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  7178   Tue Aug 14 14:26:40 2012 SteveUpdateCamerascameras touched up

 I optimized the TM views with illuminator light on quad1  It actually looks better there.

I'll post a dark-  OSEM light only in jpg tomorrow.  ETMY camera is malfunctioning in dark condition now.


Attachment 1: cameras.png
  7215   Fri Aug 17 08:33:46 2012 SteveUpdateCamerasvideo cameras in the dark


 I optimized the TM views with illuminator light on quad1  It actually looks better there.

I'll post a dark-  OSEM light only in jpg tomorrow.  ETMY camera is malfunctioning in dark condition now.


ALL  illuminator lighting are off. ITMX and ETMY looks back lighted. I will check on their apertures.

In order to focus on 1064 resonant spots I tried to restore and align the arms  by script. I only got flashes.

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  7217   Fri Aug 17 10:38:15 2012 SteveUpdateCamerasvideo cameras in the dark
> I used the LED illuminations at ETMX and BS yesterday for a tour.
> I am afraid that I left them on.

It was turned off before the picture was taken.
All LED illuminations were turned off. I checked them a few times.
  7232   Mon Aug 20 09:49:01 2012 SteveUpdateCamerasvideo cameras in the DARK


 The problem with the glow on the ETMY face is due to the red light being scattered off of the optical table from the HeNe laser for the OL. Why is the red light hitting the table?

One way to fix the problem for the camera image is to insert a long pass filter (if Steve can find one).

 Edmund Optics: NT62-874

 Edmund Optics: NT65-731

Edmund Optics: NT32-759 


 Atm1, condition: all oplev lasers are off or blocked, green shutters are closed at the ends, PSL out put shutter is closed, all outside LED illuminating are off, all room lights are off

                         Only the OSEMs are on. ETMY and ITMX are still look like illuminated.

Atm2, condition: open PSL shutter. ETMY at 11 o'clock  and ETMX 1 o'clock bright scattered spot of 1064 nm are visible

Atm3, condition: closed PSL shutter and restored all oplev He/Ne lasers, it is visible at ETMY

Next: I will disconnect power to OSEMs at ETMY

Attachment 1: onlyOSEMs.jpg
Attachment 2: OSEMsand_IR.jpg
Attachment 3: OSEMsandOplev633.jpg
  7233   Mon Aug 20 11:36:44 2012 SteveUpdateSUSETMX is not happy

ETMX has some periodic oscillation. It's damping was found tripped this morning. 

  7242   Tue Aug 21 09:14:01 2012 SteveUpdateSUSoplevs centered

Oplevs centered in flashing condition, except PRM and SRM.  IP POS centered also,

I like this new summing screen of Jenne.

Attachment 1: OPLcentered.png
  7244   Tue Aug 21 15:26:04 2012 SteveUpdatePEMtemp sensor for vacuum

Temperature sensor for vacuum. How many : 2 or 3 ?  $350 each

Glass encapsulated thermistor #55007  with Ceramabond 835-m glued onto spade connector and hooked up to controller DP25-TH-A with analoge output.

This zero to 10Vdc can go to ADC

  7254   Thu Aug 23 10:08:13 2012 SteveUpdatePEMseismometers?


It seems as though there is something funny going on around ~1.5 Hz, starting a little over an hour ago.

We see it in the BLRMS channels, the raw seismometer time series, as well as in various suspensions and LSC control signals.  It's also pretty easy to see on the camera views of all the spots (MC, arms, transmissions....AS is a little harder to tell since it's flashing, but it's there too).

The plots I'm attaching are only for ~10min after the jump happened, but there has been no change in the BLRMS since it started.  Usually, we'd see an earthquake in all the channels, and even big ones ring down after a little while.  This is concentrated at a pretty narrow frequency (some of Den's plots for later have this peak), and it's not ringing down, so it's not clear what is going on.

