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  7765   Fri Nov 30 09:59:53 2012 SteveHowToGeneralHow not to

Clean cabinet S15 doors were left open. You have to lock it up!

  7766   Fri Nov 30 11:38:35 2012 SteveUpdatePSLfoil removed from enclosure

Aluminum foil replaced by sheet metal on Enclosure and AP table.

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  7776   Mon Dec 3 07:40:00 2012 SteveHowToAlignmenthow was the BS chamber misalinged



 Whoever was working around the BS chamber at 11 AM on Friday should admit it now and take the punishment.

For those of you who like to do work on the interferometer without reporting it in the elog because you think that what you did doesn't affect anything, this is your example of how our time can be wasted by such laziness.

 I'm taking full responsibility for this action and I told them after lunch Friday.



The BS isolation stack  supported by two beam tubes and they can pivot around the pivot point.

Attachment 1: BSsupport.jpg
  7777   Mon Dec 3 16:37:09 2012 SteveUpdatePEMEM 172 microphones ordered


I've put EM 172 microphones inside Steve's isolation box to measure their noise. I've attached mics to each other and aligned them using the tape.

At low frequencies (below 1 Hz) the noise is limited by ADC as there is a 10 Hz high-pass filter inside mic readout box.

ADC noise is measured by splitting the signal from 1 mic into 2 ADC channels.


 BT EM172 microphones  are ordered.

  7780   Tue Dec 4 10:44:36 2012 SteveUpdatePEMshort power outage








Building:         Campus


Date:             Thursday October 04,2012


This morning at 2:17 a.m. much of the City of Pasadena including our Campus experienced a electric power sag of short duration, approximately 1/10 of a second. The cause was a fault on one of Pasadena’s 17KV circuits. Some sensitive equipment have been impacted.


Contact:          Mike Anchondo x-4999

  7781   Tue Dec 4 10:51:10 2012 SteveUpdateSUSPRM damping restored

PRM oplev gains set to zero from PIT 0.15 and YAW -0.3 and damping restored

  7807   Tue Dec 11 08:53:52 2012 SteveHowToPEMcables needs care

How NOT to:

The janitor can not clean in areas like this. He may only steps on these cables accidentally as he dust wiping our chambers.

Attachment 1: IMG_1839.JPG
  7849   Tue Dec 18 10:43:20 2012 SteveUpdateVACvent has completed

 The 40m vacuum envelope is at atm    It took 4.5 hours at ~3 Torr/min speed. Atm1


What I did:

Turned PZT voltages off: 84.1V at OMC-rack location

                                           -  99V at 1Y3 location as PZT_pitch,

                                             56.6V KEPCO at 1Y3 location as PZT_yaw                                           

Took screen shuts of SUS_SUMMARY, yesterday,  Atm3

Turned off OPLEV _SERVOs, today , Atm2

Closed PSL_SHUTTER and green shutters at the ends


Set vacuum valves for vent position and opened VM2 for the RGA



















Attachment 1: vent74.png
Attachment 2: bvent.png
Attachment 3: befVent.png
  7853   Tue Dec 18 16:37:40 2012 SteveUpdateVAClast RGA scan before vent



Attachment 1: pd74m36d.png
Attachment 2: 36d_vacuum_normal.png
  7855   Wed Dec 19 11:14:25 2012 SteveUpdateSUSBeCu wire in stock


Just in case we want to retrofit the Tip/Tils with Beryllium Copper wire, here are links to a few sources which have a supply of the right composition and temper:






I don't think its worth it to do something to modify them unless we get a real reduction in the hysteresis - need a benchtop test setup ASAP.

 Be Copper in the lab is from Ca Fine Wire :  alloy 10 CDA 17 in sizes .008"  &  0.002"  There are other sus wire choices in the Drever lab

  7856   Wed Dec 19 11:53:23 2012 SteveUpdateVACAC removed

 Koji, Manasa, Jenne, Jamie, Bob and Steve

Access connector removed this morning and work has began in the IOO chamber.  BE WARE OF ANTS !


Attachment 1: workingatatm.png
  7862   Thu Dec 20 10:35:27 2012 SteveUpdateIOOTT1 connections



We've been trying to figure out the connector for the TTs. Since, we found the cables were plugged in wrong in TT1; when triggered in pitch, the mirror moves in yaw and viceversa.

Referring to the cabling diagram, D1000234-v10, we infer that connectors go as J2 - LR, J3 - UR, J4 - LL, J5 - UL and the connections are made looking at the mirror from behind.

