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  18003   Thu Nov 30 17:35:37 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralMissing PEM signals -> fixedI
saw FB1 was pushed into the rack
(Attachment 1). Thank you very much for the
  18002   Thu Nov 30 15:08:23 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsPRM UL sensor counts normal[Murtaza, Radhika]

PRM UL counts normal

  18001   Thu Nov 30 14:25:42 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralLab TempYEND thermostat was restored from 67
°F ---> 69 °F.
  18000   Thu Nov 30 13:22:43 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralLab TempThe attached was the 2 days trend

Maybe I said X and Y moxed up in
the meeting? The Yend A/C is the good one.
  17999   Thu Nov 30 09:55:12 2023 JCUpdateGeneralLab TempI made modifications to the thermostats
this morning in the lab:

X Arm
  17998   Wed Nov 29 18:45:54 2023 KojiUpdateGeneral40m BHD current status / plan In-vac
alignment / clipping

[Done] SUSs aligned: TTs
  17997   Wed Nov 29 12:53:25 2023 JCUpdateFrequency noise measurementSpectrogram Using GWpyI started using this new code that Rana
and I got from a random Git. It is for a
Live Specgram. I was finally able to get
  17996   Tue Nov 28 19:47:22 2023 RadhikaUpdateBHDBHD Optics moved to BHD cleanroomAS2/AS3/BHD BS/LO3/LO4
moved to BHD cleanroom

  17995   Tue Nov 28 18:28:10 2023 KojiUpdateBHDBHD Optics PrepContinued on the BHD Optics Prep:

The following mounts were prepared
(they are not 100% tightened yet)
  17994   Tue Nov 28 17:24:44 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralLO/POP beams aligned[Paco, Vittoria, Murtaza, Radhika]

LO/POP alignment

  17993   Tue Nov 28 14:37:00 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralLab TempLab temperature trend for 20 and
400 days:

- The lab temp significantly raised
  17992   Tue Nov 28 11:56:06 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralVertex optics alignment OKHorizontal beam centering
along XARM

I tried to improve
  17991   Tue Nov 28 02:01:38 2023 KojiUpdateBHDOMC lockedThe OMC was locked with Moku Pro.

Attachment 1: Electrical
setup. The RF part of the REFL PD signal
  17990   Sun Nov 26 16:06:22 2023 KojiUpdateBHDBHD/OMC table work- Setup the fiber
protection and stray beam shields
- Replaced brand new wedged Y1-45P
  17989   Sat Nov 25 19:41:27 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralLab TempVertex is extremely hot. I'm reluctant
to go into the HEPA with clean garbings....

It seems that it started about
  17988   Wed Nov 22 19:55:21 2023 KojiUpdateBHDBHD Platform Inventory
PDR1V rotation stage was found
pedestal post x Qty 1 / top and bottom vent
holes machined -> to be C&Bed
  17987   Tue Nov 21 19:02:00 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralAll beam spot measurements after in-vacuum alignment work[Yuta, Radhika]

PRY locked and PRM/PR2/PR3
  17986   Fri Nov 17 17:27:19 2023 VittoriaUpdateGeneralPRMI Flashing Recovered; PRM OPLEV Centered[Yuta, Vittoria, Radhika]

PRMI flashing recovered;
  17985   Fri Nov 17 13:06:27 2023 KojiUpdateBHDBHD Platform InventoryI went through the inventory list and the
parts in hand to figure out what
was still missing
  17984   Thu Nov 16 18:46:30 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralREFL path bug huntingI took over the IFO after Radhika left.
She found the REFL beam earlier and the PRM
alignment offset for the refl beam on the
  17983   Thu Nov 16 18:29:52 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralREFL path bug huntingToday Yuta and I opened the BS chamber
and found that the REFL beam was misaligned
in pitch and yaw [Attachment 1]. We steered
  17982   Thu Nov 16 14:39:34 2023 JCUpdateBHDUpdate on BHD Parts and Cleanroom AccomodationsTask Completed Today :

D2200122 Spacer Rings have
been machined and ready for C&B
  17981   Wed Nov 15 18:50:23 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralREFL path bug hunting[Paco, Vittoria, Radhika]

Yesterday and today I noticed that REFLDC/REFL
  17980   Wed Nov 15 17:37:17 2023 KojiUpdateSUSPRM SUS UL PD not respondingRadhika reported that the PRM UL OSEM PD
is not responding. This PD has been identified
to have a shorting problem, but the short
  17979   Wed Nov 15 15:49:34 2023 JCUpdateDaily ProgressInput Chamber Door Removed[Koji, Paco, JC]

The door of the Input
  17978   Tue Nov 14 18:30:45 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralBeam spot position measurements after in-chamber alignment[Murtaza, Paco, Radhika]

