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  7685   Wed Nov 7 19:07:45 2012 JenneUpdateCamerasNo beam seen on external camera viewsI have written some scripts which collect
photos, then average them together, and subtract
out an averaged background (as Rana described
  7684   Wed Nov 7 17:20:01 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentJamie's tip tilt proposal


  7683   Wed Nov 7 15:51:44 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentJamie's tip tilt proposalSteve's elog
7682 is in response to the conversation
we had at group meeting re: Jamie's proposed
  7682   Wed Nov 7 15:17:15 2012 SteveUpdateAlignmentsteering option with pico motor?We have two ready for vacuum 1.5" mirror mounts
with pico motors in our hands. 
  7681   Wed Nov 7 14:59:35 2012 SteveUpdatePEMhigh particle count ALART & oplevs


  7680   Wed Nov 7 11:43:29 2012 SteveUpdatePEMhigh particle count ALARTThe BS camber is open only. We should close
Outside air quality is 1.7- 2.2 
  7679   Wed Nov 7 09:09:02 2012 SteveUpdateAlignmentAlignment-PRM and SRM  OSEM LL 1.5V are they misaligned?  9amNov7w.png 
  7678   Wed Nov 7 07:11:10 2012 ranaUpdateAlignmentAlignment- POY and oplevs. photos.The way to usually do image subtraction
is to:
1) Turn off the room lights.
  7677   Wed Nov 7 00:10:38 2012 Jenne UpdateAlignmentAlignment- POY and oplevs. photos.Can we have a drawing of what you did, how
you confirmed your green alignment as the
same as the IR (I think you had a good idea
  7676   Tue Nov 6 18:39:16 2012 DenUpdatedigital noiseifo checking systemMatlab version of ifo digital noise estimation
code is almost ready. It estimates digital
noise introduced by each filter bank in each
  7675   Tue Nov 6 17:22:51 2012 Manasa, JamieUpdateAlignmentAlignment- POY and oplevs


  7674   Tue Nov 6 17:07:04 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentAS and REFLAS:   tmp6oTENk.pngtmplamEtZ.png 
  7673   Tue Nov 6 16:38:37 2012 jenne, jamie, ayaka, manasaUpdateAlignmentAlignment back under control againWe had a big alignment party early this
morning, and things are back to looking good. 
We have been very careful not to bump or
  7672   Mon Nov 5 20:37:01 2012 AyakaUpdateWienerFilteringPlay with wiener filtering I am trying to find what limits the
reduction rate with wiener filtering.
I did some calculations below:
  7671   Mon Nov 5 19:38:52 2012 jamie, jenne, ayaka, denUpdateAlignmentmore alignment woesEarlier this morning we thought things
were looking pretty good.  IPPOS, IPANG,
and the AS and REFL spots looked like they
  7670   Mon Nov 5 13:28:15 2012 jamieUpdateGeneral40m DCC document treeLink to the new 40m
DCC Document Tree: E1200979
  7669   Mon Nov 5 10:34:48 2012 SteveUpdateVACexisting vacuum documents


  7668   Mon Nov 5 09:53:35 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentAS, REFL camera shotsToday's photos:
  7667   Sat Nov 3 10:31:59 2012 ranaUpdateAlignmentPOP, POX, POY, IPPOS, IPANG, REFL all coming out of vac  That's good, but I request
two things:
1) Check that the REFL beam is coming
  7666   Fri Nov 2 21:40:04 2012 ManasaUpdateAlignmentAS, REFL camera shots 
 To get the camera shot of AS,
Y1 mirror on the path was replaced by a 99%
  7665   Fri Nov 2 20:41:53 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentAS, REFL camera shotsThese don't show anything too interesting,
but we're including them to show where the
beams are right now on the cameras, so we
  7664   Fri Nov 2 19:59:54 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPOP, POX, POY, IPPOS, IPANG, REFL all coming out of vac[Evan, Jenne, Jamie]
We used the green laser pointer technique
to adjust the POP steering mirrors behind
  7663   Fri Nov 2 16:09:14 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralOpen-sided mount - why


