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  5763   Sat Oct 29 22:57:03 2011 MirkoUpdateLSCAM modulation due to non-optimal SB frequency[Kiwamu, Mirko]
Non-optimal 11MHz SB frequency causes
PM to be transformed into AM.
  5762   Sat Oct 29 05:50:44 2011 kiwamuUpdateLSCMC suspensions misaligned to avid railing for PZTsI have shifted the alignment of the MC
suspensions such that the PZT won't rail.
Since I didn't care of the spot positions
  5761   Sat Oct 29 02:35:39 2011 SureshUpdateIOOWFS_MASTER screen and lockin screens fixedI have fixed the WFS_MASTER screen and
several of the subscreens such as the MCASS
  5760   Fri Oct 28 20:39:19 2011 MIrkoUpdateLSCRFAM monitor in place. ( Uncalibrated ) EPICS troubles{Suresh, Jamie, Mirko]
We adapted the Stochmon box to include
LP filters at 1.8Hz behind the RMS parts.
  5759   Fri Oct 28 18:33:59 2011 steveUpdateVACleaking nitrogen line fixedI was lucky to notice that the nitrogen
supply line to the vacuum valves was leaking.
Closed ALL valves. Open supply line to atm.
  5758   Fri Oct 28 15:45:52 2011 MirkoUpdateComputersNifty screen generator

  5757   Fri Oct 28 15:33:06 2011 JenneUpdateComputersNifty screen generatorSuresh showed me a cool script that Mirko
made, but didn't elog
  5756   Fri Oct 28 14:56:02 2011 JenneUpdateCDSCSS/BOY installed on pianosa

  5755   Fri Oct 28 12:47:38 2011 jamieUpdateCDSCSS/BOY installed on pianosaI've installed Control
System Studio (CSS) on pianosa, from
the  version
  5754   Fri Oct 28 05:17:13 2011 kiwamuUpdateLSClocking activity : PZT1 is still railing Status update on the LSC activity:

 To see how good/bad the beam
  5753   Fri Oct 28 04:57:00 2011 kiwamuUpdateLSCPOX11 demod board brokenThe POX11 demodulation
board is broken. It needs to be fixed in
  5752   Fri Oct 28 03:42:50 2011 kiwamuUpdateLSCITMX table needs to be refined(POX)
The POX beam had been 80% clipped
at a black glass beam dump of the POX11 RFPD.
  5751   Fri Oct 28 03:12:37 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC2 realigned to align MC to PSLAround 6PM on the 27th, I found that the
C1:IOO-MC_RFPD_DCMON had risen to about 2.5V.
  I checked the trend of MC2 sensors
  5750   Fri Oct 28 02:41:18 2011 SureshMetaphysicselogelog unresponsive: restartedElog did not respond despite running the
script two times.  
  5749   Fri Oct 28 01:13:17 2011 kiwamuUpdateSUSITMX oplev : iris fully openedI found that the sum of the ITMX oplev
signals had gone down to zero yesterday.
I checked the ITMX table and found
  5748   Fri Oct 28 00:53:39 2011 ranaUpdateElectronicsPOP 22/110 DesignThe attached PDF shows a possible gain
/ input noise config for the POP 22/110 that
we would use to detect the RF power in the
  5747   Thu Oct 27 18:00:38 2011 kiwamuSummaryLSCOffsets in LSC signals due to the RFAMs : Optickle simulationThe amount
of offsets in the LSC signals due to the
  5746   Thu Oct 27 16:09:37 2011 kiwamuUpdateLSCRF distribution box : two more 55MHz availableThe diagram of the RF distribution box
has been updated according to the modification
( #5744).
  5745   Thu Oct 27 03:32:45 2011 KojiSummaryIOORFAM monitor progress[Suresh, Mirko, Koji]
A cable from the stochmon box to
the cross connect for the EPICS ADCs is installed.
  5744   Wed Oct 26 23:03:03 2011 kiwamuUpdateLSCRF distribution box : two more 55MHz availableThe RF distribution
box has been modified so that it generates
  5743   Wed Oct 26 20:30:47 2011 KatrinUpdateLSCPOX11 and POP55 installed[Katrin,Jenne]
RF photo diodes POP55 and POX11 are
installed. The beams are aligned to the photo
  5742   Wed Oct 26 11:35:08 2011 KatrinUpdateGreen LockingYARM PDH box   PDH_w_wo_jump.png 
  5741   Wed Oct 26 10:07:16 2011 steveUpdateGeneralno electricity ....... will be recheduled


