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  8242   Wed Mar 6 18:14:33 2013 ManasaSummaryLSCCalibration of BS, ITMX and ITMY actuators

[Yuta, Manasa]

Measured actuator response between 50Hz and 200 Hz in (m/counts).

BS     = (20.7 +/- 0.1)    x 10 -9 / f2

ITMX = (4.70 +/- 0.02) 
x 10 -9/ f2

ITMY = (4.66 +/- 0.02)
x 10 -9/ f2

Actuator response differs by 30% for all the 3 mirrors from the previous measurements made by Kiwamu in 2011.

Calibration of BS, ITMX and ITMY actuators

We calibrated the actuators using the same technique as in Kiwamu's elog.

A) Measure MICH error

1. Locked Y-arm and X-arm looking at TRY and TRX.
2. Misaligned ETMs
3. Measured  MICH error using ASDC and AS55_Q err (MICH_OFFSET = 20 - to compensate for offset in AS_Qerr which exists even after resetting LSC offsets)


B) Open loop transfer function for MICH control

1. Measured the transfer function between C1:LSC-MICH_IN1 and C1:LSC-MICH_IN2 by exciting on  C1:LSC-MICH_EXC.
MICH filter modules used for measurements(0:1 , 2000:1, ELP50). ELP50 used so that actuation signals above 50 Hz are not suppressed.


C) Calibration of BS/ ITMX/ ITMY actuators

1. Measured transfer function between actuation channels on BS/ ITMX/ ITMY and C1:LSC-AS55_Q_ERR.


  8262   Fri Mar 8 20:51:00 2013 ManasaUpdateAlignmentInput beam drift - investigation **IMPORTANT**

Checking the drift in input pointing (TT2 is the main suspect)

I have centered IPPOS and the 2/3 part of IPANG that comes out of vacuum to the QPDs to see the drift in input pointing over the weekend or atleast overnight.

If anybody would be working with the IFO alignment over the weekend, do so only after recording the drift in IPANG and IPPOS or if you will be working later tonight, center them ion the QPDs before leaving.

  8263   Fri Mar 8 21:00:05 2013 ManasaUpdatePSLPMC fixed



1. Filter module (FM1) on PRCL and MICH show significant delay while enabling and disabling.

2. I tried to fix PMC alignment (PMC trans was 0.76). I was not able to get PMC trans more than 0.79.
PMC has been this way since yesterday.

3. MICH is still bright when locked (ASDC_OUT reads 0.08 for dark and 2.0 for bright). We suspect it is because of the AS55_I error offset that persists even after running LSCoffsets script.

4. PRMI shows some dither at 3Hz when locked.

 [Koji, Manasa]

PMC is fixed with 0.84 in transmission. It was misaligned in pitch (fixing this increased PMC_trans to 0.822 from 0.773) and Koji also touched the wave plate and polarizer (changed PMC_trans to 0.845).

  8267   Mon Mar 11 12:29:25 2013 ManasaUpdateAlignmentInput beam drift - weekend trend

I centered ipang and ippos on the QPDs (using only the steering mirrors) and wanted to see the drift over the weekend.

1. IPANG has drifted (QPD sum changed from -6 to -2.5); but it is still on the QPD.
2. IPPOS does not show any drift.
3. In the plot: The jump in IPANG on the left occured when I centered the beam to the QPD and that on the right is from the 4.7 earthquake and its aftershocks this morning.

Follow-up questions
1. Do we need to worry about this drift?
2. Which of the two TTs is resposible for the drift?
3. Do the TTs tend to drift in the same direction everytime?

P.S. The TTs were not touched to center on IPANG and IPPOS. The last time they were touched was nearly 6 hours before the centering. So the question of any immediate hysteresis is ruled out.


  8271   Mon Mar 11 17:18:00 2013 ManasaUpdateEnvironmentEarthquake: Suspensions tripped and MC realigned

I found all suspensions including the MC suspensions tripped this morning after the earthquake.

I damped all the optics and realigned MC mirrors to lock at refl 0.57.

PRM and SRM tripped a couple of times due to the aftershocks that followed; but were damped eventually.

