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Entry  Fri Jan 25 21:36:40 2008, rana, Update, CDS, mDV / channel issues 
Entry  Sun Jan 27 21:44:48 2008, rana, Update, CDS, Seismic BLRMS on Matlab seisBLRMS.m
Entry  Tue Mar 4 19:14:09 2008, rana, Configuration, CDS, TDS & SVN 
Entry  Sun Mar 16 17:03:32 2008, rob, Configuration, CDS, ASS code change 
Entry  Sat Mar 22 22:39:02 2008, mevans, Summary, CDS, Direct Form 2 filters are bad low-noise_filtering.pnglow-noise_zoom.pngFiltRT.zip
Entry  Tue Apr 29 21:09:12 2008, rana, DAQ, CDS, FE Filters fefilters.jpgfefilters.txt
Entry  Thu Jul 23 07:34:45 2009, Aidan, Update, CDS, Added C2 MEDM screens to 40m SVN. 
Entry  Tue Jul 28 18:32:21 2009, Koji, Update, CDS, RCG work 
Entry  Fri Oct 2 18:04:45 2009, rob, Update, CDS, DTT no good for OMC channels omc_dac_dtt.pngomc_dac_sweepTDS.pngomc_dac_dtt_ts.png
Entry  Tue Nov 3 12:47:01 2009, Koji, Configuration, CDS, 1Y9 Rack configuration update 
Entry  Thu Nov 5 16:24:59 2009, Koji, Update, CDS, ETMY CDS test stuff 
Entry  Wed Nov 11 01:33:52 2009, pete, Update, CDS, RCG ETMY code update 
Entry  Wed Nov 11 20:46:07 2009, pete, Update, CDS, RCG ETMY phase I update 
Entry  Thu Nov 12 17:24:29 2009, Koji, Joe, Peter, Configuration, CDS, ETMY CDS test started 
Entry  Sun Jan 3 08:23:39 2010, rana, Configuration, CDS, autoburt.pl 'fixed' for post 2009 years 
Entry  Thu Feb 25 15:49:05 2010, Alberto, AoG, CDS, New IO Chassis for the new CDS 
Entry  Wed Apr 21 11:32:31 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, 40m CDS hardware update and software requests 
Entry  Wed Apr 21 16:48:38 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Hardware update irwin.jpg
Entry  Tue Apr 27 11:16:13 2010, josephb, Configuration, CDS, Wiki page with CDS .mdl names, shared memory allocation 
Entry  Thu Apr 29 14:37:16 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, New Channel Name to Memory Location file 
Entry  Thu Apr 29 15:48:47 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, New CDS overview diagram in wiki 
Entry  Mon May 3 15:39:39 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Daily Downs update 
Entry  Mon May 3 16:53:27 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Updated lsc.mdl and the ifo plant model with memory locations 
Entry  Tue May 4 13:14:43 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, lsc.mdl and ifo.mdl to build (with caveats) 
   +  Reply  Thu May 6 11:34:35 2010, rob, Update, CDS, lsc.mdl and ifo.mdl to build (with caveats) 
Entry  Fri May 7 14:51:04 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Working on meta .mdl file scripts 
Entry  Mon May 10 17:47:16 2010, josephb, Summary, CDS, Finished 
   +  Reply  Mon May 10 20:33:29 2010, Koji, Summary, CDS, Finished 
Entry  Tue May 11 16:38:16 2010, josephb,rana,rolf, Update, CDS, CDS questions and thoughts 
Entry  Wed May 12 12:32:04 2010, josephb, Configuration, CDS, Modified /etc/rc.d/rc.local on megatron 
Entry  Wed May 12 12:58:26 2010, josephb, Configuration, CDS, Setup fb to handle lsc, lsp models on megatron 
Entry  Thu May 13 15:19:44 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Trying to get lsc.mdl and lsp.mdl working 
Entry  Fri May 14 12:14:26 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Need to track down old code for lsc system and remove them 
Entry  Mon May 17 17:17:49 2010, josephb, steve, alberto, kiwamu, Update, CDS, New CDS computers now in racks. 
Entry  Tue May 18 14:30:31 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, LSC.mdl problem found and fixed 
Entry  Tue May 18 16:19:19 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, We have two new IO chassis 
Entry  Wed May 19 16:09:11 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Racks to small for IO Chassis rails 
Entry  Thu May 20 13:12:28 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Preparations for testing lsc,lsp, scy,spy together 
Entry  Fri May 21 14:31:46 2010, josephb,alex, Update, CDS, New computer and IO chassis working in 1X4 
Entry  Tue May 25 16:40:27 2010, josephb, alex, Update, CDS, Finally tracked down why new models wouldn't talk to each other 
Entry  Wed May 26 10:58:29 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, New RCG checkout for use with all machines plus some issues 
Entry  Wed May 26 12:59:26 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Created sus, sup, scx, spx models 
Entry  Fri May 28 11:35:33 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Taking a step backwards to get stuff running working_lsc_lsp.png
Entry  Fri May 28 13:17:05 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Fixed problem with channel access on c1iscex 
Entry  Wed Jun 2 11:25:16 2010, josephb,alex, Update, CDS, CDS saga (aka the bad code saga) 
Entry  Wed Jun 2 17:34:33 2010, josephb, alex, valera, Update, CDS, CDS updates 
Entry  Wed Jun 2 18:36:20 2010, valera, DAQ, CDS, Noise generators in LSP noisegenerators.pdf
Entry  Thu Jun 3 22:33:31 2010, valera, Summary, CDS, simulated plant work 
Entry  Tue Jun 8 15:58:25 2010, josephb, alex, Update, CDS, New multi-filter matrix part added to RCG (at the 40m at least) CDS_Library.png
Entry  Fri Jun 11 15:04:25 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Multi-filter matrix medm screens finished and script for copying filters from SOS file FiltMatrixMedm.png
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