  7662   Fri Nov 2 14:37:36 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralOpen-sided mount - why


  7661   Fri Nov 2 13:20:35 2012 MashaUpdateMachineLearningFeedback controller


  7660   Fri Nov 2 03:28:54 2012 ranaUpdateGeneralbronze bushing for 40m vac


  7659   Thu Nov 1 20:20:33 2012 Den, AyakaUpdateWienerFilteringacoustic noise in PMCWe've subtracted acoustic noise from PMC
using 1 EM 172 microphone. We applied a 10
Hz high-pass filter to PMC length signal
  7658   Thu Nov 1 19:28:48 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentaligned, AS beam on cameraAfter everyone else did the hard work,
I moved the AS first-on-the-table steering
mirror sideways a bit so the AS beam is on
  7657   Thu Nov 1 19:26:09 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentaligned, this time without the cryingJamie, Jenne, Nic, Manasa, Raji, Ayaka,
We basically walked through the entire
  7656   Thu Nov 1 17:37:00 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralbronze bushing for 40m vacSuprema- SS clear edge mirror mount 2"
diameter is modified for 40m vacuum use.
One left and one right handed one. It's adjustment
  7655   Thu Nov 1 10:58:49 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setback - trend of BS table shiftHere's a plot of the BS, PRM, and MC1 suspension
shadow sensor trends over the last 24 hours. 
I tried to put everything on the same Y scale:
  7654   Thu Nov 1 10:19:11 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentTransmitance Measurements on LaserOptik mirror


  7653   Thu Nov 1 10:13:53 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentTransmitance Measurements on LaserOptik mirror


  7652   Thu Nov 1 08:48:42 2012 steveUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setback - trend of BS table shift


  7651   Thu Nov 1 01:51:37 2012 ranaUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setback - trend of BS table shift  But these jumps in the OSEMs
are all at the level of 10-20 microns. Seems
like that wouldn't be enough to account for
  7650   Wed Oct 31 22:56:41 2012 DenUpdatePEMacoustic noiseMicrophone preamp box had a low-pass filter
at 2kHz, Ayaka changed it to 20 kHz by replacing
100pF capacitor with a 10pF.
  7649   Wed Oct 31 17:36:39 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setback - trend of BS table shift


  7648   Wed Oct 31 17:33:39 2012 KojiUpdateAlignmentTransmitance Measurements on LaserOptik mirror...Looks like the coating is out of spec
at any angle for 1064nm. E11200219-v2
  7647   Wed Oct 31 17:18:34 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setback - trend of BS table shiftHere is a two hour set of second trends
of 2 sensors per mirror, for BS, PRM, ITMY
and MC1.  You can see about an hour
  7646   Wed Oct 31 17:11:40 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setbackjamie, nic, jenne, den, raji, manasa
We were doing pretty well with alignment,
until I apparently fucked things up.
  7645   Wed Oct 31 14:31:34 2012 SteveUpdatePEMhigh particle countHigh particle count confirmed with #2 counter  highparticlec.png 
  7644   Wed Oct 31 12:58:17 2012 RajiUpdateAlignmentTransmitance Measurements on LaserOptik mirror


  7643   Wed Oct 31 01:06:31 2012 DenUpdateAlignmentYarm 
 Jenne, Den
We looked at beam spots on ITMY and
  7642   Tue Oct 30 11:51:45 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPRC aligned, Yarm almost aligned[Raji, Jenne]
We tweaked PZT2, PZT1 (yaw only),
and PR3 (pitch only) to get the beam ~centered
  7641   Mon Oct 29 18:50:02 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPRC aligned, Yarm almost aligned[Jamie, Jenne, Raji, with consultation
from Nic, Ayaka and Manasa]
We went back and re-looked at the
  7640   Mon Oct 29 18:14:55 2012 DenUpdateSUS PITCH damping needed 
 We've received all parts that
we need for eddy current damping. I've made
  7639   Mon Oct 29 14:57:41 2012 janoschUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase maps
  7638   Mon Oct 29 11:27:42 2012 ManasaUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase maps [Jan, Manasa]
Below are phasemaps for the tip-tilts
with both tilt and RoC removed. We have not
  7637   Mon Oct 29 09:33:42 2012 SteveUpdateSUSPRM & ETMY sus damping restored    
  7636   Mon Oct 29 08:41:22 2012 AyakaUpdateAdaptive FilteringMicrophone noise again


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