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  2137   Fri Oct 23 09:13:45 2009 steveSummaryVACRGA scan

Pump down #66 is 435 days old. RGA scan is normal. New maglev is fine. New UPS is in place but not hooked up to communicate.

V1 has bare minimum interlock. Pirani vacuum gauges  PTP1 and PRP do not communicate with readout system.

There is no emergency dial out in case of vacuum loss.  Our existing vacuum dedicated desk top computer is dead.

New cold cathodes, Pirani gauges and gauge controller should be added.

In general: vacuum system needs an upgrade !


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  2142   Mon Oct 26 15:40:01 2009 steveUpdatePSLlaser power is down

The laser power is down 5-6%

Attachment 1: laserpowerdown.jpg
  2155   Wed Oct 28 09:12:18 2009 steveUpdatePSLPMC power on the rise?

The PMC power is seems to be on the rise, ( MOPA_AMPMON is dropping ?) but I do not think it is real. We have Santa Anna wind condition, when the relative humidity drops and  ......

There is an other funky think. The room temp became rock solid. The PSL HEPAs running at 20% and IFO-room ACs are also in normal operational mode.

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  2156   Wed Oct 28 14:39:10 2009 steveUpdatePEMafter the tour of the 40m
Illuminators and PSL lights turned off.
HEPA filter speed increased from 20 to 100%
  2164   Fri Oct 30 09:24:45 2009 steveHowToMOPAhow to squeeze more out of little


Here is the plots for the powers. MC TRANS is still rising.

What I noticed was that C1:PSL-FSS_PCDRIVE nolonger hit the yellow alert.
The mean reduced from 0.4 to 0.3. This is good, at least for now.

 Koji did a nice job increasing light power with some joggling.

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  2190   Fri Nov 6 07:55:59 2009 steveUpdateComputersRFMnetwork is down

The RFMnetwork is down.  MC2 sus damping restored.

  2191   Fri Nov 6 09:17:53 2009 steveOmnistructurePEMPSL HEPAs turned on

The PSL enclosure HEPAs turned on at 30%

  2207   Mon Nov 9 08:43:16 2009 steveUpdateSUSMC2 damping restored

MC2 damping restored,  MZ locked and the arms are flashing now.

  2234   Wed Nov 11 09:48:04 2009 steveUpdateIOOwhere is IOO-RFAMPD_DCMON ?

RFAMPD_DCMON disappered on Nov 5, 2009

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  2248   Thu Nov 12 09:43:29 2009 steveUpdatePEMconstruction has started at CES

The concrete  floor cutting has begun next door at CES

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  2272   Mon Nov 16 09:37:41 2009 steveUpdatePEMconstruction is getting noisier


ATM1: Seismometers are saturating, suspensions are OK

Atm2 : activity next door,  diesel Backhoe and diesel concrete cutter are running

Atm3: CES exhaust fans output  is pick up by 40M-Annex-North AC unit  intake. The 40m office room has some diesel smell...........see # 2377

Attachment 1: 4hces.png
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  2297   Thu Nov 19 09:25:19 2009 steveUpdateMOPAwater was added to the laser chiller

I added ~500 cc of distilled water to the laser chiller yesterday.

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  2298   Thu Nov 19 09:48:54 2009 steveUpdatePEMconstruction effect

8 days plot: Thurdsay, Friday, Sat and Sun without construction

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  2312   Mon Nov 23 10:11:03 2009 steveUpdatePEMlong term temp fluctuation of the 40m lab


This first plot shows the RC temperature channels' performance from 40 days ago, before we disabled the MINCO PID controller. Although RCTEMP is supposed to be the out of loop sensor, what we really care about is the cavity length and so I've plotted the SLOW. To get the SLOW on the same scale, I've multiplied the channel by 10 and then adjusted the offset to get it on the same scale.

 The second plot shows a period after that where there is no temperature control of the can at all. Same gain scaling has been applied to SLOW as above, so that instead of the usual 1 GHz/V this plot shows it in 0.1 GHz/V.

The third plot shows it after the new PID was setup.

Summary: Even though the PID loop has more gain, the true limit to the daily fluctuations in the cavity temperature and the laser frequency are due to the in-loop sensors measuring the wrong thing. i.e. the out-of-loop temperature is too different from the in-loop sensor. This can possibly be cured with better foam and better placement of the temperature sensors. Its possible that we're now just limited by the temperature gradients on the can.

 Here is a 7 years plot of  of the 40m temperature variations.

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  2313   Mon Nov 23 11:03:00 2009 steveUpdateSUSjackhammer special well under control


I've changed the watchdog rampdown script so it brings the SUS watchdogs to 220, instead of the 150 it previously targeted.  This is to make tripping less likely with the jackhammering going on next door.  I've also turned off all the oplev damping.

