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  7598   Tue Oct 23 17:12:30 2012 DenUpdateSUS PITCH damping needed Koji and Steve pointed out that previous
design  of a damping bracket was
a bit complicated to manufacture. So I made
  7599   Tue Oct 23 17:30:33 2012 jamie, nic, jenne, raji, manasaUpdateAlignmentInitial attempts to fix IFO alignmentWe went into the vertex today to see about
fixing the alignment.  The in-air access
connector is in place, and we took heavy
  7600   Tue Oct 23 17:41:20 2012 ManasaUpdateAlignmentPower supply at OMC removed


  7601   Tue Oct 23 18:12:18 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentTip tilt wires - the truth


  7602   Tue Oct 23 18:18:29 2012 JenneUpdateSUS PITCH damping needed


  7603   Tue Oct 23 18:21:21 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPower supply at OMC removed


  7604   Wed Oct 24 01:02:10 2012 KojiUpdateSUS PITCH damping neededWow... This is even more complicated than
the original "Y" design...
  7605   Wed Oct 24 09:15:12 2012 SteveUpdateVACvacuum rack 24V ps was current limited


  7606   Wed Oct 24 11:49:07 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentGame plan for the dayJamie has arranged for phase map measurements
this afternoon, so I will take the 6 dichroic
LaserOptik optics over to Downs at 1:15 this
  7607   Wed Oct 24 14:15:34 2012 AyakaUpdateAdaptive Filteringmicrophone noisePrevious results
I am measuring the noise level of
the microphones. The circuit does not seems
  7608   Wed Oct 24 14:19:01 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPhase map summary of LaserOptik mirrors


  7609   Wed Oct 24 15:29:52 2012 ranaUpdateAdaptive Filteringmicrophone noise  We have to change the sample
rate and AA filter for the mic channels before
going too far with the circuit design.
  7610   Wed Oct 24 17:02:01 2012 JenneUpdateAdaptive Filteringmicrophone noise


  7611   Wed Oct 24 18:42:39 2012 ManasaUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsPhase map summary of LaserOptik mirrors


  7612   Wed Oct 24 19:55:06 2012 jamieUpdate my assesment of the folding mirror (passive tip-tilt) situationWe removed all the folding mirrors ({P,S}R{2,3})
from the IFO and took them into the bake
lab clean room.  The idea was that at
  7613   Wed Oct 24 20:09:41 2012 jamieUpdate installing the new dirchoic mirros in PR3/SR3When installing the dichroics we need to
pay attention to the wedge angle.  I
didn't, so the ghost beam is currently point
  7614   Wed Oct 24 22:20:24 2012 DenUpdateAdaptive Filteringmicrophone noise


  7615   Wed Oct 24 22:48:46 2012 janoschUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsPhase map summary of LaserOptik mirrors
  7616   Thu Oct 25 02:01:15 2012 KojiUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsPhase map summary of LaserOptik mirrorsPrevious phasemap data and analysis for
the new 40m COC are summarized on the following
  7617   Thu Oct 25 02:10:22 2012 KojiUpdate my assesment of the folding mirror (passive tip-tilt) situationThe thinner wire has a history that it
did not improve the hysteresis (ask Jenne).
Nevertheless, it's worth to try.
  7618   Thu Oct 25 06:49:49 2012 KojiUpdate my assesment of the folding mirror (passive tip-tilt) situation


  7619   Thu Oct 25 08:04:45 2012 SteveUpdateSUSmy assesment of the folding mirror (passive tip-tilt) situation


  7620   Thu Oct 25 09:32:17 2012 SteveOmnistructureIOOusing access connector


  7621   Thu Oct 25 09:53:23 2012 AyakaUpdateAdaptive Filteringmicrophone noise


  7622   Thu Oct 25 10:03:38 2012 ranaUpdateAdaptive Filteringmicrophone noise  That's no good - we need BLRMS
channels for many PEM channels, not just
two. And the channel names should have the
  7623   Thu Oct 25 14:39:14 2012 DenUpdateAdaptive Filteringmicrophone noise