Here is a whole pile of plots.  Recall that the T-240 is plugged into the "STS_3" channels, and we don't have BLRMS for it, so you can look at the time series, but not any frequency specific stuff.

Atm1,  I'm not sure about the seismic data.   Baja earthquake magnitude 3.0 at  yesterday morning.Seismometers do not see them !

Atm2,  No posted seismic activity.  Someone is jump walking in the lab? Why are there time delays between the suspensions?

Attachment 1: bajaMag3.png
Attachment 2: seisvssus.png
  7255   Thu Aug 23 10:38:12 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralvent prepartion for fast-track vent


We are discussing venting first thing next week, with the goal of
diagnosing what's going on in the PRC.

Reminder of the overall vent plan:


Since we won't be prepared for tip-tilt installation (item 2), we should
focus most of the effort on diagnosing what's going on in the PRC.  Of
the other planned activities:

(1) dichroic mirror replacement for PR3 and SR3

  Given that we'll be working on the PRC, we might consider going ahead
  with this replacement, especially if the folding mirror becomes
  suspect for whatever reason.  In any case we should have the new
  mirrors ready to install, which means we should get the phase map
  measurements asap.

(3) black glass beam dumps:

  Install as time and manpower permits.  We need to make sure all needed
  components are baked and ready to install.

(4) OSEM mount screws:

  Delay until next vent.

(5) new periscope plate:

  Delay until next vent.

(6) cavity scattering measurement setup

  Delay until next vent.

 Bob is back. Cleaning and baking all our posts and clamps. They will be ready for use Tuesday next week. Therefore beam dumps will be available for installation.

  7268   Fri Aug 24 09:21:45 2012 SteveUpdateIOOMC2 damping restored


I turned on some filters and gain in the SUS-MC2_MCL filter bank tonight so as suppress the seismic noise influence on MC_F. This may help the MC stay in lock in the daytime.

Koji updated the mcdown and mcup scripts to turn the MCL path on and off and to engage the Boost filters at the right time.

The attached PNG shows the MCL screen with the filters all ON. In this state the crossover frequency is ~45 Hz. MC_F at low frequencies is reduced by more than 10x.

I also think that this may help the X-Arm lock. The number of fringes per second should be 2-3x less.


Attachment 1: 10hrsMC2.png
  7272   Fri Aug 24 16:03:39 2012 SteveUpdateVACVacuum related work at atm

Vacuum related work at atmosphere:

Atm1,  Check all chamber dog clamps tightness with torque wrench,

Atm2,  Replace old, black molibdenum disulfite bolts -nut with new silicon bronze nuts and clean SS bolts.

Atm3,  Replace CC1 cold cathode gauges: horizontal and vertical.

Attachment 1: IMG_1563.JPG
Attachment 2: IMG_1565.JPG
Attachment 3: IMG_1566.JPG
  7281   Mon Aug 27 08:34:18 2012 SteveUpdatePEMearthquakes

Shasky day yesterday postpones venting. We had about 11 shakes larger than mag 4.0 Mag5.5 was the largest at  13:58 Sunday, Aug 26 at  the Salton Sea area.

Atm3,  ITMX and ETMX  did not come back to it's position

Attachment 1: eq5.5Msaltonsea.png
Attachment 2: M5.5inaction.png
Attachment 3: EQeffect.png
  7282   Mon Aug 27 09:24:17 2012 SteveUpdateSUSEQ damage

  It looks like we may lost 1 (or 3 )  magnets? Do not panic, it's not for sure


Attachment 1: eqDamage.png
  7285   Mon Aug 27 15:46:55 2012 SteveUpdateSAFETYsafety training

 Rijuparna Chakraborty and Elli Elenora King received 40m specific  basic safety training in the 40mLab

Attachment 1: IMG_1597.JPG
  7293   Tue Aug 28 09:37:33 2012 SteveUpdateVACRGA scan at day 56

RGA scan,  Maglev pumping speed at day 56

CC1 is dying. CC4 is real.


