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  17513   Fri Mar 17 17:27:58 2023 Alex, TomohiroUpdateIMCArm Cavity Noise injection with WFS1/2 PIT and YAW Tomohiro and I performed some tests under
Rana's guidance to find cross corelations
between WFS1 and WFS2 output signals in both
  17512   Thu Mar 16 13:31:25 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCDiagonalizing YAW output matrix using a different method Purpose

To adjust the components
of the WFS2 column in the YAW output
  17511   Tue Mar 14 18:44:39 2023 yutaUpdateBHDLO phase noise measurements in ITMX single bounce, MICH and FPMI[Anchal, Yuta]

We have measured LO phase noise in
  17510   Tue Mar 14 15:46:06 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCDiagonalizing YAW output matrix using a different method Alex, Anchal, and I adjusted the number
of the MC2-TRANS column in the YAW output
matrix. We used the same method in 40m/17504 but
  17509   Tue Mar 14 13:59:11 2023 AnchalUpdateIMCIMC WFS aligned and offsets resetThe WFS loops were not maximizing the IMC
transmission. The transmission counts remained
stuck at around 12500 counts. The reflection
  17508   Tue Mar 14 11:38:44 2023 AnchalUpdateIMCTurned on 6:3lead FM7 on WFS1 and WFS2 YAW loopsI realized that for more phase margin,
added 6:3lead filter on WFS PIT loops.
  17507   Tue Mar 14 11:34:05 2023 AlexHowToComputer Scripts / ProgramsSummary Pages RestartIf the summary pages go down, it could
be from a break in the script or some small
error. The first remedy for fixing this can
  17506   Mon Mar 13 19:53:36 2023 yutaUpdateBHDFPMI BHD sensing matrix measurement with individual linesFPMI BHD sensing matrix was measured by
an updated method with updated RF demodulation
phases for REFL55 and AS55.
  17505   Mon Mar 13 15:37:13 2023 AlexUpdateIMCStep Response of newly diagonalizing YAW output matrixFrom the work that Anchal has completed
for diagnolizing the YAW ouput matrix, a
step response was taken of this new matrix
  17504   Mon Mar 13 14:48:37 2023 AnchalUpdateIMCDiagonalizing YAW output matrix using a different methodI tried a different method today to see
if it works. Following are the steps:

Run WFS relief.
  17503   Fri Mar 10 16:42:16 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCStep response test on MC1, MC2, and MC3 YAWSummary

We compared the new output
matrix with old one by the step
  17502   Thu Mar 9 19:20:44 2023 AnchalConfigurationCalibrationFPMI DARM calibration run set to happen at 1 amRunning this test again tonight. Will probably
run it every night now.

  17501   Thu Mar 9 14:22:24 2023 AlexUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsUpdate to toggleWFSoffsets.py for step response testingI have pushed changes made to the toggleWFSoffsets.py
script to the git.

This file may be found in: "/opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/Git/40m/scripts/MC/WFS/"
  17500   Thu Mar 9 10:29:15 2023 AlexUpdateIMCStep response test on MC1, MC2, and MC3 YAWTomohiro, Anchal and I completed the following
processs for acquiring a new Output Yaw matrix
  17499   Wed Mar 8 18:32:22 2023 AnchalConfigurationCalibrationFPMI DARM calibration run set to happen at 1 amOn rossa in tmux session name FPMI_DARM_Cal,
a script is running to take FPMI DARM calibration
data at 1:00 am on March 9th. Please do not
  17498   Wed Mar 8 09:58:24 2023 ranaUpdateIMCTransfer Function for IMC mirrors using appropriately filtered noisedoes Anyone understand why the broadband
noise injection is so bad around 1 Hz? we
do not see this issue with swept sine. noise
  17497   Wed Mar 8 09:17:21 2023 ranaUpdateIMCWFS noise ON/OFFWFS error signal spectra w loops ON (G=4)
and OFF.

Current output matrix also attached.
  17496   Tue Mar 7 23:32:54 2023 ranaUpdateIMCStep response test on WFS 1, 2 and MC2_TRANS YAWthis measured Yaw matrix seems very different
from the previous one. How can they really
both be stable?
  17495   Tue Mar 7 23:15:16 2023 ranaUpdateIOOIMC WFS summary pages updatedchanged some y-scale limits on the WFS
summary pages to zoom in better
  17494   Tue Mar 7 15:02:43 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCTransfer Function for IMC mirrors using appropriately filtered noiseSummary

Alex, Anchal, and I adjusted
the every overall gain iin P/Y of WFS1,
  17493   Mon Mar 6 13:03:37 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCStep response test on WFS 1, 2 and MC2_TRANS YAWSummary

We do the step responce
test on WFS 1, 2 and MC2_TRANS
  17492   Sat Mar 4 18:57:18 2023 PacoConfigurationCalibrationFPMI DARM calibration run Locked FPMI, measured DARM and CARM OLTFs,
locked YAUX and measured the analog loop
TF at the cal line frequencies. Turned the
  17491   Fri Mar 3 18:47:13 2023 PacoSummaryBHDLO phase POS noise coupling - II tried some LO PHASE noise coupling measurements
today. With MICH locked using AS55_Q, I control
the LO phase using the single RF (BH55_Q)
  17490   Fri Mar 3 16:52:57 2023 ranaUpdateIMCTransfer Function for IMC mirrors using appropriately filtered noisethat is great

I think we would like to set the
WFS1 P/Y UGFs to be ~2-3 Hz, and the MC_TRANS
  17489   Thu Mar 2 18:37:05 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCTransfer Function for IMC mirrors using appropriately filtered noiseSummary