 The view looking at the optic from the back:  

UL    UR

LL    LR



  7868   Fri Dec 21 09:55:23 2012 SteveUpdateGeneralin-vac adapter cables for TTs


 Accu-Glass is closed till Jan 2, 2013

Atm2 would be the ideal solution Gender Adaptor Special with male - female sides and vented D-sub. How many are we getting 2 or 6 ?

Attachment 1: extensioncable.pdf
Attachment 2: genderchanger.pdf
  7895   Mon Jan 14 09:08:37 2013 SteveUpdatePSLPMC is only ok short term


 The PMC PZT voltage slider seemed sticky.  First it would not do anything, than after moving slider back an forth a few times, it had a range of 60V and later it had full range and it locked

Attachment 1: pmc8d.png
  7903   Wed Jan 16 08:29:45 2013 SteveUpdateSUSPRM damping restored

PRM oplev servo turned off.  OLPIT servo gain 0.15 and OLYAW  -0.3 set to ZERO.  PRM damping restored

  7914   Thu Jan 17 17:04:49 2013 SteveUpdateVACvac monitor screen changed

The COVAC_MONITOR.adl was changed. Ion pump labeled as disconnected means: ion pump controller power turned off and ion pump gate valve control connection disconnected.

RP2 roughing pump labeled disconnected means:  hardware  disconnected.

The actual operational, valve control screen has not been changed yet.

Attachment 1: screenmod.png
  7923   Tue Jan 22 09:10:19 2013 SteveUpdatePEMbig foot is dirty

Please wipe, clean car wheels and wear booties entering the 40m lab.

Obviously this person has no idea about our clean room rules.

Attachment 1: IMG_1873.JPG
Attachment 2: IMG_1874.JPG
  7924   Tue Jan 22 09:18:50 2013 SteveUpdateTip - Tilttip tilt bases ordered

The corrected drawing base for tip tilt with coils are going to the shop. The will be back by the end of the week.

Attachment 1: TTbc.PDF
  7925   Tue Jan 22 11:09:58 2013 SteveUpdateTip - TiltSS mirror holder ordered

Koji's design of the SS  2" mirror holder with flexure spring optic retainer  like Polaris-K1 has been ordered. We are getting just one to see it's effect on the hysteresis.

Attachment 1: D1201574_v1_Tip-Tilt_Mirror_Holder.SLDDRW
  7936   Thu Jan 24 08:28:35 2013 SteveUpdateVACwhen to pumpdown ?

Reminder: I will be on vacation next week. We would have to put the access connector in tonight if I'm pumping down Friday, tomorrow.

  7937   Thu Jan 24 11:31:45 2013 SteveUpdateSUSETMX damping restored

ETMX sus damping restored.  It is still noisy

  7939   Thu Jan 24 14:40:09 2013 SteveUpdateVACRGA backgroung

 RGA background with VM2 open to Maglev at day 37


Note: The PAN gauge of the  annulos is at atm.  Please do not vent this 200 ft long annulos line when you venting the annulos of a chamber. The chamber annulos should be closed off to this long 2"  OD. pipe before you vent the annulos of a chamber.


Attachment 1: Screenshot.png
  7942   Thu Jan 24 16:31:46 2013 SteveUpdatePEMbuilding exterier wall painted

The wood exteier walls, gutters and doors were painted at CES-Annex building #69

Attachment 1: IMG_1880.JPG
  7944   Fri Jan 25 08:10:42 2013 SteveUpdateGeneralLaseroptik mirrors

 Here are the German plots. Unfortunately they are not logarithmic.

 Ed: Proprietary data removed. Use wiki (Koji)

Steve uploaded data to the 40m wiki  / Aux_Optics on 02-07-2013



  7999   Tue Feb 5 09:08:11 2013 SteveUpdatePEM exterier doors to be painted


The wood exteier walls, gutters and doors were painted at CES-Annex building #69

 The east and south end of the 40m emergency exit doors are sealed- tapped off temporarily.  They will be painted on the out side only.  This job will be done by tomorrow noon

 Do not open chamber if you smell the paint !

Attachment 1: IMG_0055.JPG
  8001   Tue Feb 5 10:18:54 2013 SteveUpdatePEMhigh particle count ALART



The BS camber is open only. We should close ASAP

Outside air quality is 1.7- 2.2  million particles  / cf min of 0.5 micron

 Air is still bad and the chambers are closed. Before lunch  Jamie repointed the PRM oplev. Manasa and I reset oplevs: BS and ITMX.

ETMX and ETMY are fine.

SRM and ITMY oplevs needs more work.

 The bad outside air quality is pushing up the inside counts.