  7624   Thu Oct 25 15:38:06 2012 RajiUpdateAlignmentTransmitance Measurements on LaserOptik mirrorI measured the transmitted power @1064nm
on one of the LaserOptik mirrors labled SN6
Here is the data
  7625   Thu Oct 25 20:44:11 2012 JenneUpdateSUSTip tilts in progressJamie and I spent some time with tip tilt
SN001 this afternoon.  This was installed
as SR3, so I was going to put a new LaserOptik
  7626   Thu Oct 25 21:02:34 2012 DenUpdatePEM1x7 dc power We now stop using bench DC power
supplies for microphone preamp and PEM AA
board. DC power is wired from 1x5 rack suppliers.
  7627   Thu Oct 25 22:52:07 2012 janoschUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase mapsNow that I read Koji's last elog about
phase maps, I am not sure if these are still
required, but here they are (the tilt-removed
  7628   Thu Oct 25 23:00:44 2012 ManasaUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase mapsAre these maps drawn from
the data we extracted using Image SXM??
  7629   Thu Oct 25 23:14:42 2012 janoschUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase maps
  7630   Fri Oct 26 10:44:25 2012 JenneUpdateSUSTip tilts in progress

  7631   Fri Oct 26 13:08:14 2012 JenneUpdateSUSTip tilts in progress


  7632   Fri Oct 26 16:57:30 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPR2 aligned, PR3 mostly aligned[Raji, Jenne]
After lunch we began where Raji and
Jamie had left things.  PR2 was unfortunately
  7633   Fri Oct 26 18:25:02 2012 AyakaUpdateAdaptive FilteringMicrophone noise again[Raji, Ayaka]
Thanks to Den, power supplies for
microphone circuit are changed.
  7634   Fri Oct 26 19:06:14 2012 DenUpdateAdaptive FilteringMicrophone noise again


  7635   Sat Oct 27 23:13:12 2012 ranaUpdateAlignmentalignment strategy Maybe we have already discarded this
idea, but why not 
  7636   Mon Oct 29 08:41:22 2012 AyakaUpdateAdaptive FilteringMicrophone noise again


  7637   Mon Oct 29 09:33:42 2012 SteveUpdateSUSPRM & ETMY sus damping restored    
  7638   Mon Oct 29 11:27:42 2012 ManasaUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase maps [Jan, Manasa]
Below are phasemaps for the tip-tilts
with both tilt and RoC removed. We have not
  7639   Mon Oct 29 14:57:41 2012 janoschUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase maps
  7640   Mon Oct 29 18:14:55 2012 DenUpdateSUS PITCH damping needed 
 We've received all parts that
we need for eddy current damping. I've made
  7641   Mon Oct 29 18:50:02 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPRC aligned, Yarm almost aligned[Jamie, Jenne, Raji, with consultation
from Nic, Ayaka and Manasa]
We went back and re-looked at the
  7642   Tue Oct 30 11:51:45 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentPRC aligned, Yarm almost aligned[Raji, Jenne]
We tweaked PZT2, PZT1 (yaw only),
and PR3 (pitch only) to get the beam ~centered
  7643   Wed Oct 31 01:06:31 2012 DenUpdateAlignmentYarm 
 Jenne, Den
We looked at beam spots on ITMY and
  7644   Wed Oct 31 12:58:17 2012 RajiUpdateAlignmentTransmitance Measurements on LaserOptik mirror


  7645   Wed Oct 31 14:31:34 2012 SteveUpdatePEMhigh particle countHigh particle count confirmed with #2 counter  highparticlec.png 
  7646   Wed Oct 31 17:11:40 2012 jamieUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setbackjamie, nic, jenne, den, raji, manasa
We were doing pretty well with alignment,
until I apparently fucked things up.
  7647   Wed Oct 31 17:18:34 2012 JenneUpdateAlignmentprogress, then setback - trend of BS table shiftHere is a two hour set of second trends
of 2 sensors per mirror, for BS, PRM, ITMY
and MC1.  You can see about an hour
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