Attachment 1: pd72m56d.png
Attachment 2: pd72m56dpr.png
  7307   Wed Aug 29 12:46:49 2012 SteveUpdateVACVent completed in 4 hrs


ANTS ALERT please watch out for ants. We have them in the control room.



Attachment 1: vent72.png
Attachment 2: beforeVentOpl.png
Attachment 3: beforeVent.png
  7315   Thu Aug 30 08:12:39 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralIn vac plans for tomorrow, 8/30


 1,PRM spot can be viewed directly from the window south-east of ITMX chamber.  I can easy set up the mobile- Watek for this reason or you can just use an IR viewer.

   Remember, we have 2 SOS centering targets ready to use , that Rana was suggesting.

2, PR2 spot centering can be viewed directly through window north-west of ITMX.

3, We should put back the BS view pick-up mirror for the vertical camera on the BS chamber and adjust its upper pick-up.

4, The BS centering can be viewed with the mobile-Watek placed inside the BS chamber immediately.

  7316   Thu Aug 30 08:37:11 2012 SteveUpdateSUSETMX and ITMX needs more attention


ETMX appears to be fine.  It was stuck to its OSEMs in the usual way.  I touched it and it dislodged and is now swinging freely.  Damping loops have been re-engaged.


Earthquake m4.1 test for ETMX and moves ITMX.  ITMX-LR sensor 0.3V

Attachment 1: after4.1mAtm.png
Attachment 2: eq4.1mAtm.png
  7325   Fri Aug 31 07:32:49 2012 SteveUpdateSUStarget for BS


We installed beam targets on PRM and BS suspension cages.

On both suspensions one of the screw holes for the target actually houses the set screw for the side OSEM.  This means that the screw on one side of the target only goes in partial way.

The target installed on BS is wrong!  It has a center hole, instead of two 45 deg holes.  I forgot to remove it, but it will obvious it's wrong to the next person who tries to use it.  I believe we're supposed to have a correct target for BS, Steve?

The earthquake stop screws on PRM were too short and were preventing installation of the PRM target.  Therefore, in order to install the target on PRM I had to replace the earthquake stops with ones Jenne and I found in the bake lab clean room that were longer, but have little springs instead of viton inserts at the ends.  This is ok for now, but


We checked the beam through PRM and it's a little high to the right (as viewed from behind).  Tomorrow we're going to open ITMX chamber so that we can get a closer look at the spot on PR2.

 The two eye  target for  the BS is in the clean tool box. It actually has irises.

  7327   Fri Aug 31 10:24:36 2012 SteveUpdateVACchamber dog clamps checked


I tightened as many of the dog clamps on the bottom of the BS, ITMX and ITMY chambers as I could find.  I used a torque wrench at 45 ft-lbs.  Some of the bolts of the dogs were too long, and I couldn't find an extender thing to accommodate the bolt so I could reach the nut.  None of the bolts moved that I was able to reach.

Steve, we're not doing final final alignment today (we will do it tomorrow), so please go around and double-check my work by checking all of the dogs first thing in the morning.  Thanks.

 Almost all chamber dog clamps on the floor checked. There are a few exception where it is impossible to to get to the nut. 

Only the OOC nuts turned little bit. So our elastomer discs are holding up well. This means that the chamber anchoring to the floor is good.

  7329   Fri Aug 31 17:26:54 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralBS camera

Steve and Eric

Placed pick up mirror for BS face and PRM back. I will ask Jamie to clamp it.

There will be an other camera set up to view the face of PRM

Attachment 1: BS_PRM.png
  7331   Fri Aug 31 17:50:41 2012 SteveUpdateSUSSOS centering target

The SOS centering target is 1.9 mm lower than it should be! 