After the input beam path alignment
was complete (arm flashing recovered), we
  17977   Mon Nov 13 16:08:47 2023 JCUpdateCDSFB1 fan replacement (fb1 alarm)I
checked how FB1 is and it has no alerting
red LED anymore! Great
  17976   Mon Nov 13 16:01:17 2023 JCUpdateCDSFB1 fan replacement (fb1 alarm)[KA: Copied from JC's entry on Mon
Nov 13 14:15:40 2023]

  17974   Mon Nov 13 03:14:43 2023 KojiUpdateBHDOMC input beam alignmentTo Do:

Set up the OMC refl optical
path and the refl PD
Set up a
  17973   Mon Nov 13 00:53:02 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralEP30-2 kit brought from DownsEP30-2 Kit + Bonding Kit (= Two bottles
of silica powder) were returned to Modal
Lab @ Downs.
  17972   Mon Nov 13 00:34:56 2023 KojiUpdateBHDOMC input beam alignmentThe polarization and alignment of the fiber
for the OMC setup were adjusted. The polarization
ratio before the PBS was 50:1. Then, the
  17971   Fri Nov 10 20:19:13 2023 KojiSummaryGeneralIn-vacuum beam centering for input opticsNice recovery of the lock!

Do you think the spot distance
at PR2 makes sense if we consider the dispersion?
  17970   Fri Nov 10 16:59:15 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralIn-vacuum beam centering for input optics[Murtaza, Paco, Shoki, Radhika]

IR arm cavity flashing
  17969   Thu Nov 9 15:18:50 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralIn-vacuum beam centering for input optics[Murtaza, Tomo, Paco, Radhika]

LInk to google
photos album for today.
  17968   Wed Nov 8 16:57:00 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralBeam centering strategies around vertex[Murtaza, Tomo, Radhika]

In preparation for alignment of
vertex optics, went through the exercise
  17967   Wed Nov 8 15:14:39 2023 jeffUpdateGeneralAccelerometersI borrowed a small accelerometer from 40m
and walked it to the cryo lab. It is pictured
in attachment 2 in its box.
  17966   Tue Nov 7 17:34:36 2023 yutaSummaryGeneralBeam centering strategies around vertexHere are some beam centering strategies...

Beam height around PRC:
 - From our in-vac inspection
  17965   Tue Nov 7 16:43:49 2023 yutaSummarySUSUntripping software watchdogI made a script to untrip software watchdogs.

  17964   Tue Nov 7 16:29:23 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralPhotos and e-level measurements of ITMY/BS/ITMX tables[Yuta, Vittoria, Radhika]

All photo documentation of the
open chambers can be found on the 40m
  17963   Mon Nov 6 23:37:13 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralAux Laser: Interlock SWs and fiberThanks to Murtaza, now we have two emergency
switches for the aux laser. One is on the
PSL table, and the other is in the staging
  17962   Mon Nov 6 21:32:29 2023 PacoUpdateCDSfb1 alarm [Koji, paco]

First, ssh to fb1 and running sudo
dmidecode -t1 we get
  17961   Mon Nov 6 21:21:30 2023 KojiUpdateCDSfb1 alarm
has this "i" LED blinking and continuously
beeping. What's wrong? 
  17960   Mon Nov 6 12:27:39 2023 yutaUpdateASCBeam spot position measurements at low powerBeam
spot position measurements were done for
the first time in air pressure at low power.
  17959   Sun Nov 5 14:29:19 2023 aaronUpdateEquipment loanN2 regulator returned to cryoI retrieved the nitrogen pressure regulator
from x arm vacuum cabinet and returned it
to cryo. Reminder to replace the 40m regulator
  17958   Fri Nov 3 17:16:14 2023 PacoConfigurationIOOLow power IMC locked[Paco, yuta]

We continued with the alignment
recovery by looking for arm cavity flashing.
  17956   Fri Nov 3 17:05:10 2023 PacoConfigurationIOOLow power IMC locked[Paco, yuta]

We opened the PSL shutter and verified
the power behind the shutter is 92 mW. Then,
  17955   Fri Nov 3 13:10:58 2023 KojiUpdateVACFRG1/2/5 recalibrated at 1atmAs we found that some of the FRGs were
not well calibrated, Using the driver menu,
I've recalibrated the FRGs exposed
  17954   Fri Nov 3 10:18:21 2023 JCUpdateVACBHD OMC VentThis morning, the goal was to open up the
chamber doors. Yesterday we attempted, but
we did not succeed. Here is a list of the
  17953   Thu Nov 2 14:18:04 2023 yutaSummarySUSNew MEDM screens and misalignment scheme in the era of software watchdogsNew
watchdog and suspension summary MEDM screens
were made, and IFO_ALIGN screen was updated.
  17952   Thu Nov 2 12:06:49 2023 JCUpdateVACBHD OMC VentAfter swappiong out the cylinders, I went
to review the pressure to check the rate
of the N2, but It looks like
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