  8276   Tue Mar 12 00:58:05 2013 ManasaUpdateAlignmentYarm - Spot positions centered

[Jenne, Manasa]

Spot centering on Y arm - DONE!

Alignment procedure
1. I went back to the IFO alignment slider positions from Friday. The Y arm was flashing in HOM because the earthquake this morning tripped all suspensions and the slider values were not real. X arm did not have any flashes.

2. Y arm aligned using TT1 and TT2. Spot centering measured using Jenne's A2L_Yarm script.

Spot positions:
           ITMY    ETMY
Pitch    6.48    4.39
Yaw     -7.42    -3.135

3. I started centering in pitch. I used the same in-vac alignment method (down on TT1 and up on TT2 in pitch) and measured spot positions.

4. When the spot positions were centered in pitch, I started with yaw alignment.

5. I had to use TT1 to center on ITMY and move TT2 and ITMY to center on ETMY.

6. Spot positions after centering:

                          ITMY    ETMY
Pitch    -1.22    -1.277
Yaw       0.42    -0.731

7. I wanted to go back and tweak the pitch cenetering; but framebuilder failed and dataviewer kept loosing connection to fb

AS seems clipped. Although it could be because of the misaligned BS.

IPANG was centered on the QPD, but it is so clipped, that I'm not sure we can trust it.  Max sum right now is -4, rather than the usual -8 or -9.


Once fb is fixed, we should align the X-arm which will be followed by green alignment.

Over the last few weeks, it has been observed that there is some strong seismic activity that starts at around 9PM everyday and goes on for a couple of hours. It seems unlikely that it is our geologist neighbour (Jenne met with the grad student who works on the noisy experiment).

  8284   Wed Mar 13 10:26:58 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingWe're still good!!

We're still good with the IFO alignment after 7hours.

I found the green still locked in the same state as last night; but no IR (so the arms are stable and the TTs should definitely take the blame).

From last night's observation (elog about drift in TT1), I only moved TT1 in pitch and gained back locking in IR for both the arms

  8288   Wed Mar 13 16:25:16 2013 ManasaUpdateIOOTuning MC length/FSR

[Koji, Manasa]

We looked at the MC modulation frequency on the spectrum analyzer and observed beat notes between MC modulation freq (29.5MHz) and modulation frequencies (11.06 MHz and 55.3MHz).

Beat notes were suppressed by changing the carrier frequency from 11.065910 MHz to 11.066147MHz. 

Detailed discussion and data will be posted in the next elog.

  8289   Wed Mar 13 16:29:25 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingTWO arms TWO colors


- If X green lock is not tight, maybe temporarily increasing loop gain helps. This can be done by increasing the amplitude of the frequency modulation or increasing green refl PD gain. Also, if X green beam spot is too wiggly compared with Y green, it is maybe because of air flow from the air conditioner (elog #6849). I temporarily turned it off when I did X green steering last summer.

- Did you have to re-align TRX path? We moved the harmonic separator on X end table horizontally to avoid IR TRX clipping before beam centering on X arm (elog #8162). I wonder what is the current situation after the beam centering.

 - We tried locking with the air conditioning switched off at the X-end

- TRX path is unaltered (IR still goes through the center of the harmonic separator.

  8296   Thu Mar 14 17:31:57 2013 ManasaUpdateGreen LockingX arm green locked in TEM00


Manasa has done some work to get the Xgreen aligned, so I'll switch to trying to find that beatnote for now.

[Jenne, Manasa]

Aligned X-arm green in TEM00.

It was difficult to get the X-arm to lock in TEM00 earlier. Even when it locked, it was just a TEM00 flash. The green was mainly bad in pitch.

I started aligning with the arms flashing in IR and it was still not possible to lock. The second trial was with the arms locked in IR; I lost the green lock when the arms were aligned for IR. I aligned by overlapping the ingoing green with the reflected green visible on the steering mirror. This got the green to lock in TEM00; but still it would only stay that way for 30 sec. Jenne pointed me to Yuta's suggestion of increasing the green refl PD gain. Once I increased the PD gain, the mode stabilized.

I went ahead and centered ALS TRX on the PD and GTRX camera (on the PSL table). ALS_TRX reads 2000+ counts.

