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  17618   Sat Jun 3 19:56:59 2023 PacoUpdateCalibrationITMY calibration with ALS and swept lineITMY
actuator calibrated with higher resolution
using ALS
  17616   Fri Jun 2 19:03:57 2023 PacoUpdateCDSC1SUS DAC failure (Re: ITMX UL coil and BS oplev rms)Vertex
SUS DAC-0 card is kaput 
  17615   Fri Jun 2 17:01:20 2023 ReubenUpdateALSGetting comfortable with the ALS[Reuben, Radhika]

Checked out the AUX PDH locking
system at the XARM. Started by locking the
  17614   Fri Jun 2 16:45:46 2023 advaitUpdatePEMMass for temperature controlThanks, I was actually looking for a scale
earlier but could not find it after asking
a couple of people. One of the scales reads
  17613   Fri Jun 2 11:47:33 2023 KojiUpdatePEMMass for temperature controlHow about measuring the actual weight with
a scale? There are a couple of scales on
Yuta's desk.
  17612   Fri Jun 2 10:59:20 2023 advaitUpdatePEMMass for temperature controlI measured the dimensions of the puck we
shall be using as the mass for the toy model.
It has a diameter of 75 mm and a thickness
  17611   Thu Jun 1 10:03:47 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX Coil driver upgradeThanks. This makes the plan clear.

- Please follow the attached rack
plan for 1X9
  17610   Thu Jun 1 08:34:06 2023 PacoUpdateCDSITMX UL coil and BS oplev rmsITMX
/ BS local damping issues 
-- investigation in progress
  17609   Wed May 31 16:26:28 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX Coil driver upgrade{Mayank, Yehonathan}

In order for the ETMX watchdog
to keep working while we take the Acromag
  17608   Wed May 31 12:08:07 2023 ranaUpdateBHDSensing matrix modelit is great to see a sensing
matrix without 900 digits of precision!
  17607   Wed May 31 10:23:40 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDSensing matrix modelI calculated the sensing matrix for PRMI
carrier using the Finesse model (git updated)
using MAXTEM=2. PRG is calculated to be 11.14,
  17606   Mon May 29 11:04:13 2023 PacoUpdateCDSc1sus2 all FE models crashed spontaneously againc1sus2
crashed again. Following
  17605   Fri May 26 15:04:12 2023 JCUpdatePSLPSL Fans ReplacedWe Changed
The Fans on the PSL

start, the part Koji ordered is 259-1818-ND
  17604   Fri May 26 11:16:46 2023 AnchalSummaryPEMTemperature sensing circuit with AD590I wanted to mention here
that I have a printed circuit board design
  17603   Thu May 25 14:40:03 2023 PacoUpdateCalibrationMeasured the PSL wavelengthThe PSL wavelength
is 1064.5068 +- 0.0015 nm
  17602   Thu May 25 13:38:28 2023 advaitSummaryPEMExisting temperature control hardwareOver the past few days I have been trying
to understand the existing sensor and heater
related hardware by manual inspection and
  17601   Wed May 24 17:36:25 2023 PacoUpdateBHDBH44_I content and PRC alignmentBH44
is sensitive to PRC alignment noise

[Paco, Yuta]
  17600   Wed May 24 13:19:28 2023 PacoUpdateBHDBH44 and BH55 dc transimpedance modifiedWe lowered the BH44
and BH55 DC transimpedances to ~ 50 V/A
  17599   Wed May 24 11:50:34 2023 JCSummarySEISTACIS [Mayank, JC]

  17598   Fri May 19 15:25:00 2023 MayankUpdatePSLPSL tripped - removed internal fansWe removed the PSL
controller internal (broken) fans after it
  17597   Fri May 19 13:25:03 2023 KojiUpdatePSLMCF Noise This is super! And now is the time to replace
the internal fan!

  17595   Fri May 19 09:23:58 2023 PacoUpdate MCF Noise The fan behind the
PSL controller is injecting excess band limited
  17594   Wed May 17 12:09:11 2023 YehonathanUpdateElectronicsPreping for new coil drivers commissioning in 1X4It's time to start commissioning the
new coil drivers. The Acromag box is already
there but it needs to be modified.
  17593   Tue May 16 08:42:14 2023 PacoUpdateASCFPMI differential ASC - IIWe
aligned the AS WFS and measured some angular
motion from ETMX
  17592   Mon May 15 18:34:05 2023 PacoSummaryLSCLocked PRMI in carrier and LO phase with BH44 and achieved handoff to BHDC_DIFF[Yuta, Paco]

