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Entry  Mon Jul 15 16:44:46 2013, Alex, Update, OMC, OMC North Safety photo_2_(1).JPG
Entry  Mon Jul 15 16:51:37 2013, Alex, Configuration, , Planned AS Table addition AS_Table_Ref_PD_Addition.pdf
Entry  Wed Jan 25 16:58:19 2023, Alex, Update, Cameras, Recording CCD cameras 
Entry  Wed Feb 1 16:53:55 2023, Alex, Summary, General, Shadowing Anchal on developing a change for the c1ioo CDS computer 
Entry  Thu Feb 9 11:07:38 2023, Alex, Update, CDS, Adding callibration filters to c1sus Screenshot_2023-02-09_11-35-41.png
Entry  Thu Feb 16 23:54:11 2023, Alex, Update, Daily Progress, Yaw and Pitch Calibration constants for ETMY op-lev Image[2].jpegImage[3].jpegCapture.PNG.png
Entry  Wed Feb 22 23:40:48 2023, Alex, Update, Calibration, Adding calibration constants for sus matrix and filter control buttons to the sus control screen Screenshot_2023-02-22_18-32-30.pngInkedScreenshot_2023-02-22_18-28-41.jpgInkedScreenshot_2023-02-22_18-29-00.jpg
    Reply  Fri Feb 24 13:29:16 2023, Alex, Summary, IMC, Updated angular actuation calibration for IMC mirrors angActCal_C1-SUS-MC1_BIASPIT_OFFSET_to_C1-IOO-MC_TRANS_SUMFILT_OUT_1361152703.pngScreenshot_2023-02-23_16-47-58.pngInkedScreenshot_2023-02-23_17-02-13.jpgInkedScreenshot_2023-02-23_17-02-49.jpg
Entry  Sun Feb 26 00:13:55 2023, Alex, Configuration, ASC, IOO MC PIT/YAW gain change 
    Reply  Wed Mar 1 17:13:38 2023, Alex, Update, IMC, Transfer Function for IMC mirrors using sine sweep WFS1_PIT_OLTF.pdfWFS2_PIT_OLTF.pdfMC2_TRANS_PIT_OLTF.pdf
    Reply  Thu Mar 9 10:29:15 2023, Alex, Update, IMC, Step response test on MC1, MC2, and MC3 YAW step_response_080323.pdfScreenshot_2023-03-08_18-17-35.png
Entry  Thu Mar 9 14:22:24 2023, Alex, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, Update to toggleWFSoffsets.py for step response testing 
    Reply  Mon Mar 13 15:37:13 2023, Alex, Update, IMC, Step Response of newly diagonalizing YAW output matrix step_response_YAW_130323.pdfWFS1_YAW_OLTF_NI.pdfWFS2_YAW_OLTF_NI.pdfMC2_YAW_OLTF_NI.pdfMar13_Dfactor.pdf
Entry  Tue Mar 14 11:34:05 2023, Alex, HowTo, Computer Scripts / Programs, Summary Pages Restart 
Entry  Tue Mar 21 18:41:12 2023, Alex, Update, IMC, Dither Lines set on MC1, MC2, MC3 for the night 21032023_Dither_lines_plot
    Reply  Wed Mar 22 15:51:44 2023, Alex, Update, IMC, Beam offset calculation for MC1,2,3 from dither results 22032023_Dither_lines_demod_MC1_21-12.pdf
    Reply  Wed Apr 19 17:32:11 2023, Alex, Update, IMC, Beam offset calculation for MC1,2,3 from dither results 19042023_Dither_Lines_YAW.pdf19042023_Dither_Lines_PIT.pdf
Entry  Mon Apr 24 10:53:39 2023, Alex, Update, General, Summary Pages Fixed accounting_tags_png.png
    Reply  Mon Apr 24 18:33:22 2023, Alex, Update, IMC, Beam offset movement for MC1,2,3 in PIT and YAW from dither results beam_spot_time_series.png
Entry  Tue Jul 16 17:02:41 2013, Alex Cole, Configuration, Electronics, AS Table Additions photo_1_(1).JPGphoto_2_(2).JPG
    Reply  Wed Jul 17 11:13:36 2013, Alex Cole, Configuration, Electronics, AS Table Additions photo_(1).JPG
    Reply  Wed Jul 17 16:15:42 2013, Alex Cole, Configuration, Electronics, AS Table Additions photo_1_(3).JPGphoto_2_(3).JPGphoto_3.JPG