EDIT by Jenne:  This corresponds to a power of 550uW on the PSL table, measured before the first out-of-vac steering mirror.

  8310   Tue Mar 19 14:21:57 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade : INVENTORY


We definitely need the polaris mirror mounts and cylindrical lenses. As for the rest, we can still go ahead and do the swapping without them.


  8317   Wed Mar 20 14:52:09 2013 ManasaUpdateSAFETYMC trans RFPD missing

PDA255 at the MC transmission end is missing and whoever had removed it earlier has left the beam undamped.

It could be less than a mW beam...but it is still not acceptable to leave it that way.

On the other note, I have cleared up the unwanted optics from the same table.


  8318   Wed Mar 20 15:51:54 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade


As discussed at the 40m meeting: Koji, Manasa and Steve

We are planning to remove the whole 4'x2' optical table ETMY-ISCT with optics as it is tomorrow morning.
This way I can start placing the new 4'x3' table and acrylic enclosure in place.

I will be removing all cables on the ETMY endtable and labeling them today before we remove the table tomorrow morning. If there is anything else that should be done before the swapping which we might have not considered, elog it and we'll have it all done.

Also,I've attached the updated inventory.

  8319   Wed Mar 20 16:45:59 2013 ManasaBureaucracyAuxiliary lockingFetched NPRO from ATF

[Koji, Annalisa, Manasa]

NPRO with controller from ATF joins the 40m. We have put it on the POY table where we plan to use it for ABSL.

  8321   Thu Mar 21 08:46:46 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingETMY table swap

Yes! We are swapping.

I'll be there very soon!

  8324   Thu Mar 21 10:29:12 2013 ManasaUpdateComputersComputers down since last night

I'm trying to figure out what went wrong last night. But the morning status...the computers are down.



  8325   Thu Mar 21 12:04:05 2013 ManasaUpdateComputersFixed

All FE computers are back.

Restart procedure:

0a. Restart frame builder: telnet fb 8087 & type shutdown

0b. Restart mx_stream from the FE overview screen

1. I ssh ed to the computer. (c1lsc, c1ioo, c1iscex, c1isey)

2. I used 'sudo shutdown -r (computername)'. They came back ON.

3. While rebooting c1ioo, c1sus shutdown (for reasons I don't know). I could not ping or ssh c1SUS after this.

4. I went in and switched c1SUS computer OFF and back ON after which I could ssh to it.

5. I did the same reboot procedure for c1SUS.

6. I had to restart some of the models individually.
    (i) ssh to the computer running the model
    (ii) rtcds restart 'model name'

7. All computers are back now.


  8331   Fri Mar 22 01:28:56 2013 ManasaUpdateLasersBeam profile of NPRO from ATF

The NPRO from ATF has been installed on the POY table.

I have been making measurements to characterize the beam profile of this laser. I am using an AR coated laser window as a beam sampler at 45deg and the razor blade technique to measure the beam size along z. Details of the procedure along with analysis and results from this will follow.

  8336   Mon Mar 25 15:01:33 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingTT1 drift


2. TT1 drifting in pitch (Bistable)
During the arm alignment routine for spot centering, we observed that TRY dropped (from TRY = 0.9 until the arm lost lock) every 40minutes or so. The arm was relocked by moving TT1 in pitch. The (locking - unlocking due to drift - relocking) cycle was monitored and we observed that it was bistable i.e. if TT1 was moved up in pitch (0.2 on the slider) to relock for the first time ; the next time it lost lock, TT1 had to be moved down by nearly the same distance to relock the arm.
Moving TT2 or the testmasses did not help with relocking the arms; so TT1 seems to be the one causing all th trouble atleast for today.


TT1 was moved in pitch to restore flashing in the arms on Wednesday (Mar 20) so that it doesn't drift too far off making it difficult to lock again. Since then, the arms have been flashing without any drifting and TTs have remained untouched. The hysteresis has disappeared.

  8341   Mon Mar 25 18:42:38 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : Timeline

 Endtable upgrade - timeline and progress chart. End table upgrade wiki page updated.


  8353   Tue Mar 26 15:00:55 2013 ManasaUpdateIOOTuning MC length/FSR


[Koji, Manasa]

We looked at the MC modulation frequency on the spectrum analyzer and observed beat notes between MC modulation freq (29.5MHz) and modulation frequencies (11.06 MHz and 55.3MHz).

