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  7202   Thu Aug 16 05:08:38 2012 YoichiUpdateIOOMC Servo Transfer Function Measurements


  7201   Thu Aug 16 01:52:52 2012 YoichiUpdateIOOMC Servo Transfer Function Measurements


  7200   Wed Aug 15 20:53:48 2012 ManasaUpdateIOORingdown measurements


  7199   Wed Aug 15 20:15:51 2012 JanUpdateIOORingdown measurements
  7198   Wed Aug 15 18:56:46 2012 YoichiUpdateIOOMC Servo Transfer Function Measurements I started working on the characterization
of the MC servo.
The current MC servo topology is
  7197   Wed Aug 15 17:23:22 2012 jamieUpdateCDSfront end IOP models changed to reflect actual physical hardwareAs Rolf pointed out when he was here yesterday,
all of our IOPs are filled with parts for
ADCs and DACs that don't actually exist in
  7196   Wed Aug 15 17:17:58 2012 Manasa, JanUpdateIOORingdown measurementsFinally ringdown at IMC conquered and oopsie
that came out so clean!
The finesse of the cavity from the
  7195   Wed Aug 15 16:29:59 2012 Eric SummaryGeneralSURF UpdateThis week I took more data for the calibration
of YARM. The summary of measurements
  7194   Wed Aug 15 16:01:47 2012 steveUpdateGenerallarger optical tables at the ends ?The drawing of the 4' x 2'  table
cover can be seen at entry  #6190
The new proposed wall #7106 
  7193   Wed Aug 15 13:24:12 2012 DenUpdateCDSRFM -> OAFTransmission of signals between RFM and
OAF is bad again. Now we do not see any errors
in IPC_ERR monitors so models think that
  7192   Wed Aug 15 13:23:34 2012 LizSummaryComputer Scripts / ProgramsLast Weekly UpdateOver the past week I have been continuing
to finalize
  7191   Wed Aug 15 11:44:35 2012 jamieSummaryLSCntp installed on all workstations


  7190   Wed Aug 15 11:40:15 2012 YaakovSummarySTACISWeekly Summary This week I've been focusing mainly on
two things: 1) Designing a port for the STACIS
that will allow external actuation and/or
  7189   Wed Aug 15 10:40:16 2012 DenUpdateCDSaa filtersThe lack of AA filter for MCL signal is
RFM model strongly disturbed entering to
OAF signal
  7188   Wed Aug 15 09:09:45 2012 jamieUpdateLSCLSC whitening triggers


  7187   Wed Aug 15 04:03:55 2012 ranaSummaryLSCY-Arm Locking0) Did a bunch of alignment to get beams
roughly centered on ETMY and ITMY and maximize
power. Adjusted the aperture and focus on
  7186   Wed Aug 15 01:14:19 2012 YaakovUpdatePEMDifferential Motion of X and Y ArmDen and I measured the differential motion
of the x and y arms using Guralp 1 at the
end of the y arm, Guralp 2 at the beamsplitter,
  7185   Wed Aug 15 00:52:17 2012 DenUpdateWienerFilteringfilter calculationA Matlab script to calculate Wiener filter
coefficients and convert fir to iir is ready.
Input is a file with zero mean witness and
  7184   Tue Aug 14 22:16:46 2012 JenneUpdateLSCLSC whitening triggersI'm ~30% of the way through implementing
LSC whitening filter triggers.  I think
that everything I have done should be compile-able,
  7183   Tue Aug 14 21:01:51 2012 ranaUpdatePEMBLRMS   Screenshot-Untitled_Window.png 
  7182   Tue Aug 14 17:47:44 2012 JamieUpdateCDSc1sus machine replacedRolf and Alex came back over with a replacement
machine for c1sus.   We removed the
old machine, removed it's timing, dolphin,
  7181   Tue Aug 14 16:33:51 2012 SashaUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsSimPlant indicator addedI added an indicator to the watch dog screen
so that a little "SP" icon appears
whenever the SimPlant is on. Since we only
  7180   Tue Aug 14 16:19:12 2012 JenneUpdateGreen LockingXend doubling crystal heater unplugged, repluggedI went down to the Xend table to look at
it to understand Steve's proposal, and I
noticed that the doubling crystal's heater's
  7179   Tue Aug 14 15:58:44 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralTranslation to English: larger optical tables at the ends


  7178   Tue Aug 14 14:26:40 2012 SteveUpdateCamerascameras touched up I optimized the TM views with illuminator
light on quad1  It actually looks better
  7177   Tue Aug 14 13:21:34 2012 JenneUpdateCDSIPC senders no nothing about rates of IPC receivers, we need to filter signals appropriately


