5V
  594   Mon Aug 7 08:51:56 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneraloptimizing reflected signalWe will plan to look at the reflection
CCD image this afternoon.

  597   Tue Aug 8 07:30:49 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralREFL CCD image[Camille, Thejas]
7 August 2023
  598   Tue Aug 8 07:39:17 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralsteering the beam spot on the curved mirrors[Camille, Thejas]
7 August 2023
  602   Wed Aug 9 17:00:52 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralcleaning the cavity optics[Camille, Thejas]

We inspected surfaces of the cavity
  603   Thu Aug 10 12:33:42 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneraloptimizing the cavity post-cleaning[Camille, Thejas]

This morning, we continued the efforts
  604   Fri Aug 11 10:42:05 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsCharacterizationpower budget measurements[Camille, Thejas]
10 August 2023
  605   Mon Aug 14 07:52:11 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneral2nd cleaning of the cavity optics[Camille, Thejas]
11 August 2023
  606   Mon Aug 14 14:13:34 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralmode-mismatch in the cavityFor Set 1 of the data in https://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8081/OMC_Lab/604,

VREFL(unlocked) = 3.226V
VREFL(locked) = 0.13V
  607   Tue Aug 15 16:15:13 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralnew power measurements (after cleaning)[Camille, Thejas, Masayuki]

This afternoon we finished the realignment
  608   Thu Aug 17 07:57:12 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralmode-matching in the cavity[Camille, Thejas, Koji]
16 August 2023
  609   Thu Aug 17 09:06:51 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralrealignment of beam path through mode-matching lenses[Camille, Thejas]
16 August 2023
  610   Mon Aug 21 07:59:40 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralcavity realignment and new power measurements[Camille, Thejas]
18 August 2023
  612   Mon Aug 21 16:05:07 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsCharacterizationcavity realignment and new power measurementsThanks for clarifying that. We will repeat
some power measurements and check the output
offset voltage to the laser.
  618   Thu Aug 24 16:09:46 2023 Camille MakaremOpticsGeneralPZT length-to-angle coupling[Camille, Thejas]

We checked the length-to-angle coupling
  622   Thu Sep 14 14:26:51 2023 Camille MakaremElectronicsCharacterizationRemaining PZT testsPZTs 31, 32, 35, 40 and 45 have had their
DC responses measured (pre-reliability test)
and have been through the reliability test
  616   Wed Aug 23 07:48:14 2023 Camille Makarem, TejasOpticsCharacterizationFSR and TMS measuarement of A+ build[Camille, Thejas]
22 August 2023
  584   Wed Aug 2 07:32:28 2023 Camille Makarem, Thejas OpticsGeneralSetting up electronics and locking the cavity[Camille, Thejas, Masayuki, Koji]

Previously, we were using the function
generator to drive the laser without using
  617   Thu Aug 24 12:30:58 2023 Camille Makarem, Thejas OpticsCharacterizationFSR and TMS analysisAttached are the analysis results from
the measurements in 616.
FSR: 264.657354 +/- 0.003444 MHz
  601   Wed Aug 9 07:47:21 2023 Camille, ThejasOpticsGeneralsteering the beam spot on the curved mirrors[Camille, Thejas, Masayuki]
8 August 2023
  362   Thu May 16 12:41:28 2019 ChubGeneralGeneralfire pillow found on optics tableThat is an expanding fire pillow, also
known as firebrick.  It is used to create
a fire block where holes in fire-rated walls
  144   Fri Jun 14 06:35:21 2013 JeffGeneralGeneral[LLO] L1 OMC statushttps://alog.ligo-la.caltech.edu/aLOG/index.php?callRep=7410
Suspension cage and transportation
  346   Thu Apr 18 20:47:54 2019 JoeOptics OMC initial alignment and locking[Joe, Phillip, Koji, Stephen]

*draft post, please add anymore
info if I missed something*
  348   Fri Apr 19 09:35:28 2019 JoeGeneral Adjusting cavity axis, re-alignment of OMC and locking[koji,philip,
joe, liyuan,
  351   Mon Apr 22 09:54:21 2019 JoeGeneral Shortening cavity (A5,A14,PZT11,PZT22) to get closer to design FSR[Koji,Joe,Philip,stephen]

in units 20um per div on the micrometer
[n.b. we reailised that its 10um per div
  353   Tue Apr 23 10:21:12 2019 JoeOpticsConfigurationMoving the spots to the centre of the curved mirrors[Koji,Philip, Liyuan, Joe]


We moved the curved mirrors to
  354   Wed Apr 24 13:58:51 2019 JoeOpticsCharacterizationOMC power budget and UV Epoxy Bonding of BS1[koji,philip,joe,liyuan,stephen]

need to add spot positions.

Mirrors: PZT11,PZT22, A14, A5
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