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Entry  Thu Sep 15 16:19:33 2022, Yehonathan, Update, LSC, POX-POY noise budget XARM_Actuation_Plot.pdfYARM_Actuation_Plot.pdfSensitivity_Plot_1347315385.pdf
    Reply  Thu Nov 17 11:24:39 2022, JC, HowTo, LSC, Locking MICH 
    Reply  Tue Nov 29 11:38:37 2022, JC, HowTo, LSC, Lock Single Arm After MICH lock Screen_Shot_2022-11-29_at_11.01.56_AM.png
Entry  Wed Dec 14 17:01:39 2022, Paco, Summary, LSC, FPMI in the post-cds upgrade era 
    Reply  Tue Dec 20 09:20:18 2022, Paco, Summary, LSC, FPMI locked and cal  
    Reply  Tue Dec 20 18:27:14 2022, Anchal, Summary, LSC, FPMI locked, DARM calibration data taken, FPMI BHD locked! PXL_20221221_013126861.MP.jpg
    Reply  Wed Dec 21 12:18:44 2022, Paco, Summary, LSC, FPMI locked, but FPMI BHD not locked FPMI_calibrated_noise_20221221.pdf
    Reply  Wed Jan 11 16:56:57 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, FPMI BHD recovered, LO phase noise not limiting the sensitivity 6x
    Reply  Thu Jan 12 12:00:09 2023, Paco, Summary, LSC, FPMI BHD sensitivity curve with higher resolution upto 6.9 kHz FPMI_calibrated_noise_20230112.pdfFPMI_calibrated_noise_20230112_HF.pdf
    Reply  Fri Jan 13 14:20:34 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, Calibration friendly FPMI BHD Screenshot_2023-01-13_14-55-34.pngFPMI_calibrated_noise_20230113.pdf
    Reply  Fri Jan 13 18:54:59 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, Investigations of LO phase locking in FPMI BHD Screenshot_2023-01-13_18-41-48_SensMat_FPMIBHD.pngBHD_DARM_Sensors_20230113.pdfFPMI_calibrated_noise_20230113_LO1vsAS4.pdf
Entry  Thu Jan 26 23:33:19 2023, Koji, Update, LSC, EP30-2 Epoxy bonding for Yuta PXL_20230127_053113856.jpgPXL_20230127_053145432.jpg
Entry  Thu Mar 23 19:15:39 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, PRMI locked using REFL55 Screenshot_2023-03-23_15-58-25_PRY_OLTF.pngScreenshot_2023-03-23_18-48-25_PRMIlocking.pngScreenshot_2023-03-23_18-41-25_PRCL_PRMI.pngScreenshot_2023-03-23_18-40-55_MICH_PRMI.pngScreenshot_2023-03-23_18-44-12_PRMISB.png
    Reply  Fri Mar 24 12:54:51 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, Actuator calibration of PRM using PRY PRMActuatorTF.pngPRMActuatorRatio.png
    Reply  Fri Mar 24 15:05:41 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, PRMI sensing matrix and RF demodulation phase tuning 
    Reply  Sun Mar 26 19:13:48 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, PRMI sensing matrix and RF demodulation phase tuning 
    Reply  Thu Mar 30 16:45:09 2023, Paco, Summary, LSC, PRMI gain estimates and expected flashing at BHD and POP ports 
    Reply  Mon Apr 3 12:01:59 2023, Radhika, Summary, LSC, PRMI sensing matrix and RF demodulation phase tuning IMG_4596.JPG
    Reply  Wed Apr 5 16:44:31 2023, Radhika, Summary, LSC, PRMI sensing matrix and RF demodulation phase tuning PRM_oplev_noise_calibrated.pdf
    Reply  Fri Apr 7 16:28:34 2023, Radhika, Summary, LSC, PRMI sensing matrix and RF demodulation phase tuning PRMI_ASDC.pdf
    Reply  Wed Apr 12 16:11:41 2023, Radhika, Summary, LSC, PRMI sensing matrix and RF demodulation phase tuning 2023-04-12_PRM_coil_strength_balancing.pdf
    Reply  Wed Apr 12 21:32:22 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, PRMI BHD power measurements AccurateBHDLayout.jpg
    Reply  Mon May 1 14:45:48 2023, Mayank, Summary, LSC, Attenuated BHD DC Beam 20230501_144152.jpg
    Reply  Tue May 2 17:33:53 2023, Mayank, Summary, LSC, Locked PRMI in carrier for an hour with LO phase controlled using BH55 Screenshot_2023-05-02_17-40-06.pngPRCL_OLTF_Screenshot_2023-05-02_18-10-28.pngPRMI_LO_phase_BH55_Q_Screenshot_2023-05-02_18-06-59.png
    Reply  Wed May 3 15:06:44 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, POP attenuation and PRMI PRG estimate 
    Reply  Wed May 3 16:24:07 2023, Paco, Summary, LSC, Attenuated BHD RFPD paths 
Entry  Thu May 4 17:14:15 2023, Paco, Summary, LSC, PRMI (MICH and PRCL) calibrated displacement and BS angle to MICH couplings calibrated_MICHPRCL_dispScreenshot_2023-05-04_18-46-05.pngBSASC_noise_toMICHScreenshot_2023-05-04_18-59-32.png
