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  17811   Fri Aug 25 20:27:33 2023 KojiUpdateBHDOMC Interface AlignerA bit improved the design of OMC Interface

The idea is...The OMC I/F aligner
  17810   Thu Aug 24 17:08:38 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralExcess noise on YALS BEATPaco took the data which means he already
had the beat note.

There is some chance that the beat
  17809   Thu Aug 24 13:10:17 2023 MurtazaSummarySUSETMX TestingKoji suggested going through the following
steps to check the ETMX suspension:

1. Do a free swing test to obtain
  17808   Thu Aug 24 11:16:44 2023 ranaUpdateGeneralExcess noise on YALS BEATWith such a big temperature change, do
you still get a reasonable beat note frequency?
There's some previous elog of Koji I
  17807   Thu Aug 24 02:54:19 2023 KojiUpdateBHDOMC Interface Aligner / BHD OFI arrangementOMC Interface Aligner - (It's upside

BHD OFI arrangement
  17806   Wed Aug 23 19:47:53 2023 KojiUpdateCDSDolphin Fencing Investigation / Full CDS crash / nodus reboot / recovered allDolphin

- I made a basic description on
  17805   Wed Aug 23 16:52:52 2023 Paco, Radhika, MurtazaUpdateASSReducing XARM-ASS ErrorsWe're trying to reduce the demodulated
error signals after running the ASS script
for the XARM.
  17804   Wed Aug 23 16:11:03 2023 PacoUpdateGeneralExcess noise on YALS BEAT[Paco]

Tuning the
  17803   Tue Aug 22 16:44:08 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralMoku Go/Pro delay measurementsHere are the results for Moku Go/Pro delay
measurements with the filter shapes removed
[Attachments 1, 2]. The PID
  17802   Tue Aug 22 15:56:53 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralBHD / Misc InventoryPhotodiode inventory: [OMC
ELOG 615]
  17801   Tue Aug 22 13:36:05 2023 Ian MacMillanUpdateSEIAccelerometer calibration[Ian, Torrey Cullen, Sander Vermeulen]

We are trying to calibrate one
of the Wilcoxon accelerometers from the cryo
  17800   Tue Aug 22 11:31:38 2023 pacoUpdateOptical LeversStorm and earthquake recovery -- ITMY restored[JC, Koji-remote, paco]

ITMY stuck --> Shaken remotely and
  17799   Tue Aug 22 10:52:17 2023 MurtazaUpdateGeneralAcoustic Noise SpectrumThis is an update for 17794.

The UMIK 1 + REW combination gave
satisfactory results for creating the acoustic
  17798   Tue Aug 22 10:29:14 2023 pacoUpdateOptical LeversStorm and earthquake recovery -- ETMY oplev laser dead, ITMY stuck?[JC, paco]

This morning we noted most optics
were tripped, probably as a result of a recent
  17797   Mon Aug 21 10:56:16 2023 JC UpdateVACVacuum Loss of N2 PressureThere was a loss of N2 pressure over this
weekend. When I came in to check the cylinder
pressures, I was able to hear a hissing sound
  17796   Fri Aug 18 16:07:38 2023 devenUpdatePEMSeismometer heater and temp sensorsI've turned off the power supply. I've
attached a picture of the rack with the switch
that I flipped circled
  17795   Fri Aug 18 15:40:23 2023 andreiUpdatePEMSeismometer heater and temp sensorsDismantled the seismometer circuit

At Rana's request, Deven and
I have pulled all the wires out of the seismometer
  17794   Fri Aug 18 14:43:24 2023 MurtazaUpdateGeneralAcoustic Noise Spectrum of various lab spaces. (100Hz-10kHz)dB(A) (A-weighted) scale and
the Noise Criterion (NC) scale are popularly
used in the United States for creating the
  17793   Thu Aug 17 15:24:46 2023 JCSummaryDaily ProgressPreparing a clean room. [Yuta, Yehonathan, JC]

The Frame for The
  17792   Wed Aug 16 20:34:22 2023 DevenUpdateLSCPRMI OLTFs measured with new input matrixAfter Yuta locked PRMI and measured the
sensing matrix, I changed the input matrix
to the following and measured the MICH and
  17791   Wed Aug 16 18:33:40 2023 yutaUpdateLSCPRMI 1f/3f switching in both carrier/sideband resonant configurations[JC, Yuta]

Transitioning from
  17790   Wed Aug 16 17:16:13 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralBHD / Misc Inventory==
BHD Components ==

  17789   Wed Aug 16 16:42:22 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralMoku Go/Pro delay measurementsI measured the Moku:Go and Moku:Pro delay
using a Agilent 4395A network analyzer. I
considered the PID controller (0 dB gain); the
  17788   Wed Aug 16 12:49:37 2023 DevenUpdateLSCPCA of noise spikes in sensor ASDsBasic Idea

The idea behind this study was
that in several frequency ranges, there are
  17786   Tue Aug 15 17:11:17 2023 KojiUpdateIOOFIXED: PMC issueSummary

