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Entry  Wed Jan 23 12:31:36 2008, Andrey, Summary, SUS, Dissapointing Results of XARM optimization (PDF-file) Sad_Results_XARM.pdf
Entry  Thu Jan 24 20:03:40 2008, Andrey, Configuration, SUS, Changes to Dataviewer channels (XARM) 
Entry  Thu Jan 24 22:10:49 2008, Andrey, Configuration, Computer Scripts / Programs, Problem with channels - help of Rana, Robert or Steve is needed 
Entry  Thu Jan 24 22:52:18 2008, Andrey, Bureaucracy, General, Ants around a dirty glass (David - please read!) 
Entry  Sat Jan 26 02:34:34 2008, Andrey, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, Overnight Measuremts in XARM 
Entry  Mon Jan 28 17:16:54 2008, Andrey, Configuration, Computers, Matlab libraries DO NOT WORK properly sometimes 
Entry  Wed Jan 30 13:09:55 2008, Andrey, Update, SUS, New results for XARM (pdf) New_Results_XARM.pdfAccel-Seismic_10AM.pdf
Entry  Fri Feb 15 22:16:04 2008, Andrey, Update, Computers, MATLAB is not working: "Licence checkout failed" 
Entry  Tue Feb 19 15:21:47 2008, Andrey, Update, SUS, Earthquake tripped watchdogs in ETMY, ITMY 
Entry  Fri Feb 22 02:51:20 2008, Andrey, Update, PEM, Accelerometer ITMX seems to be broken Accelerom-EYMX-Feb22.jpgAccelerom-ITMX-Feb22.jpg
Entry  Fri Feb 22 15:16:33 2008, Andrey, Update, PEM, ITMX Accelerometer is NOT broken Accelerom-ITMX-Feb23.jpgAccelerom-ETMX-Feb23.jpg
Entry  Fri Feb 22 20:42:44 2008, Andrey, Summary, Computer Scripts / Programs, It seems I succeeded in theoretical simulations  RMS_peak_08Hz-Theoretical.pngRMS_peak_08Hz-QI-QE.pngRMS_peak_3Hz-Theoretical.pngRMS_peak_broad-interv-Theoretical.png
Entry  Fri Feb 22 21:19:38 2008, Andrey, Bureaucracy, Computer Scripts / Programs, MDV library does not work at "LINUX 2" 
Entry  Tue Feb 26 20:24:04 2008, Andrey, Summary, TMI, Sorrow 
Entry  Tue Mar 25 13:21:25 2008, Andrey, Update, Computers, c1susvme2 is not behaving itself again 
Entry  Wed Mar 26 13:41:53 2008, Andrey, HowTo, SUS, Modification of ''C1DRIFT_MONITOR'' 
Entry  Thu Apr 3 18:33:17 2008, Andrey, Summary, Environment, Status of Weather Station 
Entry  Thu Apr 3 18:46:04 2008, Andrey, Configuration, Computers, "Network switch board" and "c1pem1 crate" were touched Computer_Rack.JPG
Entry  Thu Apr 3 19:27:50 2008, Andrey, Summary, Photos, Tour for prospective grad students Rana_Lecturing.pdf
Entry  Fri Apr 4 16:54:06 2008, Andrey, Summary, Environment, Weather station is fully alive Work_on_the_Roof.pdf
Entry  Wed Apr 16 09:47:35 2008, Andrey, Summary, PEM, Weather Station  Weather-FullData_3hrs.pngWeather_Trend_15hrs.png
    Reply  Wed Apr 16 10:20:01 2008, Andrey, Update, Computers, Rosalba and linux3 
Entry  Thu Apr 17 20:17:37 2008, Andrey, Update, PEM, Two issues with our weather station 
Entry  Fri Apr 18 16:48:13 2008, Andrey, Update, PEM, Rain collector of weather station DSC_0520--before.JPGDSC_0537--after.JPG
Entry  Wed Apr 23 22:39:54 2008, Andrey, DAQ, Computer Scripts / Programs, Problem with "get_data" and slow PEM channels 
Entry  Thu Apr 24 22:06:47 2008, Andrey, Summary, Computers, Ethernet Cables and Hubs 
Entry  Fri Apr 25 11:33:40 2008, Andrey, Configuration, Computers, Computer controlling vaccum equipment 
Entry  Fri Apr 25 13:20:04 2008, Andrey, Update, PEM, Microphone test Microphone.png
Entry  Sat Apr 26 01:45:38 2008, Andrey, Summary, PEM, Weather Station enhancement Matlab_Weather_Trends.png
Entry  Mon Apr 28 23:44:33 2008, Andrey, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, Weather.db 
Entry  Tue Apr 29 21:30:49 2008, Andrey, Update, PEM, In the process of renaming channels for Weather Station 
Entry  Wed Apr 30 20:48:58 2008, Andrey, Summary, PEM, New Weather Channels April30-5hours.png
Entry  Wed May 14 13:14:19 2008, Andrey, Summary, Computers, Reflective Memory Network is restored 
Entry  Wed May 14 14:05:40 2008, Andrey, Update, Computers, Computer Linux-2, MEDM screen "Watchdogs" 
Entry  Fri May 16 17:27:55 2008, Andrey, Omnistructure, General, Toilets are broken, do not use them !!! 