The outside air is 5 million counts / cf min for 0.3 micron and 2 million counts / cf min for 0.5 micron particles

Do not open chamber over 10,000 counts / cf min of 0.5 micron

Attachment 1: badair.png
Attachment 2: 100d_airq.png
  8004   Tue Feb 5 15:31:03 2013 SteveUpdateGeneralclean assembly room benches cleaned up

Manasa, Jamie and Steve,

Tip-Tilts and parts moved into the most north " 40m "  cabinet  in the assembly room.

Green-black glass and related components were moved to the 40m E0 cabinet in plastic boxes.

The north flow bench has a few items that belong to us: HE/Ne laser, qpd on translation stages, an iris and one red mirror.  These were moved to the north edge of this bench.

However this leveled table is still full with other people's stuff

Attachment 1: IMG_0057.JPG
Attachment 2: IMG_0061.JPG
  8009   Wed Feb 6 15:05:18 2013 SteveUpdateSAFETYcameras must be anchord

Cameras must be immediately anchord to avoid a possible collusion with the view port !

Attachment 1: IMG_0070_1.JPG
Attachment 2: IMG_0069_1.JPG
  8010   Wed Feb 6 15:10:22 2013 SteveUpdatePEMnew safety signs on exterier doors



The wood exteier walls, gutters and doors were painted at CES-Annex building #69

 The east and south end of the 40m emergency exit doors are sealed- tapped off temporarily.  They will be painted on the out side only.  This job will be done by tomorrow noon

 Do not open chamber if you smell the paint !

 The east and south end of the 40m emergency exit doors received new safety signs.

Attachment 1: IMG_0068.JPG
  8013   Wed Feb 6 15:39:19 2013 SteveUpdateElectronicsDC power supplies in cabinets

 East arm cabinet E9 and E10


Attachment 1: IMG_0066_1.JPG
  8026   Thu Feb 7 17:24:13 2013 SteveUpdateSAFETYfire extinguishers checked

The fire department weighted and pressure checked our units today. Surprisingly they found one powder filled can. We can only use HALON  gas in the lab.


  8057   Mon Feb 11 16:16:27 2013 SteveUpdateVAC55 days at atmoshere

CP Stat 100  sheet-covers were replaced by clean ones on open chambers BS, ITMX, ITMY and ETMY this morning.

Try to fold the sheets such way that the clean side is facing each other, so they do not accumulate dust.


Attachment 1: atm55d.png
  8075   Wed Feb 13 09:28:56 2013 SteveUpdateOpticsG&H - HR plots


 Gooch & Housego optics order specification from 03-13-2010

Side 1: HR Reflectivity >99.99 % at 1064 nm for 0-45 degrees for S & P polarization

Side 2: AR coat R <0.15

The HR coating scans uploaded to 40mwiki / Aux optics today

  8083   Thu Feb 14 08:29:41 2013 SteveUpdateIOOlow MC1 OSEM voltage

MC1 -  LR, LL, UL & UR  OSEMs should be adjusted to get  1.2V

Attachment 1: Feb14_2013.png
  8087   Fri Feb 15 09:58:49 2013 SteveUpdateGeneralbeam traps ready to be installed

Black-green glass traps are ready for light in vacuum. I can assemble more if needed. These three sizes are available.

Attachment 1: IMG_0083.JPG
Attachment 2: IMG_0084.JPG
  8107   Tue Feb 19 09:37:23 2013 SteveUpdateIOOlow MC1 OSEM voltage


    See TT DB25 pin swapping   elog#7869 

Attachment 1: MC1_MC3.png
Attachment 2: MC1_MC3_.png
  8131   Thu Feb 21 18:01:27 2013 SteveUpdateVACpumpdown at 230 Torr


 We are pumping down with RP1 & RP3 oily roughing pumps at 3 Torr/min speed. The butterfly valve was just removed.

The PSL shutter is open to vacuum at ~100  mW 1064 nm. The inter lock should close it at ~5 mTorr.

Rana will shut down pumping tonight.

He will close V3 from screen, close RV1 valve with torque wheel, turn off roughing pumps and disconnect hose between RV1 and roughing pumps.

I will restart pumping early morning tomorrow.


  8135   Fri Feb 22 08:01:25 2013 SteveUpdateVACpumpdown continuous


 Pump down is restarted after 10.5 hrs stop overnight.

Attachment 1: 16hrs_pd75.png
  8136   Fri Feb 22 11:12:16 2013 SteveUpdateVACpumpdown completed

 IFO   P1 pressure is 1 mTorr.  It is ready for high power light.