  7176   Tue Aug 14 11:49:15 2012 DenUpdateCDSDebugging of c1sus machine and c1rfm models


  7175   Tue Aug 14 11:46:22 2012 JamieUpdateCDSIPC senders know nothing about rates of IPC receivers, we need to filter signals appropriately


  7174   Tue Aug 14 11:39:13 2012 Jamie, Rolf, AlexUpdateCDSDebugging of c1sus machine and c1rfm modelsRolf and Alex came over this morning to
see if they could help debug some issues
we have been seeing with IPC transmission
  7173   Tue Aug 14 11:33:14 2012 Jamie Alex DenUpdateCDSAI and AA filtersWhen signals are transmitted between the
models running at different rates, no AI
or AA filters are automatically applied.
  7172   Tue Aug 14 08:43:42 2012 SteveUpdateIOOlaser off and onThe janitor accidentally hit the laser
emergency kill switch at room 103  entry
door. It did shut down the PSL laser. The
  7171   Tue Aug 14 04:53:45 2012 YoichiSummaryLSCX-Arm noise spectrumYoichi, Rana
Here is the noise spectrum of the
X-arm error signal along with the TRX DC
  7170   Tue Aug 14 04:37:06 2012 YoichiSummaryLSCXARM Open Loop GainYoichi, Rana
Here is the open loop gain of the
XARM loop.
  7169   Tue Aug 14 04:32:49 2012 rana, yoichiUpdateLockingPOX signal sometimes looks very funny The alignment was way off.
We moved the PZT, the BS, and the x arm to
get it to lock. Along the way we noticed
  7168   Tue Aug 14 00:42:40 2012 JenneUpdateLockingPOX signal sometimes looks very funnyI'm trying to lock / align the Xarm, and
POX 11 I looks funny sometimes.
I attach 2 screenshots so you can
  7167   Mon Aug 13 23:06:08 2012 JenneUpdateSUSSimplant left onSimplant for ETMX was left on, so I didn't
have control of ETMX.  Not cool. 
  7166   Mon Aug 13 21:47:30 2012 YaakovUpdateSTACISTwo changes to STACIS noise budgetIn eLog 7148 (http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/40m/7148),
Koji pointed out that the op-amp and SR560 noise values
  7165   Mon Aug 13 20:12:29 2012 jamieUpdateCDSc1sup model moved to c1lsc machineI moved the c1sup simplant model to the
c1lsc machine, where there was one remaining
available processor.  This requires
  7164   Mon Aug 13 19:29:10 2012 ManasaSummary Ringdown measurementsI tried to make ringdown measurements at
the IMC using the DC falling edge as the
trigger. Input to the MC was switched off
  7163   Mon Aug 13 18:00:30 2012 jamieUpdateGenerallarger optical tables at the ends


  7162   Mon Aug 13 17:31:19 2012 jamieUpdateCDSmysterious stuck test points on c1spx model


  7161   Mon Aug 13 16:58:07 2012 jamieUpdateCDSmysterious stuck test points on c1spx modelWe were not able to open up any test points
in the revived c1spx model (dcuid 61).
Looking at the GDS_TP screen we found
  7160   Mon Aug 13 15:31:09 2012 steveUpdateGenerallarger optical tables at the endsI'm proposing larger
optical tables at the ends to avoid the
existing overcrowding. This would allow the
  7159   Mon Aug 13 12:17:41 2012 ManasaConfigurationIOOPD from AP table removedThe PD (pda255) at the AP table, close
to the MC refl , which Steve mentioned to
be not in use, has been removed from the
  7158   Mon Aug 13 09:59:05 2012 KojiUpdateGeneralMysterious banging on emergency doorYou mean 5000?

  7157   Mon Aug 13 01:33:55 2012 DenUpdateGeneralMysterious banging on emergency door


  7156   Mon Aug 13 00:33:06 2012 MashaUpdateGeneralMysterious banging on emergency door[Masha, Sasha]
Sorry to spam the e-log, but did
someone come knock loudly on the emergency
  7155   Sun Aug 12 10:34:45 2012 KojiUpdateSAFETYexit door left unlockedI unlocked the door on Tuesday in order
to move the red cart. 
After that I confirmed that the door
  7154   Sun Aug 12 01:21:26 2012 steveUpdateSAFETYexit door left unlockedCaltech security called me at 1am Sunday.
 Control room emergency
  7153   Sat Aug 11 18:57:07 2012 DenUpdatePEMseismometer locationSTS-2 - end of X arm
GUR 2 - isolation box
TRILLIUM - 1Y3 (DC power supply uses
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