Entry  Tue Jun 3 02:15:29 2008, Andrey, Summary, Cameras, Fitting results May30-GC650.pdfMay30-GC750.pdfJune02-GC650.pdfJune02-GC750.pdf
Entry  Tue Jun 3 12:33:36 2008, Andrey, Update, Cameras, Andrey, Josephb 
Entry  Wed Jun 25 14:52:22 2014, Andres Medina, Update, elog, Placing a lens between the steering mirrors and another lens between the second steering mirror and the cavity SchematicForXendGreenGoingToTheCavity.pdf
Entry  Sat Jul 5 04:18:45 2014, Andres, Update, 40m Xend Table upgrade, Adding Two Lenses After the Second Steering Mirror in Order Two Increase the Gouy Phase Difference Between the Sterring Mirrors 7x
Entry  Sun Jul 13 17:06:35 2014, Andres, Update, 40m Xend Table upgrade, Xarm Table Upgrade Calculation and Diagrams of possible new table layout CurrentOpticalLayout.pngNewSetUp.PNGAlaModeSolutionplots.pngEntireScaleRangeAlaModeSolution.pngNewXarmOptimizationFromFaraday.m
Entry  Mon Jul 14 16:19:41 2014, Andres, Update, 40m Xend Table upgrade, Took the measurement for the Mode Matching 
Entry  Tue Jul 15 22:23:51 2014, Andres, Update, 40m Xend Table upgrade, Scan the Xarm for the mode matching 
Entry  Thu Jul 17 02:57:32 2014, Andres, Update, 40m Xend Table upgrade, FInish Calculation on Current X-arm mode Matching RawDataForTheModeGreenScan.pngResultForModeMatching.pngDataAndCalculationOfModeMismatch.zip
    Reply  Fri Jul 18 16:52:56 2014, Andres, Update, 40m Xend Table upgrade, FInish Calculation on Current X-arm mode Matching OldAndNewSetupPlotsOfDisplacementAndAngleAtTheETM.pngOldSetUpDisplacementAndNewSetup.m.zip
Entry  Tue Jul 29 20:14:08 2014, Andres, Update, 40m Xend Table upgrade, Xarm Green steering mirror upgrade 
Entry  Wed Jul 30 10:16:54 2014, Andres, Update, 40m Xend Table upgrade, Green Steering Mirror Upgrade completed XarmUpgrade.pdfdWaistSize_dlensVsdWaistPosition_dlens.pngXarmNewOpticalSetup.PNG
Entry  Wed Aug 13 10:50:04 2014, Andres, Update, IMC, Calculation for the input mode cleaner ModeCleanerSetup0.PNGalaModeModeCleanersolution.png
    Reply  Thu Aug 14 15:10:47 2014, Andres, Update, IMC, Calculation for the input mode cleaner SolutionForTheModeCleanerSetup00.pngSolutionForTheModeCleanerSetup11.pngPossibleSetupForModeCleaner.PNGalaModeSolution.zip
Entry  Tue Aug 19 21:40:44 2014, Andres, Update, IMC, New Optical Setup for the IMC 11x
Entry  Fri Aug 22 18:05:02 2014, Andres, Update, IMC, Upgrade of the IMC WFSs for the reflection ModeCleanerUpgrade.PNG
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