The hole is 10mm for the  ~6 mm beam




  7333   Tue Sep 4 10:29:41 2012 SteveUpdateSUSPRM damping restored
  7343   Wed Sep 5 09:50:25 2012 SteveOmnistructureVACbetter in-air "lite" access connector needed


We really need something better to replace the access connector when we're at air.  This tin foil tunnel crap is dumb.  We can't do any locking in the evening after we've put on the light doors.  We need something that we can put in place of the access connector that allows us access to the OMC and IOO tables, while still allowing IMC locking, and can be left in place at night.

 It is in the shop. It will be ready for the next vent. Koji's dream comes through.

Attachment 1: IMG_1612.JPG
  7369   Mon Sep 10 08:50:35 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralBeam scan measurement plan - to do Monday morning.


 I misaligned ITMX pitch on Friday and brought out the beam at 44" height. The beam was bouncing to much. I only realized it this morning why. The OSEM voltages are 1.8, 1.7, 0.2 and 0.9V  Even with a stable 8-9 mm diameter beam you would be clipping

on the beam scanner 9 mm aperture. You can bring out the beam with one mirror right after  PR3, just remove  PRMOP2

  7373   Wed Sep 12 08:16:49 2012 SteveConfigurationPEMchamber must be sealed overnight!


We conducted a beam scan on the AP table of the AS beam. We used a lens to focus the beam onto a power meter, and slowly moved a razor blade across the beam using a micrometer, vertically and horizontally both in front of and behind the beam. We also had to block the beam next to the AS beam in order to do this, but is unblocked now. Mike will begin curve fitting the data to try and see if there is a different spot size given by the x-axis vs. the y-axis, and if the lens has any effect.

 The vacuum envelope must be sealed with light doors on o-rings to insure a bug free IFO.  This was a violation!

  7374   Wed Sep 12 11:33:49 2012 SteveUpdateSAFETYsafety training

Eric Quintero and Mike Jenson received 40m specific basic safety training.

  7378   Thu Sep 13 07:36:41 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralrestore conditions


 Summary: Recorded the presence of higher order modes in IMC

What I did: Misaligned the flat mirror MC1 by small amount in both pitch and yaw (it was needed to be done cause at the beginning of the experiment no higher order modes were present)  and scanned the cavity for frequency-range 32MHz to 45MHz.

I found the presence of higher order modes around 36.7MHz (1st order)  and 40.6MHz (2nd order) along with two other strong modes near 35MHz and 42.5MHz.


 Please, restore condition after you finished and update elog right away! People wasted hours yesterday not knowing the condition of the MC

  7398   Mon Sep 17 18:04:01 2012 SteveUpdateCOC2 Layout Changes


After looking at the in-vacuum layout I think we should make two changes during the next vent:

1) Reduce the number of mirrors between the FI and its camera. We install a large silvered mirror in the vacuum flange which holds the Faraday cam (in the inside of the viewport). That points directly at the input to the Faraday. We get to remove all of the steering mirror junk on the IO stack.

2) Take the Faraday output (IFO REFL) out onto the little table holding the BS and PRM Oplevs. We then relocate all 4 of the REFL RFPDs as well as the REFL OSA and the REFL camera onto this table. This will reduce the path length from the FI REFL port to the diodes and reduce the beam clutter on the AS table.

 There is just so much room on this table.

Attachment 1: IMG_1635.JPG
  7407   Wed Sep 19 09:24:01 2012 SteveOmnistructureIOOaccess connector at athmoshere



We really need something better to replace the access connector when we're at air.  This tin foil tunnel crap is dumb.  We can't do any locking in the evening after we've put on the light doors.  We need something that we can put in place of the access connector that allows us access to the OMC and IOO tables, while still allowing IMC locking, and can be left in place at night.

 It is in the shop. It will be ready for the next vent. Koji's dream comes through.

 24" diameter clear acetate access connector is in place. The 0.01" thick plastic is wrapped around twice to insure air and bug tight barrier for the MC to lock overnight. The acetate transmission for 1064 nm is 90 % This was measured at 150 mW   2.5 mm beam size.