The problem in the PMC
Frequency Reference Card (35.5MHz) was fixed.
  17785   Tue Aug 15 09:56:52 2023 yutaUpdateIOOPMC aligned, c1sus2 crashed[JC, Yuta  Screenshot_2023-08-15_09-52-14_PMC_c1sus2.png 
  17784   Tue Aug 15 09:42:18 2023 andreiUpdatePEMRL for nonlinear controllersUpdate

In the past 2 weeks I have finalized
the pipeline for hyperparameter testing and
  17783   Tue Aug 15 00:44:29 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralELOG slowness fixedElog was continuously accessed by net crawlers
or something similar. They continuously retrieve
random logs and also randomly hits the entries
  17782   Tue Aug 15 00:41:17 2023 KojiUpdateIOOPMC issue cont'dI went down to the IFO hall and checked
the PMC situation. The freq mixer fixed on
the rack 1X1 had BNC-T, so the raw error
  17781   Mon Aug 14 15:16:40 2023 KojiUpdateIOOPMC offset voltage issue fixed. IMC WFS recentered and offsets zeroed. 1.
Well, it seems that the PMC error offset
issue still remains.
  17780   Mon Aug 14 14:38:04 2023 YehonathanUpdateIOOPMC offset voltage issue fixed. IMC WFS recentered and offsets zeroed. {JC, Yehonathan}

When JC came this morning the IMC
was completely misaligned. After tweaking
  17779   Sat Aug 12 02:21:12 2023 HirokiUpdatePSLCalibrated PSL Flow speed sensor[Koji, Hiroki] 

Calibrated flow
sensor signals from [volt] to [m/s] and displayed
  17778   Fri Aug 11 20:44:00 2023 KojiUpdatePSLCDS crash / PMC recovery and mystery / IFO recovery[JC, Koji]

In the morning, JC came in and
found that c1sus had crashed. JC tried to
  17777   Fri Aug 11 14:06:34 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCRevised automated locking of FPMI[Hiroki, Paco, Yuta]

As mentioned in elog
#17768, we are trying to lock
  17775   Thu Aug 10 20:19:40 2023 HirokiHowToCDSFixing error of "Unable to obtain measurement data" [JC, Koji, Yuta, Hiroki]

When we tried to measure the spectrum
of C1:LSC-DARM_IN2 with the diaggui,
  17774   Thu Aug 10 19:52:47 2023 yutaSummaryALSsimultaneous hold and release of the arm (aka two arm ALS)I just wanted to take the same time series
data I took back in 2012 (40m/6874).
ALS noise look much better than 2012,
  17773   Thu Aug 10 14:35:13 2023 RadhikaUpdateAUXXAUX out of loop error[Radhika, Yuta, Hiroki, Paco]

During YAUX noise measurements,
we also locked IR and green lasers in xarm
  17772   Thu Aug 10 12:54:22 2023 PacoUpdateGeneralExcess noise on YALS BEAT[Hiroki, Paco, Yuta, JC]

Hiroki realized the gain on the
AUX feedback loop was slightly high, which
  17771   Thu Aug 10 12:01:10 2023 PacoUpdateSUSETMX coil balancing and local damping redux[Paco, yehonathan]

Following Yehonathan's work
from yesterday, I found the following coil
  17769   Thu Aug 10 11:33:47 2023 Deven BowmanUpdateLSCA look at error signal of fused sensorsPrompted by the events documented in this
previous elog, I used the data I grabbed
  17768   Wed Aug 9 19:32:38 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCAutomated locking of PSL frequency with ALSX[Hiroki, Paco, Yuta]

  17767   Wed Aug 9 15:02:45 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX coil balancingUpgrading the ETMX coil drivers calls for
new coil balancing.

XARM locking using ETMX actuation
  17766   Wed Aug 9 12:06:45 2023 PacoUpdateGeneralExcess noise on YALS BEAT[Paco, yuta]

We found excess noise
  17765   Wed Aug 9 02:54:06 2023 HirokiUpdatePSLInstalled PSL Flow speed sensor[Paco, Hiroki]  

two flow sensors on the PSL HEPA
  17764   Tue Aug 8 20:32:37 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCAutomated locking of PSL frequency with ALSY[Paco, Yuta, Hiroki]

We locked PSL frequency using ALSY
  17763   Tue Aug 8 20:13:55 2023 Deven BowmanUpdateLSCSensor fusion test with PRMI LockYehonathan, Paco, and Hiroki helped lock
the interferomter into PRMI. While locked,
the sensing matrix was calaculated with 
  17762   Tue Aug 8 10:27:22 2023 Stella KrausUpdateLab OrganizationMoved HF2LIWe moved the Zurich instruments HF2LI to
  17761   Tue Aug 8 01:07:52 2023 HirokiUpdatePSLTesting and wiring the PSL Flow speed sensorFor monitoring the statuses of the
PSL HEPA fans, we are planning to attach flow
speed sensors (D6F-V03A1)
  17760   Mon Aug 7 23:58:30 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCStabler lock of sideband-resonant PRMI w/ 3f[Paco, Yehonathan, Yuta, Hiroki]  

stabler lock of sideband-resonant
  17759   Mon Aug 7 14:02:52 2023 RadhikaUpdateAUXxend AUX fully locking with Moku:GoMoku:Go
used for full locking of green laser - OLTF
to come

Picking up from
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