    Reply  Mon May 15 18:34:05 2023, Paco, Summary, LSC, Locked PRMI in carrier and LO phase with BH44 and achieved handoff to BHDC_DIFF prmibhd_Screenshot_2023-05-16_01-51-52.png
Entry  Wed Jun 7 17:05:36 2023, yuta, Summary, LSC, RF FPMI recovered after c1sus DAC card replacement Screenshot_2023-06-07_16-17-15_OLTFs_FPMI.pngScreenshot_2023-06-07_15-51-09_MC1MC3_FM9_OFF.pngScreenshot_2023-06-07_17-04-18_FPMI60Hznoise_AFTERFIX.png
Entry  Fri Jun 9 17:39:48 2023, yuta, Update, LSC, High bandwidth YARM test HighBWYARMmodel.pdfCARMCommonModeBoard.pdf
Entry  Tue Jun 20 11:50:55 2023, Mayank, Update, LSC, Weiner Filtering WeinerFilter.pdf
Entry  Thu Jul 13 17:20:53 2023, yuta, Update, LSC, PRMI 1f not locking stably Screenshot_2023-07-13_17-20-04_PRMIConfig.pngScreenshot_2023-07-13_17-07-26_PRMIlock.pngScreenshot_2023-07-13_16-58-28_MICHOLTFinPRMI1f.pngScreenshot_2023-07-13_17-04-56_PRCLOLTFinPRMI1f.png
    Reply  Wed Jul 19 04:01:35 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, PRMI 1f not locking stably Screenshot_2023-07-18_18-07-36_MICHoltfPRMI.pngScreenshot_2023-07-18_17-39-59_PRCLoltfPRMI.png
Entry  Tue Aug 1 15:36:05 2023, Deven Bowman, Update, LSC, Improved input matrix: sensor fusion 7x
    Reply  Wed Aug 2 03:30:22 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, Trials for sideband-resonant PRMI locking 
    Reply  Sat Aug 5 01:13:06 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, Succeeded in locking sideband-resonant PRMI w/ 3f Screenshot_2023-08-05_01-04-00.pngScreenshot_2023-08-05_01-02-58.pngScreenshot_2023-08-04_20-13-11.pngScreenshot_2023-08-04_21-36-56.pngScreenshot_2023-08-04_21-33-44_PRMI3fSB.png
    Reply  Mon Aug 7 23:58:30 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, Stabler lock of sideband-resonant PRMI w/ 3f Screenshot_2023-08-07_18-20-51.png
Entry  Tue Aug 8 20:13:55 2023, Deven Bowman, Update, LSC, Sensor fusion test with PRMI Lock sensingMatrix08-08.pngfused_sensor_error_signal.png
Entry  Tue Aug 8 20:32:37 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, Automated locking of PSL frequency with ALSY Screenshot_2023-08-09_03-58-40_ALSY.pngScreenshot_2023-08-08_20-39-42.pngScreenshot_2023-08-08_20-50-23.png
    Reply  Wed Aug 9 19:32:38 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, Automated locking of PSL frequency with ALSX Screenshot_2023-08-09_18-47-50.pngScreenshot_2023-08-09_19-05-03.pngScreenshot_2023-08-10_02-39-33_ALSXYLocked.pngScreenshot_2023-08-09_22-01-33.pngScreenshot_2023-08-09_22-14-41.png
Entry  Thu Aug 10 11:33:47 2023, Deven Bowman, Update, LSC, A look at error signal of fused sensors M_sub_elements.pdfMpinv_scaled_elements.pdfM_noise_v1_elements.pdffused_sensor_DoFsignals.pdffused_sensor_DoFsignalASD.pdf
    Reply  Fri Aug 11 14:06:34 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, Revised automated locking of FPMI Screenshot_2023-08-10_19-48-22.pngScreenshot_2023-08-10_19-38-49.pngScreenshot_2023-08-10_18-45-03.pngScreenshot_2023-08-10_18-38-23.png
Entry  Wed Aug 16 12:49:37 2023, Deven, Update, LSC, PCA of noise spikes in sensor ASDs 6x
    Reply  Wed Aug 16 18:33:40 2023, yuta, Update, LSC, PRMI 1f/3f switching in both carrier/sideband resonant configurations Screenshot_2023-08-16_18-39-37_PRMISensitivity.png
Entry  Wed Aug 16 20:34:22 2023, Deven, Update, LSC, PRMI OLTFs measured with new input matrix 
    Reply  Thu Aug 31 02:05:09 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, MICH noise in various conditions Screenshot_2023-08-10_22-51-08.png
    Reply  Sun Sep 3 08:30:56 2023, Hiroki, Update, LSC, ALS noise on Aug. 10th Screenshot_2023-08-10_22-24-31_ALSnoise.png
Entry  Tue Oct 10 14:10:11 2023, Paco, Configuration, LSC, ETMY actuation calibration using ALSY 
Entry  Wed Oct 11 21:23:49 2023, yuta, Update, LSC, FPMI locking restored after vertex coil driver upgrade 9x
    Reply  Thu Oct 12 18:47:52 2023, yuta, Update, LSC, ALS DARM CARM locking successful Screenshot_2023-10-12_18-25-37_ALSCARMDARM.pngScreenshot_2023-10-12_19-00-55_ALSDIFF.png
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