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Entry  Mon Jul 23 17:15:14 2012, Koji, Clean, General, Talking with Margot 
    Reply  Wed Dec 19 18:47:03 2012, Koji, Clean, General, First Contact Training with Margot 
Message ID: 10     Entry time: Mon Jul 23 17:15:14 2012     Reply to this: 45
Author: Koji 
Type: Clean 
Category: General 
Subject: Talking with Margot 

I consulted with Margot about the cleaning of the optics

  • Optics are considered as a clean object. Large dusts can be removed by ionized N2 flow etc.
  • Barrel of optics can be wiped with Acetone.
  • Optical surfaces are best to be cleaned by First Contact.
  • A peek mesh should be embedded in the first contact so that the First Contact sheet can be easily removed.
  • When peeling a F.C. sheet from a mirror surface, ionized N2 should be brown for discharging.
  • If there are residuals visible on the mirror surface, it should be removed by Acetone. Don't use alchols.
  • Use paper lens tissue for wiping as the lint free wipe can be eaten by Acetone.
  • In fact, All of the procedure is described in a certain document.
  • For a small amount, Margot can provide us a bottle of F.C. and some PEEK meshes.

Details of the Ionized N2 system

  • This N2 should have higher purity than 4N (UHP - Ultra High Purity). This means we should use 4N - UHP or 5N - Research Grade.
  • The ionized gun used in the clean room at Downs: made by Terra Universal.com
  • Flow path: N2 cylinder - Filter - Gun
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