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Entry  Fri Sep 10 02:35:30 2010, rana, kiwamu, valera, tara, Configuration, PSL, update 40mPSL.pdf
    Reply  Wed Apr 1 23:18:07 2009, rana, koji, Summary, IOO, No Reference Cavity Required 
Entry  Fri Jul 10 19:56:23 2009, rana, koji, Omnistructure, Environment, Changed office temp therm.JPG
Entry  Wed Nov 11 18:43:57 2009, rana, koji, HowTo, Photos, Illuminated Paintbrush Technique IMG_0215.JPGIMG_0214.JPG
Entry  Sun Apr 4 00:21:42 2010, rana, koji, Summary, Electronics, Checkout of EG&G (PARC) preamp model #113, s/n 49135 IMG_0628.JPG
Entry  Fri Nov 12 00:42:11 2010, rana, koji, Update, IOO, MC alignment 
Entry  Fri Feb 4 23:39:56 2011, rana, koji, Update, LSC, mixer based FD set up for noise test 
    Reply  Sat Feb 5 23:03:04 2011, rana, koji, Summary, Electronics, Analog Frequency Discriminator: splitter + mixer + long cable mixer.pdfUntitled.pngfsm.png
Entry  Sat Jan 14 00:50:08 2012, rana, koji, Configuration, IOO, Towards coating thermal noise measurement with RefCav / MC beat 
Entry  Thu Oct 31 21:22:00 2013, rana, koji, Summary, IOO, modulation beat note in MC servo 13031.png13031_200.png13031_200b.png
Entry  Fri Mar 28 22:10:00 2014, rana, koji, Update, SUS, recovery from  Screenshot.png
    Reply  Mon Dec 22 21:53:08 2014, rana, koji, Update, IOO, Seven transfer functions MC_OLG.pdf
    Reply  Tue Dec 23 01:55:35 2014, rana, koji, Update, IOO, Seven transfer functions MC_FSS_TF.pdf
    Reply  Tue Dec 23 20:50:39 2014, rana, koji, Update, IOO, Seven transfer functions MC_OLTF.pdfMC_OLTF2.pdfmatlab.zip
Entry  Tue Jun 2 21:22:07 2015, rana, koji, Configuration, IOO, AOM inserted in beam and aligned 
Entry  Mon Jun 15 22:36:40 2015, rana, koji, Update, Green Locking, BeatBox Assay: not looking good 
    Reply  Fri Jun 19 01:24:26 2015, rana, koji, Update, Green Locking, BeatBox Assay: not looking good 
Entry  Wed Nov 23 17:48:16 2016, rana, koji, Update, IOO, How bad is the McWFS? 
Entry  Fri Jul 5 23:28:52 2019, rana, kruthi, Summary, SUS, ETMX unstuck by shaking the stack 
Entry  Tue Jun 25 00:28:52 2013, rana, manasa, Update, LSC, Arm Cavity scan with X-ALS after ALS servo upgrade 6x
Entry  Wed Jul 7 22:52:38 2010, rana, nancy, Configuration, IOO, bad length control offset for the MC P7070251.jpgScreenshot.png
Entry  Fri Aug 30 01:01:28 2013, rana, nic, Summary, Computer Scripts / Programs, aLIGO Noise Budget code installed and running NBplots.pngScreen_Shot_2013-08-30_at_1.00.02_AM.png
Entry  Tue Aug 11 23:55:04 2009, rana, rich, Summary, OMC, Quantum Efficiency and Dark Current measurements of eLIGO Photodiodes IMG_0135.png
Entry  Thu Oct 15 02:38:10 2009, rana, rob, Update, OMC, Dark Port Mode Scan using the OMC OMC-ModeScan_091015.png
Entry  Fri Oct 16 03:16:50 2009, rana, rob, Summary, LSC, funny timing setup on the LSC 1X3_1.JPG
    Reply  Mon Oct 19 14:48:15 2009, rana, rob, Summary, Electronics, piezo jena measuring box PA160153.JPGPA160151.JPG
Entry  Mon Nov 23 00:46:09 2009, rana, rob, Update, PSL, ISS RIN: Its too high by 10x Untitled.png
    Reply  Tue Oct 20 11:38:10 2009, rana, rolf, Update, Adaptive Filtering, extra delay and noise in PEM -> ASS/OAF system 
Entry  Sun Jun 6 08:08:05 2010, rana, sanjit, Summary, Electronics, Capacitor Bridge Test CapacitanceBridge.png
Entry  Mon May 18 19:44:52 2009, rana, steve, Configuration, VAC, Cryo Pump turned off and valved off: 1 beer can only 
Entry  Fri Feb 12 14:19:28 2010, rana, steve, HowTo, lore, International Fax 
Entry  Sat Jul 24 13:13:41 2010, rana, steve, alberto, Update, General, Initial Crane Inspection reveals flaws: wiring and oil 
Entry  Wed Sep 15 01:27:52 2010, rana, steve, valera, Update, PSL, FSS cables connected 
    Reply  Mon Feb 14 00:39:21 2011, rana, suresh, Update, Electronics, VCO Frequency Noise Measurement with the MFD 
    Reply  Fri Oct 1 21:34:14 2010, rana, tara, Update, PSL, High Voltage Driver added to TTFSS -> NPRO NPROTF.png2010_10_01.png
    Reply  Mon Oct 4 06:47:46 2010, rana, tara, Update, PSL, High Voltage Driver added to TTFSS -> NPRO 
Entry  Wed Sep 8 00:01:07 2010, rana, valera, Update, PSL, PMC update 
Entry  Mon Jun 6 23:56:16 2011, rana, valera, Configuration, SUS, ETMX/ETMY OSEM whitening 
Entry  Wed Oct 19 18:32:25 2016, rana, yinzi, Update, PSL, RefCav thermal control: heater is dead 
Entry  Mon Feb 16 22:58:51 2009, rana, yoichi, Configuration, SUS, Hysteresis in SUS from Misalignments a.png
Entry  Wed Mar 25 01:37:35 2009, rana, yoichi, Summary, IOO, No Reference Cavity Required 
Entry  Wed Apr 15 02:20:46 2009, rana, yoichi, Update, DMF, DMF now working copy 
Entry  Fri May 8 04:46:01 2009, rana, yoichi, Summary, oplevs, BS/PRM/SRM table bad! a.png
Entry  Wed Aug 18 20:54:23 2010, rana, yoichi, Configuration, Environment, Chiller's chiller turned off 
    Reply  Tue Aug 14 04:32:49 2012, rana, yoichi, Update, Locking, POX signal sometimes looks very funny ITMX_1028974969.bmpETMXF_1028975007.bmpETMXT_1028975105.bmpAS_1028975166.bmp
    Reply  Mon Jun 9 22:26:44 2014, rana, zach, Update, CDS, SLOW controls recovery 
Entry  Mon Jun 23 19:48:28 2008, rana,alberto, Summary, IOO, StochMon trends (80 days) e.png
Entry  Mon Jul 21 19:55:16 2008, rana,jenne, Configuration, IOO, Noise in MC_F SCRN0024.GIF
Entry  Wed Aug 27 13:55:43 2008, rana,jenne, Update, PSL, PMC Servo Board 
    Reply  Fri Aug 29 02:40:43 2008, rana,jenne, Update, PSL, PMC Servo Board pmclp-07.pdfpmclp_40m_080824.mpmclp.m
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