Beat notes were suppressed by changing the carrier frequency from 11.065910 MHz to 11.066147MHz. 

Detailed discussion and data will be posted in the next elog.

The goal was to tune the carrier modulation frequency, f1 ~ 11.06 MHz to match the FSR  (c/2L) of the MC. (Reference to the technique: R.G.DeVoe et al., PRA 30, 5, Nov 1984)

We looked at the MC_REFL output on the spectrum analyzer. Since the MC FSR was not well matched with the carrier modulation frequency, we observed significant beat notes at the following frequencies (fMC-f1),  (fMC+f1), (fMC-f2) and (fMC+f2); where fMC (the MC modulation frequency) = 29.5MHz, f1(carrier modulation frequency) ~ 11.06MHz and f2 ~ 55.3MHz. The carrier modulation frequency was changed at the frequency generator until these beat notes were suppressed i.e. until the cavity FSR matched the carrier modulation frequency.

The plot below shows the MC spectrum after the beat notes were suppressed.


  8366   Thu Mar 28 10:44:30 2013 ManasaUpdateComputersc1lsc down

c1lsc was down this morning.

I restarted fb and c1lsc based on elog

Everything but c1oaf came back. I tried to restart c1oaf individually; but it didn't work.





  8371   Fri Mar 29 00:27:06 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : Assembly

I am currently putting together all components so that they are ready to go on the table once leveling and installation of shield box is done. All dirty optics were drag wiped. These are stored in the cupboard along the Y arm.
I could not find the fiber coupling mount on the old endtable. Also the harmonic separator that reflects the trans beam to PDs and camera is labelled Y1-1064 (??) and I don't know what's the deal with this.
I am nearly 70% done with assembling…so the ex-endtable is almost empty.

Yet to do:
1. Mount 2" optics
2. Hunt, gather and mount appropriate lenses

Points I did not notice earlier:
We need some good 2" lens mounts and also order 2" lenses for IPANG and trans beam.



  8417   Fri Apr 5 01:18:34 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingNot a fan of the new plastic box yet



 Enclosure is at the east end. It has it's bottom o-ring in place. It will be ready for optics tomorrow around 5pm

I have to shim out the enclosure, finish leveling the table and cut surgical tubing O-ring for the top.


 Glued surgical latex tubing with super glue into O-ring shape. The existing in place tubing K-100, OD 0.125" (actual size 0.140"), wall 0.031", ID 0.062".

I have just found out that tolerances on tubing OD are + - 0.026" by the manufacturer. I'm getting larger tubing for better fit.

The table is ready for optics.

Things left to do:

1, finalize o-ring size  2, finish cable feedthrough  3, finalize window connection 4, IR-Thermashield strips for bridge sides


While I did think that the plastic boxes were cool; I am not happy with the new enclosure on several aspects as I am setting up the TRY PDs/camera.

1. I strongly feel the o-rings should be glued/fixed to the plastic box atleast at some points. Even if we replace the current thin one with a thicker tubing, it takes forever to get the o-ring into the groove when it slips out. Also if it slips from the groove, it falls through the optical path and there are chances of burning the tubing when the NPRO is ON.

2. With the transparent tables, the cameras are sensitive to the room lights. I had to switch off the room lights/use ND filters to see a nice beam at the TRY camera.

3. The lids are heavy...might be a good way to train....but removing and putting them back will definitely increase the pain in getting the green aligned to the arms atleast until we have the PZTs set up.

  8418   Fri Apr 5 01:28:56 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : populating the table

I started populating the end table; the TRY path to start with. I found that I need to redo the cables/electronics layout around the table as we have only one cable feedthrough hole with the new box right now. I need another hand with this and will have Annalisa help me tomorrow.

P.S. I misaligned PRM and restored ETMY to get TRY flashes. I tweaked ETMY to see strong TEM00 flashes.