 Saturday's special event of braking up the large concrete pieces in CES bay was un event full.

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  2314   Mon Nov 23 16:28:12 2009 steveSummaryCamerasVideo swicher options


Steve is summarizing the Video Matrix choices into this Wiki page:



Price: < 5k$

Control: RS-232 and Ethernet

Interface: BNC (Composite Video)

Please check into the page on Monday for a final list of choices and add comments to the wiki page.

 Composite video matrix switchers with 32 BNC in and 32 BNC channels out are listed.

  2370   Wed Dec 9 09:07:32 2009 steveUpdatePEMhigh seismic activity

The construction activity is shaking the tables in the control room.  The compactor- large remote controlled jackhammer is in the bottom of the 16-17 ft deep hole 15 ft east of ITMY in CES bay. The suspensions  are holding OK. PRM, MC1 and MC3 are effected mostly.

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Attachment 2: seis4h.png
Attachment 3: P1050833.JPG
Attachment 4: P1050836.JPG
  2377   Thu Dec 10 08:43:25 2009 steveFrogsEnvironmentdiesel fumes are less


 Instead of doing RCG stuff, I went to Millikan to work on data analysis as I couldn't stand the fumes from the construction.  (this morning, 8am) 

 Diesel fumes are pumped away from control room AC intakes  with the help of newly installed  reflector boxes on the CES wall  fans.........see # 2272

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  2388   Thu Dec 10 16:51:35 2009 steveUpdateVACpumpdown will start tomorrow morning

The vacuum system is at 760 torr  All chambers with doors on and their annuloses are pumped down.

PSL output shutter is still closed. We are fully prepared to star slow pump down tomorrow.

The plan is to reach 1 torr ~ in 6 hrs  without a creating a sand storm.

  2394   Fri Dec 11 08:35:04 2009 steveConfigurationVACpumpdown has started

Oplev positions before and after drag wiped arm TMs as of yesterday. Slow-mode pumpdown has started with 3/4 turn opened  RV1 valve at 8am today.

Attachment 1: wiping.jpg
  2400   Fri Dec 11 15:21:40 2009 steveConfigurationVACpumpdown#67 is completed


Oplev positions before and after drag wiped arm TMs as of yesterday. Slow-mode pumpdown has started with 3/4 turn opened  RV1 valve at 8am today.

 Pump down is completed. Valve configuration is VACUUM NORMAL. CC1 pressure is in the ~8 e-5 torr   PSL output shutter is opened.

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Attachment 2: oplevpd8h.jpg
  2409   Mon Dec 14 11:21:23 2009 steveOmnistructureEnvironmentAnts in the coffee maker


 We still had some ants visiting the sink area this morning. These ants seem to be addicted to our our Peet's coffe

Spectracide: Bug Stop insect killer was sprayed. Please wash your eating dishes well ! and keep area clean.


  2439   Mon Dec 21 08:16:54 2009 steveMetaphysicsPEMjackhammering next door

At ITMX, on the CES side, 5 Ft  from the wall the jackhammer is on. The susses are holding well.

  2443   Tue Dec 22 10:04:41 2009 steveOmnistructurePEMmiracle in the 40m

We have been waiting for this for 20 some years. Arrowhead water with cooler. AWESOME


Attachment 1: h2oo.JPG
  2466   Wed Dec 30 09:57:53 2009 steveUpdatePSLthirsty water chiller

I added 600 cc of Arrowhead Distilled Water to the chiller.

60 days plot shows that about every ~ 10 days I have to add some.

Please check the water level yourself.

Attachment 1: htemp60d.png
  2482   Wed Jan 6 16:48:52 2010 steveBureaucracySAFETYcopied NPRO key

We lost our key to the Lightwave 125/6-OPN-PS   The key shop just made one look a like that works.

Attachment 1: nprokey.JPG
  2489   Fri Jan 8 18:20:12 2010 steveMetaphysicsTreasureRob now can concentrate on his thesis

We are celebrating Rob's promotion to thesis poetry.  These pictures were taken on December 9, 2009

Rob has finished all his measurements in the lab and is officially well prepared to graduate.

rob1.JPGrob2.JPG rob3.JPG


  2507   Tue Jan 12 09:14:52 2010 steveSummaryGeneralScattering Measurements of 35W Beam Dumps


 What was the power level, polarization and beam size at beam trap?

  2511   Tue Jan 12 14:28:01 2010 steveSummaryEnvironmentlab temp of 7 years



Rana noticed that recently the temperature inside the lab has been a little bit too high. That might be causing some 'unease' to the computers with the result of making them crash more often.

