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  7584   Fri Oct 19 19:26:42 2012 JenneUpdateVACvent has started


  7590   Mon Oct 22 21:20:36 2012 JenneUpdatePSLBeam attenuation optics in place[Jenne, Raji (before dinner)]
We put the beam attenuation optics
in place.  Before putting any optics
  7591   Tue Oct 23 00:41:55 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentMC locked, spots centered[Jenne, Raji]
We replaced the MC Refl path BS with
the Y1, as usual, so that the full ~100mW
  7601   Tue Oct 23 18:12:18 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentTip tilt wires - the truth


  7602   Tue Oct 23 18:18:29 2012 JenneUpdateSUS PITCH damping needed


  7603   Tue Oct 23 18:21:21 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPower supply at OMC removed


  7606   Wed Oct 24 11:49:07 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentGame plan for the dayJamie has arranged for phase map measurements
this afternoon, so I will take the 6 dichroic
LaserOptik optics over to Downs at 1:15 this
  7608   Wed Oct 24 14:19:01 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPhase map summary of LaserOptik mirrors


  7610   Wed Oct 24 17:02:01 2012 JenneUpdateAdaptive Filteringmicrophone noise


  7625   Thu Oct 25 20:44:11 2012 JenneUpdateSUSTip tilts in progressJamie and I spent some time with tip tilt
SN001 this afternoon.  This was installed
as SR3, so I was going to put a new LaserOptik
  7630   Fri Oct 26 10:44:25 2012 JenneUpdateSUSTip tilts in progress

  7631   Fri Oct 26 13:08:14 2012 JenneUpdateSUSTip tilts in progress


  7632   Fri Oct 26 16:57:30 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPR2 aligned, PR3 mostly aligned[Raji, Jenne]
After lunch we began where Raji and
Jamie had left things.  PR2 was unfortunately
  7641   Mon Oct 29 18:50:02 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPRC aligned, Yarm almost aligned[Jamie, Jenne, Raji, with consultation
from Nic, Ayaka and Manasa]
We went back and re-looked at the
  7642   Tue Oct 30 11:51:45 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPRC aligned, Yarm almost aligned[Raji, Jenne]
We tweaked PZT2, PZT1 (yaw only),
and PR3 (pitch only) to get the beam ~centered
  7647   Wed Oct 31 17:18:34 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setback - trend of BS table shiftHere is a two hour set of second trends
of 2 sensors per mirror, for BS, PRM, ITMY
and MC1.  You can see about an hour
  7658   Thu Nov 1 19:28:48 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentaligned, AS beam on cameraAfter everyone else did the hard work,
I moved the AS first-on-the-table steering
mirror sideways a bit so the AS beam is on
  7662   Fri Nov 2 14:37:36 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralOpen-sided mount - why


  7664   Fri Nov 2 19:59:54 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPOP, POX, POY, IPPOS, IPANG, REFL all coming out of vac[Evan, Jenne, Jamie]
We used the green laser pointer technique
to adjust the POP steering mirrors behind
  7665   Fri Nov 2 20:41:53 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentAS, REFL camera shotsThese don't show anything too interesting,
but we're including them to show where the
beams are right now on the cameras, so we
  7668   Mon Nov 5 09:53:35 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentAS, REFL camera shotsToday's photos:
  7683   Wed Nov 7 15:51:44 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentJamie's tip tilt proposalSteve's elog
7682 is in response to the conversation
we had at group meeting re: Jamie's proposed
  7685   Wed Nov 7 19:07:45 2012 JenneUpdateCamerasNo beam seen on external camera viewsI have written some scripts which collect
photos, then average them together, and subtract
out an averaged background (as Rana described
  7689   Thu Nov 8 20:11:54 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentAS steering moved out of POY's way, 2 green beams onto PSL table[Jenne, Jamie, Manasa, Ayaka]
Flipped mount of OM2, moved OM2 behind
  7699   Tue Nov 13 00:15:08 2012 JenneUpdateIOOInput and Output PZTs turned onI turned on the power supplies for the
output PZTs and pitch and yaw for PZT2. 
This is back to the condition that we had
  7700   Tue Nov 13 00:19:51 2012 JenneUpdateCamerasITMX is just fine