We locked PRMI-BHD
  17591   Sat May 13 11:37:41 2023 ranaUpdateGeneralStripTool -> NDscope: PSL on wallAs a test, I have replaced the PSL StripTool
on the north wall of the control room with
a nearly equivalent NDScope display. It is
  17590   Thu May 11 12:05:24 2023 ranaUpdateBHDUpdated PRMI AS55+REFL11 noise budgetIs the A2L coming from the optical lever
feedback? If so, we can make a 30 Hz ELP
to cut it off by 60 Hz.
  17589   Wed May 10 17:11:34 2023 PacoUpdateASCFPMI differential ASC - II
began commissioning the AS WFS for (PR)FPMI
  17588   Wed May 10 11:49:34 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDUpdated PRMI AS55+REFL11 noise budgetI
added input noises and angle to length coupling
to the noise budget.
  17587   Tue May 9 21:02:55 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXEND green PDH controllerXAUX
laser locked with Moku:Go controller

The analog zeros and poles used
  17586   Tue May 9 12:06:35 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXEND green PDH controller[Mayank, Radhika]

I retook a transfer function measurement
of the uPDH servo closed-loop (using the
  17585   Tue May 9 11:32:04 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDWhitening TF measurements We forgot to take a reference TF measurement
by looping the SR785 on itself using the
same BNC cables used for the actual measurement.
  17584   Mon May 8 17:05:30 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDWhitening TF measurements{Mayank, Yehonathan}

We measured today the TFs of the
whitening boards. We measured in particular
  17583   Thu May 4 17:14:15 2023 PacoSummaryLSCPRMI (MICH and PRCL) calibrated displacement and BS angle to MICH couplings[Mayank, Paco]

We calibrated PRCL
  17582   Wed May 3 18:40:50 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDWhitening noises measurements{Mayank, Yehonathan}

We measured the noise at the WF1
(REFL11) and WF2 (AS55) boards at the LSC
  17581   Wed May 3 16:24:07 2023 PacoSummaryLSCAttenuated BHD RFPD paths[Yuta, Paco]

We attenuated RFPD
  17580   Wed May 3 15:06:44 2023 yutaSummaryLSCPOP attenuation and PRMI PRG estimate[Paco, Yuta]

  17579   Wed May 3 12:11:52 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDUpdated noise budget with measured noise and OLTF{Paco, Yehonathan, Yuta}

Paco and Yuta locked PRMI carrier
and I took the MICH OLTF measurement (attachment
  17578   Tue May 2 17:33:53 2023 MayankSummaryLSCLocked PRMI in carrier for an hour with LO phase controlled using BH55[Mayank, Radhika, Paco]

We locked PRMI for
  17577   Tue May 2 10:39:49 2023 JCConfigurationIMCBad Alignment It took a while, but I was finally able
to align IMC. It seems like WFS has been
getting really whacky lately when we arent
  17575   Mon May 1 16:51:20 2023 PacoSummaryASCIFO alignment in bad shape[Yuta, Mayank, JC, Paco]

We fixed the IFO nominal
  17574   Mon May 1 14:45:48 2023 MayankSummaryLSCAttenuated BHD DC Beam[Yuta, Mayank]

UPDATE: It turned out that the
pair of 0.3 OD ND filters we used were not
  17573   Mon May 1 08:57:45 2023 JCConfigurationIMCBad Alignment I had to realign the IMC today. When I
came in, it was very bad, not much flashing
at all, I had to do it from scratch. CH01
  17572   Fri Apr 28 20:56:06 2023 KojiSummaryASCIFO alignment in bad shapeI suppose ASS Y arm is using PR2/3 to align
the beam to the arm.
Can't we have ASS PRM bring the
  17571   Fri Apr 28 20:17:37 2023 yutaSummaryASCIFO alignment in bad shape[Mayank, Paco, Yuta]

IFO alignment is not good.
  17570   Fri Apr 28 18:40:49 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDUpdated noise budget with some input electronic noises{Mayank, Yehonathan}

Yesterday, we measured AS55 and
REFL11 dark noises at the IQ demod boards
  17568   Wed Apr 26 18:41:56 2023 PacoUpdateOPLEV TablesITMX oplev laser died[Paco, Koji, Mayank]

We replaced ITMX Oplev
  17567   Wed Apr 26 12:59:42 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDUpdated noise budget with output electronicsI included the output electronic noises
into the PRMI carrier noise budget (attachment
  17566   Wed Apr 26 12:05:10 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXEND green PDH controllerTl;dr:
Tried to replace of XEND green PDH servo
controller with Moku template IIR filter,
  17565   Wed Apr 26 11:27:49 2023 PacoSummaryBHDLO/MI(DARM) signal strength comparison between the configurations with finesseI'm
checking Koji + Yuta's not-so-naive calculations
using finesse. 
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