Old slider positions on medm screen in case we need to restore them:

        TT1    TT2     ITMY    ETMY

P   -1.3586  0.8443   0.9114   -3.7693

Y   0.3049   1.1507  -0.2823  -0.2761


  8425   Tue Apr 9 00:15:18 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : populating the table

[Den, Annalisa, Manasa]

The Alberto laser was moved from the PSL table. The height of the heat sink rendered a beam height of only 3 inches. I did not want to deal with changing beam height at the table. So, we went ahead and used the old heat sink. I used the beam scan to make measurements of the beam width to match my mode-matching calculations and found some mismatch with the measurements done earlier. So I will measure the beam width again before alignment.

I will also have to change the layout because of the supporting posts that have come up with the new box. Annalisa is doing a COMSOL model to check what the thickness of these supporting posts should be so that the box stays stiff.

  8427   Tue Apr 9 00:32:57 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : TRY temporarily in place

The TRY path on the end table is temporarily in place to help IFO locking.
The Y arm transmission was steered to get TRY back on the PD and the camera. I found that TRY is a couple of inches off in yaw at the end table (comparing to the CAD layout and the earlier layout) and I believe it is because of the changes in input pointing.
I've used a Y1 mirror to steer the Y transmission to an R98% BS. The reflected beam falls on PDA520 and the transmitted beam is steered to the camera. The earlier normalization of TRY is no more valid as the power distribution at the PD has changed.

  8436   Wed Apr 10 14:25:04 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : LWE Alberto laser beam profile

I measured the beam profile of the Alberto laser (that will be the ETMY end laser) as I found the data inconsistent with the measurements done earlier.


The laser was set to nominal current (ADJ =0) and the output measured 330mW. I used a 99% BS and measured the beam profile of the transmitted light at several points along propagation using Beamscan. I am attaching the data and matlab script for the fit for future reference.


  8452   Sun Apr 14 15:03:17 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingFixing - progress


TRY signals are all gone!  Both the PD and the camera show no signal.  I went down there to turn off the lights, and look to see what was up, and I don't see any obvious things blocking the beam path on the table.  However, Steve has experimentally bungeed the lids down, so I didn't open the box to really look to see what the story is.

Absent TRY, I redid the IFO alignment.  Yarm locked, so I assumed it was close enough.  I redid Xarm alignment pretty significantly.  Transmission was ~0.5, which I got up to ~0.85 (which isn't too bad, since the PMC transmission is 0.74 instead of the usual 0.83).  I then aligned MICH, and PRM.  After fixing up the BS alignment, the POP beam wasn't hitting the POP PD in the center any more.  I centered the beam on the PD, although as Gabriele pointed out to me a week or two ago, we really need to put a lens in front of POP, since the beam is so big.  We're never getting the full beam when the cavity flashes, which is not so good.

Den is still working on locking, so I'll let him write the main locking report for the night.

We see that the PRC carrier lock seems to be more stable when we lock MICH with +1 for ITMY and -1 for ITMX, and PRCL with -1 for both ITMs.  This indicates that we need to revisit the systematic problem with using the PRM oplev to balance the coils, since that oplev has a relatively wide opening angle.  I am working on how to do this.

I'm fixing the TRY path.

I misaligned PRM and restored ETMY; but did not see the Y arm flashing. I am going ahead and moving the optics to get Y arm flashing again.

The slider values on the medm screen before touching any of them (for the record):

       tt1        tt2      itmy        etmy
p    -1.3886    0.8443     0.9320    -3.2583
y     0.3249    1.1407    -0.2849    -0.2751
  8453   Sun Apr 14 17:30:14 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingFixed

TRY path fixed and ready for normalization.

I used 2" BS at R=50 and R=98 to reflect the Y arm transmission at QPD-Y and TRY PD respectively. The residual beam transmitted by the BS is now steered by a Y1mirror to the camera. With Y arm locked, transmission currently measures 40mW against the expected 70mW. TRY shows 0.45 counts in dataviewer.

  8458   Wed Apr 17 02:20:13 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : progress


Assembly progress:

1. ETMY oplev setup has been put together. Because of the shift in the TRY path, I had to modify the oplev path on the table as well.


2. Green laser setup coming together:
    (i) Used a HWP after the NPRO to convert s-polarization to p-polarization. (Verified by introducing a PBS after the HWP and then removed later).
    (ii) Lens focuses the beam into the Faraday.
    (iii) Used steering mirrors to align the beam to the faraday. With 320mW before the Faraday, I was able to get 240mW after the output aperture. The spec sheet for the faraday specifies a 93% transmission; but what I measure is only 75%.