Entry  Thu Jul 18 15:34:15 2013, Alex Cole, Update, Electronics, PD Frequency Response Update photo_3_(1).JPGphoto_1_(4).JPGphoto_2_(4).JPG
Entry  Tue Jul 30 16:21:46 2013, Alex Cole, Update, Electronics, Photodetector Input Modulation 
Entry  Wed Jul 31 17:02:17 2013, Alex Cole, Update, Electronics, Preliminary Photodetector Frequency Reponse Measurements REFL11.jpgREFL33.jpgREFL55.jpgAS55.jpg
    Reply  Thu Aug 1 18:55:20 2013, Alex Cole, Update, Electronics, Preliminary Photodetector Frequency Reponse Measurements POX11.jpgPOX11fit.jpg
Entry  Tue Aug 6 12:43:23 2013, Alex Cole, Configuration, Electronics, AS Table and Rack 1Y1 Additions photo_1_(5).JPGphoto_2_(5).JPG
Entry  Wed Aug 7 15:51:53 2013, Alex Cole, Configuration, Electronics, RF Switch Change photo_(2).JPG
Entry  Tue Aug 13 11:40:19 2013, Alex Cole, Summary, Electronics, RFPD Demod Filter Frequency Response Measurement photo_(3).JPGtest.jpg
Entry  Tue Aug 13 11:54:40 2013, Alex Cole, HowTo, Electronics, RF PD Fiber-Coupled Laser Operation photo_(4).pdf
Entry  Tue Aug 13 13:30:41 2013, Alex Cole, Configuration, Electronics, Cable Routing photo_(6).JPG
Entry  Fri Aug 23 21:01:38 2013, Alex Cole, HowTo, Electronics, Automated Photodetector Frequency Response System 
    Reply  Fri Oct 9 14:23:53 2009, Alex Ivanov, Configuration, DAQ, tpchn mystery 
Entry  Thu Jun 2 10:19:37 2011, Alex Ivanov, Summary, DAQ, installed new daqd (frame builder) program on fb (target/fb/daqd) 
    Reply  Fri Dec 9 14:33:16 2011, Alex Ivanov, Update, Adaptive Filtering, C1OAF 
Entry  Fri Aug 10 17:17:41 2012, Alex Masha Den, Update, PEM, classify seismic c code 
Entry  Fri Mar 17 17:27:58 2023, Alex, Tomohiro, Update, IMC, Arm Cavity Noise injection with WFS1/2 PIT and YAW  8x
Entry  Tue Aug 16 16:59:20 2011, Anamaria, Update, RF System, AM in the PM 
    Reply  Wed Aug 17 15:47:18 2011, Anamaria, Update, SUS, ETMX Side Sensor slow channel down for a long time 
Entry  Mon Aug 22 20:37:43 2011, Anamaria, Configuration, RF System, Plan for install of 3f PDs 40m3fReflPdLayout.pdf
    Reply  Tue Aug 23 06:49:24 2011, Anamaria, Update, General, more in-vac work : AS clipping fixed and OSEM/oplev adjustment 
Entry  Mon Sep 12 18:45:04 2011, Anamaria, Configuration, LSC, AP table current layout 40mAPtable.pdf
Entry  Wed Sep 14 01:19:20 2011, Anamaria, Configuration, LSC, 3f PD Install in Progress 
    Reply  Thu Sep 15 02:18:19 2011, Anamaria, Update, LSC, MICH locked and attempt to lock PRCL 
Entry  Fri Sep 16 03:22:11 2011, Anamaria, Update, LSC, More Refl PDs Work and Attempt at DRMI 
Entry  Tue Sep 20 03:12:14 2011, Anamaria, Update, SUS, Jenne's Scripts started 
Entry  Tue Sep 20 20:58:35 2011, Anamaria, Configuration, LSC, New AP Table Drawing APtableSep20th.pdf
    Reply  Thu Sep 22 04:49:14 2011, Anamaria, Update, LSC, Locking status update - Some Scripts, No Louck 
Entry  Thu Sep 22 22:55:01 2011, Anamaria, Update, LSC, POX channel = POY PD connected + Bad Rack  RFPDpowerRack2.pdf
    Reply  Mon Sep 26 15:15:45 2011, Anamaria, Update, LSC, Realignment of REFL / Some 3f PRMI locking / Recycling Gain 
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