Today I lowered the temperature of the three thermostats that we have inside the lab by one degree:
Y arm thermostat: from 71 to 70 F
X arm thermostat: from 70 to 69 F
Aisle thermostat: from 72 to 71 F.

For the next hours I'll be paying attention to the temperature inside the lab to make sure that it doesn't go out of control and that the environment gets too cold.

 Today the lab is perceptibly cooler.

The temperature around the corner is 73 F.


Attachment 1: labtemp7y.png
  2556   Mon Feb 1 18:33:10 2010 steveUpdateMOPAVe half the lazer!

The 2W NPRO from Valera arrived today and I haf hidden it somewere in the 40m lab!


Rana was so kind to make this entry for me

Attachment 1: inno2w.JPG
Attachment 2: inno2Wb.JPG
  2561   Tue Feb 2 16:10:09 2010 steveUpdatePEMconstruction progress next door

CES construction is progressing. The 40m suspensions are bearing well.

atm1, PEM  vs sus plots of 120 days

atm2, big pool walls are in place, ~10 ft east of south arm

atm3, 10 ft east of ITMY

atm4, ~60 ft east of ITMY

atm5, cold weather effect of N2 evaporator tower

Attachment 1: pem120d.jpg
Attachment 2: 02022010.JPG
Attachment 3: 02022010b.JPG
Attachment 4: 02022010c.JPG
Attachment 5: icewall.JPG
  2565   Wed Feb 3 07:57:01 2010 steveUpdatePSLPMC transmission is low

The low PMC transmission alarm was on this morning. The PMC alignment needs a touch up.

Attachment 1: pmct40d.jpg
  2568   Wed Feb 3 11:13:15 2010 steveConfigurationGeneralplaned power outage for Sat. Feb 20

The electrical shop has to connect the new power transformer at CES. This means we will have no AC power for ~8 hrs on Saturday, February 20

Is this date good for us to power down ALL equipment in the lab?

Rana:  Yes

  2573   Fri Feb 5 11:01:49 2010 steveConfigurationVACslow pumpdown valve

I have installed a slow start throttle valve in front of V3  This spring loaded valve will cut down on the flow at high pressures. There will be no more sand storme

and static built-up during pump down.

Attachment 1: slow.JPG
  2585   Wed Feb 10 16:27:47 2010 steveConfigurationGeneral IFO beam heights

IN VACUUM beam heights are ALL 5.5"  This is measured from the top of the optical table to the center of all TMs, mirrors and other optical components. This beam is ~36" above the floor.

PSL (inside of enclosure) main-output  beam: PMC, MZ, RC and ISS  are at 3" heights. IOO Angle & Position, MC-Trans and RFAM qpds are at 4"

ALL OTHER beam heights at atmosphere and  different ISCT (interferrometer sensing, control optical table)s are at 4"



  2589   Thu Feb 11 15:53:59 2010 steveConfigurationVACPSL output shutter is closed

Joe and Alex are working on the computers. Our vacuum system is temporary "All off" condition: meaning all valves are closed, so there is no pumping. cc1 = 1.6e-6 Torr

  2592   Thu Feb 11 18:53:57 2010 steveConfigurationVACVAC NORMAL is back


Joe and Alex are working on the computers. Our vacuum system is temporary "All off" condition: meaning all valves are closed, so there is no pumping. cc1 = 1.6e-6 Torr

 Designated vacuum control lap top is trouble some to use. Joe finally fixed it and I switched valve configuration back to vacuum normal. Shutter is open

  2612   Thu Feb 18 10:10:43 2010 steveConfigurationGeneral480 V AC power turned off

Only the 40m cranes are running on 480VAC The electricians are rewiring this transformer on the mezzanine so it was shut down.

I tested all three cranes before the 480V power was turned off. The last thing to do with the cranes to wipe them down before use.

It will happen on next Tuesday morning.

  2632   Tue Feb 23 14:56:24 2010 steveUpdateGeneralETMX optical table mass

Our janitor dropped one 48" long  fluorescent tube on the top cover of ETMX-isct. This accident made glasses fly all over the place.

He cleaned up nicely, but please beware of small glass pieces around ETMX chamber.

We did not clean up on the table in order to reserve oplev and green ITMX pointing alignment.

Plot below shows that the alignment was not effected.



Attachment 1: etmxmass.jpg
  2633   Tue Feb 23 16:20:44 2010 steveConfigurationVACoutgassing + leak


As preparation for the upcoming planned power outage we turned turbos, RGA off and closed valves.

IFO chamber is not pumped now. Small leaks and out gassing will push the pressure up slowly. At 3 mTorr of P1 the PSL output shutter

will be closed by the interlock.

It is OK to use light in the IFO up to this point.

 Our vacuum was not pumped for 4 days. The computers were not up when we started pumping again. The manual reading on P1 was 15 mTorr.