  5740   Tue Oct 25 21:49:13 2011 DenUpdateAdaptive FilteringAdaptive filter witness and EP SNR

  5739   Tue Oct 25 21:23:17 2011 DmassBureaucracyelogElog RestartedElog went nonreponsive. SSH'ed into nodus
to run restart script. Elog came back ~15
minutes later.
  5738   Tue Oct 25 20:04:40 2011 MirkoUpdateAdaptive FilteringAdaptive filter witness and EP SNRWe currently have the code running for
all DOFs using all witness channels. By default
nothing is applied. C-Code parameters can
  5737   Tue Oct 25 18:50:22 2011 SureshUpdateIOOC1IOO model modified to include new WFS lockin structureSome small fixes to the c1ioo model.
1) I edited the WFS lockin modules
to make use of new
  5736   Tue Oct 25 18:09:44 2011 jamieUpdateCDSNew DEMOD partI forgot to elog (bad Jamie) that I broke
out the demodulator from the LOCKIN module
to make a new DEMOD part:
  5735   Tue Oct 25 16:24:58 2011 SureshUpdateIOOC1IOO model modified to include new WFS lockin structureI forgot to mention another change I made
to the C1IOO model.
The location of the WFS global
  5734   Tue Oct 25 11:48:02 2011 KatrinHowToElectronicssolder tiny smd op ampsYesterday, I had the great pleasure to
solder a tiny 4 x 4 mm op amp with 16 legs
  5733   Tue Oct 25 01:19:17 2011 SureshUpdateComputersfb restarted and c1ioo model committed to svnWhen I installed the new model I restarted
the fb between 1 and 1:30 AM PDT Oct 25,
  5732   Tue Oct 25 01:14:15 2011 SureshUpdateIOOC1IOO model modified to include new WFS lockin structureA while back we faced the problem that
when we use several lockins to excite the
MC degrees of freedom, their relative phase
  5731   Mon Oct 24 20:00:21 2011 MirkoUpdateCDSTiny little scriptsLocated in /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/userapps/release/cds/common/scripts
Script 1: Diagreset.sh
Hits the diag reset buttons on the
  5730   Mon Oct 24 19:48:16 2011 MirkoUpdateAdaptive FilteringFilter execution timeToyed around some more with the adaptive
Execution time:
  5729   Mon Oct 24 17:23:14 2011 SUS_DiagonalizerUpdateSUSOptics kickedThis is a cron-elog test. No optics have been
  5728   Mon Oct 24 14:26:01 2011 steveUpdateGeneralno electricity on Nov. 19

  5727   Fri Oct 21 18:20:54 2011 MirkoUpdateCDSFirst OAF version running[Jenne, Jamie, Mirko]
We got the first version of the oaf
code based on Matt"s code running!!
  5726   Fri Oct 21 16:59:14 2011 KatrinUpdateGreen LockingYARM PDH box brokenI could not improve the locking. So, I
checked the transfer function of the PDH
box again. The transfer function looks okay
  5725   Fri Oct 21 16:06:12 2011 SureshUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsMC input matrices empty againThe MC suspensions were not damping and
the reason was traced to the empty imput
matrices in the suspension controls. 
  5724   Fri Oct 21 15:49:35 2011 SureshUpdateIOOPMC input alignment improvedThe image on the PMCR camera was quite
assymetric and PMC output was at 80% ....
upon improving the alignment I managed to
  5721   Fri Oct 21 11:02:47 2011 steveUpdatePSLPSL laser turned ON

  5720   Fri Oct 21 10:32:14 2011 steveUpdatePSLPSL laser turned offIn order to move the emergency shut off
switch in room 103 I had to turn off the
2 W Innolight laser. This job will take an
  5719   Fri Oct 21 09:08:33 2011 steveUpdateSUSMC2 Misalignment Thinks to do before the NEXT realignment:
B,  tie 4 ancher bolts on table
legs to the floor
  5718   Fri Oct 21 02:57:38 2011 SureshSummarySUSMC2 Misaligned 2:27PM on Wednesday : cause traced

  5717   Fri Oct 21 02:36:44 2011 SureshSummarySUSMC2 Misaligned 2:27PM on Wednesday : MC Realigned

  5716   Thu Oct 20 18:57:35 2011 SureshSummarySUSMC2 Misaligned 2:27PM on Wednesday


  5715   Thu Oct 20 18:42:47 2011 KojiUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsWhere should the "Update Snapshots" of screens live?The following directory exists.  We can
apply this convention to all of the models.
  5714   Thu Oct 20 18:01:17 2011 JenneUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsWhere should the "Update Snapshots" of screens live?While trying to implement the regular yellow
shell script button in MEDM for my new OAF
screen, I noticed that the update snapshot
  5713   Thu Oct 20 16:33:24 2011 KatrinUpdateGreen LockingTransfer function YARM PDH boxYesterday, I measured the transfer function
of the YARM PDH box.
  5712   Thu Oct 20 12:43:19 2011 steveUpdateSAFETYrefilled first aid kits & their locationsFirst aid kits are located close vicinity
of entry doors and under circuit breaker
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