  8463   Thu Apr 18 21:12:56 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingFixed

[Den, Manasa]

TRY & TRX power measurement was redone.

TRY measures 66uW and 0.8counts on dataviewer.
TRX measures 70.4uW and 0.84counts on dataviewer.

Detector       Power
QPD-Y          33uW (50%)
TRY-PD         29.8uW (49%)
Y-Camera         1%
QPD-X         35.2uW (50%)
TRX-PD        25.1uW (90%)
X-Camera    10%

  8486   Wed Apr 24 15:27:59 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : progress: New layout

Layout that will be improved upon over the next few days.

Things that need to be updated:
1. Waist size at all optics
2. Beam size at detectors and choice of lenses
3. IPANG & green PD proposed positions


  8522   Thu May 2 01:19:41 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : progress

I started to put together optics at the endtable. I am attaching the layout with the green blocks showing the optics that are assembled and will not be moved henceforth unless somebody contradicts.

1. Power after HWP = 314mW
    Power before faraday = 310mW
    Power after faraday = 300mW (the power loss while aligning the faraday earlier was due to the AR coating on the focusing lens before the faraday - it was AR coated for visible and that accounted to the power lost)

2. Since we do not know the length of TGG inside faraday, I measured the beam profile after the faraday so that I can trace the beam without any errors to calculate exact mode matching solutions.

3. The NPRO beam seems to be obviously elliptical as seen on the IR card and also from beam profile measurement. So we cannot skip including cylindrical lenses in the layout.



  8543   Tue May 7 19:06:45 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : progress

I have updated the waists (W)  and beam diameters (D) at 1064nm optics on the endtable.

I am not able to locate the characteristics of QPD-Y and oplev PD and hence took the beam diameter to be half of the detector surface area to determine their positions.

Beam diameter on PDA520 used for TRY was calculated using the transimpedance and responsivity of the PD from an old elog in 2004.


  8556   Thu May 9 01:36:32 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : progress

Progress with end table:

Parts in green show assembled optics that will not require any changes. Parts in yellow are in place but will need either change of lenses in their optical path or change in position.


  8560   Thu May 9 22:29:23 2013 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : progress

[Annalisa, Manasa]

More optics have been put on the table. Direction of the rejected beam from the 532nm faraday estimated to be ~1.7 deg along -y axis.

Transmon QPD, TRY and camera have beams on them for locking Y arm. Oplev configuration is waiting for it's lens to arrive.


  8605   Tue May 21 16:23:06 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneral40MARS wireless network problem RETURNS


Here's an example of the total horribleness of what's happening right now:

controls@rossa:~ 0$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=3 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=4 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=5 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=6 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=7 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=9 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=10 Destination Host Unreachable
From icmp_seq=11 Destination Host Unreachable
64 bytes from icmp_seq=12 ttl=64 time=10341 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=13 ttl=64 time=10335 ms
--- ping statistics ---
35 packets transmitted, 2 received, +9 errors, 94% packet loss, time 34021ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 10335.309/10338.322/10341.336/4.406 ms, pipe 11
controls@rossa:~ 0$ 

Note that 10 SECOND round trip time and 94% packet loss.  That's just beyond stupid.  I have no idea what's going on.

This has not been fixed!

Temporary solution: I ssh'd to nodus from the 40m wifi network and was able to connect to the FE machines.This works but the bandwidth is limited this way as expected.

40m MARS network needs to be fixed.

  8607   Tue May 21 18:18:23 2013 ManasaUpdateGreen LockingXend Green aligned

X arm aligned to green.

Aligned the X arm to IR.
Used steering mirrors to align the X end green to the X arm while remaining locked for IR. X arm locks to green stably with GTRX at the PSL table measuring 235uW and corresponds to 2560counts in C!:ALS-TRX_OUT.

1. PSL green alignment.
2. Search for beat note.
3. Resurrect ALS for X arm.

  8610   Tue May 21 23:29:57 2013 ManasaUpdateGreen LockingXend Green aligned

X-green and PSL green have been aligned so that they interfere at the beat PD for X.