  7701   Tue Nov 13 00:27:50 2012 JenneUpdateElectronicsEthernet Illuminator Control


  7709   Tue Nov 13 22:12:15 2012 JenneUpdateIOOTurn off MCL path before doing MC spot measurement[Jenne, Den]
We have discovered that the MCL loop
squishes the length fluctuations that result
  7710   Wed Nov 14 00:56:19 2012 JenneUpdateIOOWFS on, PZT2 ~set, AS camera backWFS
are back on, and working nicely. 
Den and I had seen a problem (which I had
  7712   Wed Nov 14 13:58:18 2012 JenneUpdateIOOTurn off MCL path before doing MC spot measurement


  7715   Thu Nov 15 03:09:08 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentNo good progress, many optionsI didn't make any concrete progress today.
AS and REFL cameras are in place, and Manasa
has put ND 0.5 filters on both. I used a
  7719   Fri Nov 16 09:57:57 2012 JenneUpdateGreen Lockingxarm locked


  7723   Mon Nov 19 15:12:52 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentYarm locked IR


  7724   Mon Nov 19 15:15:22 2012 JenneUpdateSUSAll oplev gains turned on


  7727   Mon Nov 19 20:17:53 2012 JenneConfiguration40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : ETMX layout on new table 
For convenience, I would include
a steering mirror in front of the TRX PD. 
  7745   Mon Nov 26 18:36:17 2012 JenneUpdatePEMBLRMS back


  7746   Mon Nov 26 18:56:34 2012 JenneHowToComputersData logging suggestionsWe've been talking for a while about how
we want to store data.  I'm not in love
with keeping it on the elog, although I think
  7752   Tue Nov 27 03:26:00 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralPOP beam on POP55, POP camera


  7816   Wed Dec 12 16:52:12 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPR2_face, PR3_back cameras in placeI have setup cameras looking at the back
of PR3 (through the north viewport on the
MC chamber) and the face of PR2 (through
  7828   Fri Dec 14 03:15:49 2012 JenneUpdateSUSTT angle of incidenceBut have you looked yet at what angle we
need? The first input string mirror has a
quite small incidence angle. The other input
  7837   Mon Dec 17 11:20:58 2012 JenneUpdateSUSBeam dumps on vertex oplevs removedI'm not sure when this was done, but there
were beam dumps in front of the lasers for
BS/PRM oplevs as well as ITMY/SRM oplevs. 
  7838   Mon Dec 17 14:13:55 2012 JenneUpdateSUSPRM oplev gains restored


  7839   Mon Dec 17 14:45:01 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentVideos with PRMI locked[Jamie, Jenne]
Koji and Jamie locked the PRMI, and
then Jamie and I took some videos. 
  7840   Mon Dec 17 18:39:02 2012 JenneUpdateIOOIPPOS centered, no IPANG beamI centered IPPOS.  I do not find any
IPANG beam on the ETMY table, even waving
the IR card in the black beam tube.
  7850   Tue Dec 18 15:32:29 2012 JenneUpdateSUSTT angle of incidence

  7851   Tue Dec 18 15:51:33 2012 JenneUpdateIOOOld G&H TT mirrors' phase maps measuredI took the 2 G&H mirrors that we de-installed
from PR3 and SR3 over to GariLynn to measure
their phase maps. Data is in the same place
  7857   Wed Dec 19 18:40:00 2012 JenneUpdateIOOPZT1 removed, TT1 in place[Manasa, Jamie, Jenne]
PZT1 has been removed, and is wrapped
in foil and stored in a (labeled) plastic
  7872   Wed Jan 2 15:33:23 2013 JenneHowToLockingWe should retry in-air lockingImmediate things to do include finishing
installation of new TTs and re-routing of
oplev paths in the BS chamber, but after
  7876   Fri Jan 4 15:11:28 2013 JenneUpdate TT[Jenne, Koji]
D - UL
B - UR
  7877   Mon Jan 7 00:08:16 2013 JenneHowToAlignmentIn-vac planList of things to do, in order:
* Remove BS heavy door. 
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