The Maglev took over the pumping at 500 mTorr


Attachment 1: mag60min.png
Attachment 2: pd75at20h.png
  8155   Mon Feb 25 08:22:03 2013 SteveUpdateVACpumpdown at day 4

 All normal, IFO pressure 1.5e-5 Torr

RGA is pumped by TP-3 in back ground mode.


Attachment 1: 4d.png
Attachment 2: 66d@atm.png
  8167   Tue Feb 26 09:55:46 2013 SteveUpdateSAFETYEvan receives safety training

Evan got 40m specific safety training today.

  8184   Wed Feb 27 14:53:02 2013 SteveUpdateLSCwhat is the Fibox ?

Fibox FBAI-M 20bit units were connected with multimode fibre.  This pair of fiber is not protected in the cable tray.

  8205   Fri Mar 1 08:19:40 2013 SteveUpdateASSdrift

 Early morning drift in pitch. This plot is meaningless because there is no real  light on IP-Ang

The beam is clipping on the pick off mirror at ETMY chamber. The beam is half beam size too high. Yaw is perfect


Attachment 1: drift.png
  8206   Fri Mar 1 14:50:36 2013 SteveUpdateVACpumpdown day 8

 Atm1, RGA background scan with TP3 pumping at day 7

Atm2,  IFO  CC1 = 1.1e-5 Torr at day 8

 Vacuum valve VM3 closed and VM2 opened, it switched the RGA to IFO scanning mode. CC4 = 3.5e-6 Torr

TP3 is pumping on the annuloses, their pressures are 1-3 mTorr

Vacuum condition reached the state of  Vacuum Normal. The MEDM screen "Current State" channel does not work because we disconnected some valves after the VME swap CAOS

Note: TP1 Maglev performance on Atm2  CC4 = 4e-9 Torr when VM2 valve was open


Attachment 1: bgTP3d7.png
Attachment 2: RGAonIFO.png
  8216   Mon Mar 4 09:51:26 2013 SteveUpdateASSIP-ANG is still not real

 IP-ANG  is coming out of ETMY without clipping. The beam is very high on the pick off mirror at the end table but it is still missing the qpd .


Attachment 1: IP-ANG.png
  8219   Mon Mar 4 11:30:47 2013 SteveUpdatePEMair cond problem


 The air cond is out of order at the area covered by racks 1 X 1  through 1 X 7

The arm X and Y AC units are working.

Attachment 1: 40dAC.png
  8231   Tue Mar 5 14:59:32 2013 SteveHowToVACdry-forepump replaced

TP3 turbo pump's dry-foreline pump was replaced.

How to do it:

The pump should be replaced when it's performance  <1.0 - 1.3 Torr

Set up valve configuration as shown at Atm1: close in this order VAEE, VASV, VABS, VASV, VASE, VA6 and V5,

Turn TP3 off at it's controller in the rack. Wait till is stops, so you can read 760 Torr at TP3 foreline gauge

Disconnect intake, exhaust vacuum seals and replace pump. Reconnect vacuum fitting and start it up.

Confirm operational details on the front of the controller: 50 K_RPM, 0.2A and <100 mTorr

Reset valves in reverse order

PS: the average life of the tip seal on the Varian SSH-110 dry-pump is about 1 year

      This pump " ser LP1007L556 " seal  made new record of 668 days: thanks to Bob Taylor who is replacing these seals


Attachment 1: changingforepump.png
Attachment 2: TP3wFp600.jpg
  8238   Wed Mar 6 08:40:03 2013 SteveUpdateVACfirst scan of this pumpdown

 Pumpdown 75 - Maglev - day 12

Precondition: 66 days at atm, installed TIP-TILTs with coils that  replaced PZT-Jena input steering


Attachment 1: pd75m12d.png
Attachment 2: pd75mRGA12d.png
  8241   Wed Mar 6 16:14:27 2013 SteveUpdateSAFETYsafety training

Chloe Ling, Max Horton and Annalisa Allocca have received basic 40m specific safety training.

Attachment 1: IMG_500.jpg
  8270   Mon Mar 11 16:29:29 2013 SteveUpdatePEMproposed seismometer locations

Granite base 20" x 20" x 5"  locations are on the CES side of our IFO arms:  as shown ETMY_ south-west, ETMX_north-east, ITMX_south-east . No height limitation. This side of the tube has no traffic.

SS cover McMaster#  41815T4  (H) SS container cov

Attachment 1: ETMY_sw.jpg
Attachment 2: ITMX_se.jpg
Attachment 3: ETMX_ne.jpg
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