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  17464   Tue Feb 14 18:39:53 2023 RadhikaUpdateSUSBandstop widened for ITMX BounceRoll filter module [Rana, Radhika]

While discussing xarm AUX
laser locking, we noticed excess motion of
  17487   Wed Mar 1 19:18:18 2023 PacoUpdateSUSLO1 dewhitening[Paco, Anchal]

Today we invested some time in
the DW filters for LO1 supension. We discovered
  17488   Thu Mar 2 10:54:25 2023 PacoUpdateSUSLO1 dewhiteningWe added the DB9 short connectors to all
coil drivers in the BHD suspensions and updated
FM9-FM10 for LO1, LO2, AS1, AS4, SR2, PR2
  17550   Wed Apr 19 15:12:01 2023 yutaSummarySUSCoil dewhitening check for PRM[Mayank, Paco, Yohanathan, Yuta]

We checked if coil dewhitening
switch is working by measuring transfer function
  17551   Wed Apr 19 17:02:48 2023 YehonathanSummarySUSCoil dewhitening check for BS and ITMX[Yehonathan, Paco]

Repeated the coil dewhitening check
for BS. Attachment #1 show
  17609   Wed May 31 16:26:28 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX Coil driver upgrade{Mayank, Yehonathan}

In order for the ETMX watchdog
to keep working while we take the Acromag
  17611   Thu Jun 1 10:03:47 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX Coil driver upgradeThanks. This makes the plan clear.

- Please follow the attached rack
plan for 1X9
  17619   Mon Jun 5 10:01:41 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX fast-channel-watchdog was implemented{Mayank, Yehonathan}

We updated the c1auxex db file
ETMXaux.db. Backup was saved under the same
  17629   Mon Jun 12 13:08:09 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX fast-channel-watchdog was implemented{Mayank, Yehonathan}

We took out coil drivers labeled
ETMX, anti-image, anti-aliasing, SATAMP,
  17631   Wed Jun 14 23:21:03 2023 KojiUpdateSUSETMX fast-channel-watchdog was implementedAre you sure that the DAC/OSEM assignments
are correct?
  17632   Thu Jun 15 21:30:35 2023 MayankUpdateSUSETMX Electronics upgrade[Mayank, Koji]

We aligned the ETMX with help of
reflection of green beam from the ETMX. 
  17634   Fri Jun 16 18:55:21 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSMounting new boards on 1X9 rack and cleanup{Mayank, Koji, JC, Yehonathan,
Ruben}  (Text by Mayank)

We moved the all the boards from
  17635   Fri Jun 16 20:38:21 2023 KojiUpdateSUSQPD whitening euro card (ETMX Electronics Replacement)To remove the +/-5V supply, we needed the
same modification to the QPD whitening board.
  17702   Thu Jul 20 16:29:38 2023 yehonathanUpdateSUSPreparing for ETMX free swing testSince we removed the Acromag chassie modbus
service could not be started so the soft
Epics were not availble and the watchdog
  17704   Thu Jul 20 18:42:51 2023 yehonathanUpdateSUSETMX free swing testETMX freeswing test will start at 1:00

To cancel it run:
  17706   Fri Jul 21 11:44:44 2023 yehonathanUpdateSUSETMX free swing testI underestimated measurement time. When
I came this morning it was still running
and I had to stop it.
  17714   Tue Jul 25 16:33:17 2023 yehonathanUpdateSUSETMX free swing testI performed the ETMX matrix diagnolization
based on the free swing test using Anchal's
  17736   Mon Jul 31 15:46:03 2023 yutaUpdateSUSStrange behavior of ITMX and ITMY probably due to DAC issueI did the same test we did in 40m/17616
to see if DACs are working fine for ITMX
and ITMY.
  17767   Wed Aug 9 15:02:45 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX coil balancingUpgrading the ETMX coil drivers calls for
new coil balancing.

XARM locking using ETMX actuation
  17771   Thu Aug 10 12:01:10 2023 PacoUpdateSUSETMX coil balancing and local damping redux[Paco, yehonathan]

Following Yehonathan's work
from yesterday, I found the following coil
  17809   Thu Aug 24 13:10:17 2023 MurtazaSummarySUSETMX TestingKoji suggested going through the following
steps to check the ETMX suspension:

1. Do a free swing test to obtain
  17816   Wed Aug 30 17:40:31 2023 MurtazaUpdateSUSETMX TestingUpdate to 17809.
The free swing test for ETMX took quite some
time, here's a brief summary of what
  17831   Thu Sep 7 16:25:01 2023 MurtazaUpdateSUSETMX TestingCOIL
  17870   Fri Sep 22 19:31:24 2023 KojiUpdateSUSFixed IMC/IFO alignment screensFixed IMC/IFO alignment screens  Screenshot_2023-09-23_02-28-42.pngScreenshot_2023-09-23_02-28-52.png 
  3118   Fri Jun 25 01:28:33 2010 DmassHowToSVNSVN woesI am trying to get an actual complete install
of the 40m svn on my machine. It keeps stopping
at the same point:
  3123   Sat Jun 26 05:02:04 2010 ranaHowToSVNSVN woes

  3287   Sun Jul 25 18:47:23 2010 AlbertoUpdateSVNOptickle 40mUpgrade model updated to include short cavity length correctionsI uploaded an updated optickle model of
the upgrade to the SVN directory with the
optickle models (here).
  7948   Mon Jan 28 19:15:14 2013 ManasaUpdateScatteringScattering setup [Jan, Manasa]
We are trying to get some scattering
measurements in the Y-arm cavity. We have
  7962   Wed Jan 30 11:18:31 2013 ManasaUpdateScatteringScattering setup


  7971   Thu Jan 31 11:53:31 2013 ManasaUpdateScatteringScattering setup


  8072   Tue Feb 12 23:22:14 2013 ManasaUpdateScatteringScattering setup 
 [Jan, Manasa]
We installed a camera at the ETMY
  6957   Wed Jul 11 10:17:18 2012 SashaSummarySimulationsSURF - Week 2 and 3 - SummaryThese past two weeks, I've been working
on simulating a basic 
  6985   Wed Jul 18 09:53:20 2012 SashaSummarySimulationsSURF - Week 4 - SummaryThis past week, I've been working on moving
forward with the basic cavity
  6990   Wed Jul 18 15:38:05 2012 EricSummarySimulationsSURF UpdateMost of my work has been on continuing to develop the
Simulink model of the differential arm length
  7022   Wed Jul 25 10:31:33 2012 SashaSummarySimulationsSURF - Week 5 - SummaryThis week I've been working on refining
my simulation and getting it
  7025   Wed Jul 25 11:34:31 2012 EricSummarySimulationsSURF UpdateI am continuing work on simulating the
DARM control loop. There is now a block for the length response
  7028   Wed Jul 25 14:35:45 2012 SashaSummarySimulationsSURF - Week 5 - Summary


  7065   Wed Aug 1 10:45:38 2012 SashaSummarySimulationsSURF - Week 6 - SummaryThis week, I worked on transferring my
simulation to the RCG
  7076   Thu Aug 2 03:06:57 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsLS Plant (LSP) is officially ONLINEMy ls plant compiled!! The
RCG code can now be found in
  7079   Thu Aug 2 21:40:55 2012 JamieUpdateSimulationsETMX simplant model revivedI revived the ETMX simplant model, c1spx. 
It's running on cpu4 on c1iscex, and interfaces
with C1scx via SHMEM.
  7097   Mon Aug 6 20:27:59 2012 JamieUpdateSimulationsMore work on getting simplant models running: c1lsp and c1supI'm trying to get more of the simplant
models running so that we (me and Sasha Surf)
can get a full real-time cavity simplant
  7116   Wed Aug 8 11:16:06 2012 SashaSummarySimulationsSURF - Week 7 - SummaryThis week, I brought my c1lsp model online
and fixed up some the
  7132   Thu Aug 9 04:26:51 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsAll c1spx screens workingAs the subject states, all screens are working
(including the noise screens), so
  7133   Thu Aug 9 07:24:58 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsAll c1spx screens working


  7141   Fri Aug 10 11:00:52 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsMessing with ETMXI've been trying to get the simPlant model
to work, and my main method of testing is
switching between the real ETMX and the simulated
  7151   Sat Aug 11 01:10:26 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsSim_Plant Working!Sim_Plant going okay. Adding seismic noise
tomorrow - we'll see what happens. The gain
is still semi-off, but I know how to fix
  7152   Sat Aug 11 18:05:49 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsSim_Plant Working!


  7212   Fri Aug 17 04:13:45 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsThe SimPlant Saga CONTINUESTHE GOOD: SimPlants
ITMX and ETMX are officially ONLINE. Damping
  7218   Fri Aug 17 12:47:30 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsThe SimPlant Saga CONTINUES


  7225   Sat Aug 18 17:09:01 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsC1LSP MEDM Screens AddedC1LSP has been added to the site map. I'll
work on filling in the structure some more
today and tomorrow (as well as putting up
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