This means that our outgassing plus leakrate is  ~3.8 mTorr /day 

3-5 mTorr / day is normal

Attachment 1: outgleak.jpg
  2644   Fri Feb 26 15:32:13 2010 steveConfigurationVACpreparation for power outage: vacuum all off

There is a planned power outage tomorrow, Saturday from 7am till midnight.

I vented all annulies and switched to ALL OFF configuration. The small region of the RGA is still under vacuum.

The vac-rack: gauges, c1vac1 and UPS turned off.

Attachment 1: ventd3.jpg
  2647   Mon Mar 1 08:49:37 2010 steveBureaucracySAFETYsafety audit

The 40m safety audit will be at Wednesday afternoon, March 3

Please participate getting our lab to inspection grade safety level.

  2648   Mon Mar 1 11:21:50 2010 steveConfigurationVACvacuum contoller is back to normal


There is a planned power outage tomorrow, Saturday from 7am till midnight.

I vented all annulies and switched to ALL OFF configuration. The small region of the RGA is still under vacuum.

The vac-rack: gauges, c1vac1 and UPS turned off.

 Vac- rack is powered back up.  UPS first, than all other power switches from top to bottom of the rack, except Maglev

Manually started one by one TP2 and TP3  to accelerate to 50 KRPM

Brought up vac.control screen on lap-top at /cvs/cds/caltech/medm/c0/ve/VacControl_BAK.adl

V5 and VM3 were opened so TP3 can pump on the RGA

V4 was opened so TP2 can pump on the Maglev-TP1. The Maglev power was  turned on and started acceleration.

The vac control screen positions indicators were checked for true position and annulies vent valves were opened.

RGA manual on/off switch was turned at the top of the RGA-head. Ubuntu copmuter was started at cc4 1.1e-6 Torr

The RGA communication was started with:  ssh c0rga from control room

The rga-script was started ./RGAset.py     This script turns on the filament, rs-232 and scan parameters etc


Vac -configuration: IFO-P1 at atm, RGA is pumped and running in background mode, all annulos at atm


  2658   Fri Mar 5 11:21:18 2010 steveUpdateSUSused OSEMs are magnetic


Jenne and Koji

We successfully hung ITMX on the SOS. Side magnet is ~2mm off from the center of the OSEM. ITMX aligned using the QPD. The OSEMs changes the alignment. It looks that something magnetic is inside the OSEM PD or LED.

Reguled ITMY side magnet.

Cleaned up the lab for the safety inspection.

 The brand new OSEM LED and PD can be picked up with a weak magnet. These ferrous metals of LEDs and PDs will be magnetized by sitting in the sus next to the

magnets for years. I hanged optics with new OSEMs and never saw this effect before.



We have to demagnetize them.

  2663   Tue Mar 9 09:04:20 2010 steveUpdatePEMkeep vacuum chamber closed

They are sandblasting at CES: our particle counts are very high. DO NOT OPEN CHAMBER!

Attachment 1: sandblasting.jpg
  2667   Thu Mar 11 15:24:51 2010 steveMetaphysicsEnvironmentIFO was well protected


There is a planned power outage tomorrow, Saturday from 7am till midnight.

I vented all annulies and switched to ALL OFF configuration. The small region of the RGA is still under vacuum.

The vac-rack: gauges, c1vac1 and UPS turned off.

 It turns out that we perfecly timed the big one

In the process of finding the signal of the big chilean earthquake I just realized that we were all off

  2670   Fri Mar 12 17:08:22 2010 steveConfigurationVACbg-RGAscan at d18

RGA scan of rga-region only at day 18   This is the back ground of the rga with some calibration gas.

Attachment 1: bg-d18_20100312scan.png
  2673   Mon Mar 15 09:43:47 2010 steveUpdatePEMmore sandblasting today

Do not open IFO vacuum envelope today! They are sandblasting again at CES

  2674   Mon Mar 15 16:39:36 2010 steveUpdatePEMGuralp2 centered




Guralp 2 centered.The mass position offsets are: E-W 0.05V, N-S 0V, Z 0.4V

Guralp 1: E-W -0.1V, N-S -0.25V, Z 0V measured, not adjusted

The GUR2_X channel has an offset. See plot below when seismometers are disconnected. This offset has to be removed.

NOTE: this huddle is on bad-soft ground-lenoleum tile from prehistoric Flintstone age


Attachment 1: grlp2ffst.jpg
  2677   Tue Mar 16 09:37:30 2010 steveUpdateSUSeq 4.4 seen by oplevs and osems

The oplev plots clearly show the alignment effect of this eq.

Attachment 1: opleveq4.4.jpg
Attachment 2: eq4.4.jpg
Attachment 3: opleveq4.4d3.jpg
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