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Message ID: 376     Entry time: Wed Sep 18 23:16:06 2019
Author: Stephen 
Type: Supply 
Category: General 
Subject: Items staged at 40m Bake Lab for PZT Subassembly Bonding 

The following items are presently staged at the 40m Bake Lab (see photo indicating current location) (noting items broght by Koji as well):

  1. Bonding fixtures, now modified with larger washers to constrain springs, and with modification from OMC elog 358.
  2. Curved Mirrors and Tombstones as selected by Shruti in OMC elog 374.
  3. PZTs as debonded from first iteration subassemblies (SN 12 and SN 13)
  4. Epoxy-cure-testing toaster oven
  5. Other items I can't think of but will populate later  =D

The following item is in its home in Downs 303 (Modal Lab)

  1. EP30-2 epoxy (expiration 2020 Jan 22) with full kit (tracked in PCS via location update [LINK])


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