Attachment 1: IMG_1641.JPG
Attachment 2: IMG_1642.JPG
Attachment 3: acetateAC.png
  7408   Wed Sep 19 09:32:24 2012 SteveUpdateSUSalignment centering jig

SOS alignment tool with ID 9.5 and 6.3 mm

Attachment 1: IMG_1639.JPG
Attachment 2: IMG_1651.JPG
  7431   Mon Sep 24 10:27:50 2012 SteveOmnistructureGeneraldo not leave stuff on optical table tops

The SP table was found open this morning. Please, do not make optics dirty!

I cleaned up the tops of the SP table.

Stop storing your junk, boxes, laptops, etc. on the optical tables. This includes the big SP table. Please move all of that junk into racks or shelves, etc.

  7434   Mon Sep 24 17:47:05 2012 SteveUpdateVAC ready to pump

  The IFO will be at atmosphere  overnight. The annuloses are pumped down. The access connector jam nuts are tightened to 45 ft/lbs

Actual pumpdown will start tomorrow morning.

  7438   Tue Sep 25 17:21:01 2012 SteveUpdateVACpumpdown completed

 IFO P1= 1mTorr,   CC1 = 5e-4 Torr.  The IFO is ready for work. Be free to open the shutter and turn on HV

Jenne will double check the MC -REFL path for 1W power.  There is a manual block on the PSL table.

Atm1,  Pirani gauge at 9 h 10 min

Atm2, Pump configuration of pd#73 at 9h 35 min


Attachment 1: pd73.png
Attachment 2: pd73b.png
  7441   Wed Sep 26 11:03:04 2012 SteveUpdateVACpumpdown completed

 The new cold cathode gauge CC1 is in place. We were at atmosphere for 28 days ......more later


Attachment 1: 40mpd73md1.png
Attachment 2: 28datm.png
  7446   Thu Sep 27 15:21:04 2012 SteveUpdateSUSTT height adaptor & PTICH damping


  [Koji, Steve, Den]

TT alignment is fine, yaw damping is satisfactory, pitch damping is slow. We might want to add magnets to the mirror and attach blades to the frame for pitch edge current damping.

We are moving towards electronics testing.

Atm1,  TT 1.5" high adaptor base will be back from the shop in 10 days.

Atm2,  There is no PITCH damping, YAW edie current damping works well at 0.5 mm gap

Atm3,  Adjustable Al -disc that contains a small magnet is purely designed.

We have to come up with a solution to have damping in PITCH

Attachment 1: 09271201.PDF
Attachment 2: IMG_1656.JPG
Attachment 3: IMG_1654.JPG
  7447   Thu Sep 27 16:26:11 2012 SteveUpdateLSCRF fibre protection in cable trays


Jenne, Mike and I installed all of the post holders we could today including: REFL11, REFL33, REFL55, AS55, MCRef, POX11 and POP55.  We did not install AS110, POY or REFL165 because there are interferences that will require moving stuff around. We also did not mount POP22 because it is a peely wally ThorLabs PD that will be replaced by a strong, straight and right thinking LIGO PD in the fullness of time.  We did move it out of the way however which is no more than it deserves. Next step this afternoon Mike and I will install all of the telescopes and launching hardware.  Then with the help of Steve we will begin routing the fibers.  The 1x16 splitter module will be here by next Monday, the laser by the following Friday and then we will light up the fibers. 

 I'm proposing split loom tubing that would run in the cable tray  to protect the fibers  inside of it.  This tubing diameter in the cable tray can be 1.5-2"  and out of the tray 0.75"


  7451   Fri Sep 28 07:49:30 2012 SteveUpdate40m UpgradingNew ETMX layout - Version 1.0

  Where is IP-ANG ? It is good practice to use two mirrors at launching and detecting the beam, so you can walk it - precisely adjust it.