I haven't scanned the X-end NPRO temperature to find the beat note. I found the earlier elog when this was done (elog 6851) and will use those temperatures to start with.

  8624   Thu May 23 01:27:11 2013 ManasaSummaryLSCXarm beat note search continues

Towards finding the x-arm beat note:

The green would not lock to a maximum GTRX this morning. In the course of aligning the green stably to the X arm, somewhere down the line, the input pointing got messed up (reasons unknown). To set this right, Koji tried to lock the Yarm with POY DC but it wouldn't work. The transmon for Y had to be set up temporarily and the Y arm was locked with TRY. This restored the input pointing and the arms locked with transmission TRX/TRY > 0.9 counts. The transmon path along the Y arm was then re-configured as mentioned in Annalisa's elog.

I still had trouble getting the X-green locked in TEM00 (similar situation mentioned by Jenne in elog). The arm cavity mirrors were tweaked to get the green to resonate in TEM00 but it wouldn't stay locked when the temperature of the x-end NPRO was changed. Koji helped recover missing links to filters for the ALS_X_SLOW servo from the archives. Enabling the filters helped keep the green locking stable for laser temperature changes (which corresponds to 'offset' change in ALS_X_SLOW servo screen).

PSL green alignment was checked once again and the X-end laser temperature was scanned trying to find the beatnote. RFMON from the beatbox was connected to the spectrum analyzer. I have scanned through the whole range of offset but have not been able to find the beat note yet.

The search will continue tomorrow

  8627   Thu May 23 10:48:42 2013 ManasaUpdateIOOMC autolocker and MCWFS enabled

Some strong seismic noise (not related to any earthquakes - watchdogs are all green) had got the MC unlocked this morning.

I found the MC autolocker and MCWFS disabled. Enabling them locked the MC right away. I don't see any updates in the elog  as to why these were left disabled and hence have left them ON now.

  8647   Tue May 28 11:11:37 2013 ManasaUpdateIOOMC aligned

[Jenne, Manasa]

Fixed crappy alignment of MC by moving MC mirrors. MC REFL PD measured 0.5 after alignment. Spot positions were measured using msassMCdecenter. Plot for the same is attached.

  8651   Tue May 28 19:35:17 2013 ManasaUpdateGreen LockingStill searching for the X green beat note


1. Aligned X-arm to IR.
2. Aligned green to the X-arm.
3. PSL green and X-green aligned to the X-green beat PD.
4. Scanned X-green laser temperature (sweep X slow servo offset through the whole range)

I did not succeed in finding the beat note; but noticed something I cannot explain.
With green very stably aligned to the X-arm, GTRX reads 3000 counts. But when the laser temperature is changed and the green unlocks and locks to the X-arm, it locks with GTRX counts over 5000. GTRX stays at 5000 counts as long as the temperature is changing but settles down to 3000 (over a time lapse of tens of seconds) when let to stay at any specific temperature.

  8653   Thu May 30 01:02:41 2013 ManasaUpdateGreen LockingFound it!

X green beat note found!

Key points
1. Near-field and far-field alignment on the PSL table. The near-field alignment checked by looking at the camera and the far-field alignment checked by allowing the beams to propagate by removing the DC PD.
2. Check laser temperature and get a sense of how the offset translates to the actual laser temperature.
3. Get an idea of the expected temperature of laser using the plot in elog.

PSL laser temperature = 31.45 deg C

X end laser temperature = 39.24 deg C
Amplitude of beat note = -40dBm

I do not understand why
1. The amplitude of beatnote falls linearly with frequency (peak traced using 'hold' option of the spectrum analyzer).
2. I found the beat note at the RF output of the PD. Earlier, while I was trying to search for the beatnote from the RFmon output of the betabox, there was a strong peak at 29.6MHz that existed even when the green shutters were closed. It's source has to be traced.

Solve beatbox puzzle and lock arm using ALS.


  8659   Thu May 30 18:29:21 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneralALS medm screens edited

Renaming of the c1gcv model earlier (elog 7011) had left white boxes in most of the ALS medm screens.

Channels names were corrected. No more white boxes.