Alex, Anchal, and I measure
the open-loop transfer function for
  17488   Thu Mar 2 10:54:25 2023 PacoUpdateSUSLO1 dewhiteningWe added the DB9 short connectors to all
coil drivers in the BHD suspensions and updated
FM9-FM10 for LO1, LO2, AS1, AS4, SR2, PR2
  17487   Wed Mar 1 19:18:18 2023 PacoUpdateSUSLO1 dewhitening[Paco, Anchal]

Today we invested some time in
the DW filters for LO1 supension. We discovered
  17486   Wed Mar 1 17:13:38 2023 AlexUpdateIMCTransfer Function for IMC mirrors using sine sweepThe following work has been done by Tomohiro,
Anchal and I:

To acquire the transfer functions
  17485   Wed Mar 1 10:16:31 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCAngular actuation calibration for IMC mirrors using AC sine waveAlex, Anchal, and I did the following experiment to
obtain calibration constants by oscillating
IMC mirrors.
  17484   Sun Feb 26 00:13:55 2023 AlexConfigurationASCIOO MC PIT/YAW gain changeThe following changes were made to the
WFS MASTER IMC Pitch and Yaw gains:

Gain values for the pitch and yaw
  17483   Fri Feb 24 15:21:39 2023 JCUpdateGeneralLarge Optical Table Movement SolidworksI sketched up the first encounter we will
have when moving the optical table out. I'm
assuming the table has already been turned
  17482   Fri Feb 24 13:33:22 2023 TomohiroSummaryIMCUpdated angular actuation calibration for IMC mirrorsAlex, Anchal, and I did the following to
make updated angular actuation calibration
for IMC mirrors. This is the revised version
  17481   Fri Feb 24 13:29:16 2023 AlexSummaryIMCUpdated angular actuation calibration for IMC mirrorsAlso reply to: 40m/17352

Tomohiro, Anchal, and I
did the following to make updates to the
  17478   Thu Feb 23 14:55:49 2023 yutaUpdateBHDBH55 and BH44 orthogonality checksIdeally, BH55 and BH44 should give orthogonal
signals to lock LO phase (40m/17302).
This was checked with various interferometer
  17477   Wed Feb 22 23:40:48 2023 AlexUpdateCalibrationAdding calibration constants for sus matrix and filter control buttons to the sus control screenThe callibration constants were updated
for the oplev pitch and yaw. The values were
changed as denoted in 17471 were:
  17476   Wed Feb 22 17:32:16 2023 yutaUpdateBHDBH55 and BH44 both amplifiedSince we need more signal for both BH55
and BH44 to compare LO phase locking scheme,
BH55 and BH44 RF outputs are now amplified
  17475   Tue Feb 21 19:04:15 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debuggingI retook the last spectrum measurement
of ALS beatnote fluctuations, with the HEPA
on and off. The top plot corresponds to BEATY,
  17474   Mon Feb 20 16:35:15 2023 ranaUpdateIOOMC WFS Work1I added a less agressive low pass filter
to give some more phase margin, and then
increased the overall gain by 4x. There is
  17473   Mon Feb 20 15:27:32 2023 ranaUpdateComputerspianosa software issuesnotes

  17472   Mon Feb 20 14:20:04 2023 ranaUpdateIOOMC WFS Work1Made a comparison plot between
the WFS1 PIT loop and the model. There is
good agreement.
  17471   Thu Feb 16 23:54:11 2023 AlexUpdateDaily ProgressYaw and Pitch Calibration constants for ETMY op-levThis work was done by Ancal and I. 

To recallibrate the op-lev for
ETMY, a python script was first written to
  17470   Thu Feb 16 18:40:13 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debugging[Rana, Radhika]

Yesterday we looked at the out-of-loop
PDH error signal of the AUX laser and determined
  17469   Thu Feb 16 15:25:52 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debuggingAfter seeing a 560 Hz peak in the XAUX
REFL PD signal, I took spectra of the
PDH error signal (post-demod) [Attachment
  17468   Thu Feb 16 14:44:06 2023 yutaUpdateBHDFPMI BHD with BH55 recoveredFPMI BHD with LO phase locked using BH55
is recovered after 60 Hz frequency noise
  17467   Wed Feb 15 20:08:18 2023 ranaUpdateIOOIMC WFS obs
looking at some IMC WFS swept sines,
it seems like there is poor margin around
1 Hz
increasing the overall gain
  17466   Wed Feb 15 16:16:59 2023 AnchalSummaryBHDIMC optics Coil Output Filter correctionsOvertime the coil output filters on IMC
optics have drifted into a bad configuration.
Today at the meeting, Rana told us the correct
  17465   Wed Feb 15 12:07:35 2023 AnchalUpdateASCASC model updated to take inputs from IMC WFSI have updates the ASC model inside c1ioo.mdl
file to take inputs from IMC WFS when selected
with AS option (on the left side of AS WFS
  17464   Tue Feb 14 18:39:53 2023 RadhikaUpdateSUSBandstop widened for ITMX BounceRoll filter module [Rana, Radhika]

While discussing xarm AUX
laser locking, we noticed excess motion of
  17463   Tue Feb 14 10:49:04 2023 yutaSummaryBHDMC1 electronics diagram and cable diconnection testsBelow are summary of electronics around
MC1 and cable disconnection tests.
These suggest that the 60 Hz noise
  17462   Mon Feb 13 17:35:20 2023 AnchalSummaryBHD60 Hz frequency noise is coming from MC1 coils[Anchal, Yuta]

We think we have narrowed
down the source of 60 Hz noise to one fo
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