The window can be replaced at  ~$1,500 ea. 10 weeks as optical quality BK7 with dual AR

  7453   Mon Oct 1 07:25:48 2012 SteveUpdateSUSMC2 & ETMX sus damping restored
  7454   Mon Oct 1 09:02:17 2012 SteveUpdateVACpumpdown reached vacuum normal


 The new cold cathode gauge CC1 is in place. We were at atmosphere for 28 days ......more later


 cc1 = 2.3e-5 Torr at day 6 vacuum normal

Attachment 1: pd73md6.png
Attachment 2: pd73md6b.png
  7460   Tue Oct 2 07:45:49 2012 SteveUpdateSUS MC2 & PRM sus damping restored
  7461   Tue Oct 2 09:13:16 2012 SteveUpdateVACRGA scan at day 7



 The new cold cathode gauge CC1 is in place. We were at atmosphere for 28 days ......more later


 cc1 = 2.3e-5 Torr at day 6 vacuum normal


Attachment 1: pd73md7.png
  7466   Wed Oct 3 07:41:23 2012 SteveUpdateSUS MC2 sus damping restored

This is the third morning in a row that the MC2 was tripped.  Would you look at it Koji?

  7467   Wed Oct 3 11:43:33 2012 SteveUpdateSAFETYsafety training

Den Martynov received 40m specific safety training.

  7468   Wed Oct 3 15:37:04 2012 SteveUpdatePEMants on the PSL table

We observed one or two ants climbing over PMC optics without booties and safety glasses.

The floor was mopped with strong Bayer Home Pest Control solution in the Vertex area.

Do not work inside the 40m lab if you are sensitive to chemicals!


Attachment 1: IMG_1690.JPG
  7469   Wed Oct 3 15:58:57 2012 SteveConfigurationIOOSOS coil drivers moved

The SOS coil drivers (Atm2) were moved from 1X1 to 1Y2 location. Is this the best place to locate the  IOO Tip-Tilt steering that will replace the PJ-PZT ?

See 40m wiki T-T

Attachment 1: SOScoildriversTT.jpg
Attachment 2: IMG_1680.JPG
  7476   Thu Oct 4 08:39:58 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralpower outage

There had to be a power outage. Laser and air condition turned back on. The vacuum is OK

Sorensen DC power supplies were tripped, so they were reset: at AUX OMC South 18V and 28V for RF PS and at 1X1 24V


Power Outage confirmed:

** Notification **








Building:         Campus


Date:             Thursday October 04,2012


This morning at 2:17 a.m. much of the City of Pasadena including our Campus experienced a electric power sag of short duration, approximately 1/10 of a second. The cause was a fault on one of Pasadena’s 17KV circuits. Some sensitive equipment have been impacted.


Contact:          Mike Anchondo x-4999


Attachment 1: Oct4R2012.png
  7491   Fri Oct 5 14:40:55 2012 SteveUpdateVACRGA scan after power outage


All the front end machines are back up after the outage.  It looks like none of the front end machines came back up once power was restored, and they all needed to be powered manually.  One of the things I want to do in the next CDS upgrade is put all the front end computers in one rack, so we can control their power remotely.

c1sus was the only one that had a little trouble.  It's timing was for some reason not syncing with the frame builder.  Unclear why, but after restarting the models a couple of times things came back.

There's still a little red, but it mostly has to do with the fact that c1oaf is busted and not running (it actually crashes the machine when I tried to start it, so this needs to be fixed!).

 The RGA was not effected by the short power outage.

Attachment 1: afterpoweroutaged10.png
Attachment 2: pd73m10d.png
  7493   Fri Oct 5 16:21:48 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralfreshmen visiters

40 plus freshmen visited the 40m today

Attachment 1: IMG_1693.JPG
Attachment 2: IMG_1694.JPG
  7510   Tue Oct 9 09:29:10 2012 SteveUpdateIOOthis is where we are



 The new cold cathode gauge CC1 is in place. We were at atmosphere for 28 days ......more later


 cc1 = 2.3e-5 Torr at day 6 vacuum normal


Attachment 1: 15days.png
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