  8666   Mon Jun 3 21:09:55 2013 ManasaUpdateGreen LockingX green beatnote through beatbox

I connected the X green beat PD output back to the beatbox, did the usual PSL alignment for green and searched for the beat note from the RFmon of the beatbox.

Yuta had used a power splitter which took Xbeat-RFmon and Ybeat-RFmon and used the SUM port to monitor the beat signals. I have removed this splitter and just used the X beat RFmon.

I found the beat note with:

Beat@58.7MHz : Amplitude -30dBm
C1:ALS-TRX_OUT16 = 3000 counts
C1:PSL-FSS_SLOWDC = 0.2250
PSL temperature = 31.52 degC
X- green temperature = 39.34 degC (OFFSET = 5140)

Beatbox calibration


  8675   Wed Jun 5 10:22:12 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneralProjector - viewsonic

Update: We don't have our BIG screen 

There was no light from the projector when I came in this morning. I suspected it might have to do with the lifetime of the bulb. But turning the projector OFF and ON got the projector working....but only for about 10-15 seconds. The display would go OFF after that. I will wait for some additional help to dismount it and check what the problem really is.


  8689   Fri Jun 7 21:33:39 2013 ManasaUpdatePSLPSL green to Y- BEAT PD blocked

To allow Annalisa to work on the Y-green alignment as I work with the X-green, the part of the PSL green beam that goes to the Y-green beat PD has been blocked with an iris.

  8694   Tue Jun 11 22:16:56 2013 ManasaSummaryGreen LockingALS for X arm

I discussed with Yuta about the ALS servo and phase tracker and found that there was a lot of information lying around from last year but there aren't any clear elogs on how to enable ALS and obtain IR resonance.


Guide to enabling the ALS servo and find IR resonance:

The steps will explain in detail how to ressurrect the ALS servo for green X-arm and find IR resonance using ALS. The medm screens are very confusing right now.


(i) Finding the beat note

1. Get the IR to flash in TEM00 for the arm and lock it by enabling LSC (Locking the arm to IR keeps the arm cavity mirrors stable so that you can scan the temperature of the X-end laser to find the beat note).

2. Steer the X-green into the arm cavity such that the arm cavity locks in TEM00 for green as well. At this point you should also have the X-green reaching the PSL table.

3. Align the PSL doubled green (PSL-green) and the X-green in near-field (at the camera) and far-field (letting the beams to propagate beyond the Green-TRX PD).

4. Check cabling of the RF beat PD.

5. Change the X-laser temperature by sweeping the offset (C1: ALS-SLOW_SERVO2_OFFSET) in steps of 10.

6. Find the beat note and tune the alignment at the beat PD to maximize the beatnote amplitude. Disable LSC for X arm.


(ii) The GREEN HORNET explained

'Input signal conditioning' block takes I and Q signals after the delay frequency discriminator (DFD) in the beat box and these signals pass through C1ALS_BEATX_FINE filter banks. The output signal then enters the phase rotation matrix of the phase tracker. The phase tracker gives 'PHASE_OUT' which is the error signal that is fed to the ETM servo filter module (DOF filters)  through the 'Input matrix' in the medm. 

An offset can also be fed to the phase tracker which will scan the beat frequency (used to find IR resonance).


(iii) Scripts

1. easyALS.py - This runs from 'ON plus' or 'ON minus' buttons in the C1ALS_COMPACT. 

The script clears history of 'fine_phase' filter module and increases gain of the servo in steps ('ON plus' for positive gain and 'ON minus' for negative gain).

2. findIRresonance.py - This runs from 'IRres' button in the C1ALS_COMPACT.

It adds offset to the phase tracker in steps which scans the beat frequency to find IR resonance.

P.S. Check the scripts before enabling the servo so that the right filter modules are being turned ON. Using the wrong set of filter modules can kick the ETM.


X arm ALS progress:

I found the beat note and got ALS to work reasonably for the Xarm without kicking the ETM. I did this by manually toggling buttons and changing gains. The scripts need editing.

To do:

Modify the scripts to work as we want them to.

The ALS medm is SSSOOOO confusing. It definitely needs to be fixed (remove all unwanted parts of the screen that existed 'pre-phase tracker').

Find IR resonance.

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