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  7611   Wed Oct 24 18:42:39 2012 ManasaUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsPhase map summary of LaserOptik mirrors



 Raji took the optics over. They were all measured at 0 deg incidence angle, although we will use them at the angles required for the recycling folding mirrors.  Here's the summary from GariLynn:

In general all six pieces have a radius of curvature of around -700 meters.

They all fall off rapidly past 40 mm diameter.  Within the 40 mm diameter the rms is ~10 nm for most.  I can get finer analysis if you have something specific that you want to know. 
All data are saved in Wyko format at the following location:

 After a long search, I've found a way to finally read and analyze(?)  the Wyko opd format data using Image SXM, an image analysis software working only on mac osx.

I am attaching the images (in tiff) and profile plot of all the 6 mirrors.

Attachment 1: sn1Laseroptik_profile
Attachment 2: sn2Laseroptik_profile
Attachment 3: sn3Laseroptik_profile
Attachment 4: sn4Laseroptik_profile
Attachment 5: sn5Laseroptik_profile
Attachment 6: sn6Laseroptik_profile
Attachment 7: sn1.png
Attachment 8: sn2.png
Attachment 9: sn3.png
Attachment 10: sn4.png
Attachment 11: sn5.png
Attachment 12: sn6.png
  7628   Thu Oct 25 23:00:44 2012 ManasaUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase maps

Are these maps drawn from the data we extracted using Image SXM??

  7638   Mon Oct 29 11:27:42 2012 ManasaUpdateGeneraltip-tilt phase maps

 [Jan, Manasa]

Below are phasemaps for the tip-tilts with both tilt and RoC removed. We have not used Koji's code; but tweaked the earlier code to remove curvature.

The RoC values matched approximately to that quoted by Gari Lynn ~700m.

RoC of tip-tilts
RoC (m)
SN1 748.7176
SN2 692.7408
SN3 707.0336
SN4 625.5152
SN5 672.5340
SN6 663.7791



The color scale for height are not the same for all mirrors.


SN1, SN2 and SN3


SN4, SN5 and SN6


  7666   Fri Nov 2 21:40:04 2012 ManasaUpdateAlignmentAS, REFL camera shots


 To get the camera shot of AS, Y1 mirror on the path was replaced by a 99% BS and transmitted beam was directed to the camera via a 50-50 BS (ND filters were distorting the image on the camera introducing fringes).

  7704   Tue Nov 13 11:30:54 2012 ManasaConfiguration40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser

I'm set on the mission to get the new bigger endtables setup for the auxiliary green laser; now that the tables are already here.

I want to have everything documented in this same thread for future reference. It has been a pain trying to filter relevant elogs. I'll be working on the layout redesign one at a time....starting with the ETMX end.

This is the simplest cartoon layout of  ETMX endtable (not the actual table layout):


I have been searching through the elogs for the beam parameters measured earlier. I'm assuming they would not have changed much and will make calculations based on them.

However, we will have to change a few not-so-good mounts and include/exclude some optics.


P.S. HR (steer) are necessary steering mirrors and HR are just folding mirrors for the drawing.




  7705   Tue Nov 13 16:18:51 2012 ManasaConfiguration40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : Circularize the 1W NPRO beam profile

With reference to measurements made earlier: elog

Beam parameters for Innolight 1W NPRO are:

wx0 = 160 um 

wy0 = 181.1 um

z0x = -9.17 cm

z0y = -10.19 cm

The beam is clearly elliptical.  We will introduce an additional pair of cylindrical lenses to circularize the beam before it enters the faraday.

I made calculations for the beam divergence ratio and checked with thor labs catalogue of cylindrical lenses to find pairs that will match the ratio. 

I propose to use lenses with focal lengths f1 = 22.2 mm and f2 = 25 mm. The beam diameter after the lenses will be dx = 164.05 um and dy = 163.19 um.

  7726   Mon Nov 19 20:03:53 2012 ManasaConfiguration40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : ETMX layout on new table

I have attached the possible layout of the optics on the new ETMX endtable. More optics have been added when compared to the early cartoon layout considering that we need additional steering mirrors for reasons like: the table height in and out-of vac are different and several mounts have restricted movement in certain degrees of freedom. 

As you can see, there is enough room for filters and other last time additions that may arise.

I will proceed with calculations based on the distances from the CAD drawing and the spec of the optics if there are no comments or suggestions about the layout.



Attachment 1: ETMX_endtable_New_Model.pdf
  7774   Sat Dec 1 16:58:14 2012 ManasaUpdateWIKI-40M UpdateOptical tables

I have updated the wiki with the layout of the out-of-vac optical tables: Updated optical tables

I used the new camera to take pictures.

Lesson learnt after the update:

To use the new canon to take better pictures of optics tables; set the camera to manual mode; no flash and iso at around 800 or higher if you can hold the camera still for that long. The autofocus works beautifully...so you will not need any minor tweaking of lens to take pictures. 

  7813   Wed Dec 12 11:04:45 2012 ManasaConfiguration40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : ETMX layout on new table

I have updated the layout to fix all the issues brought up. The last couple of 2" green steering mirrors will hold the PZTs for input steering. I will update with the list of optical components that we will be ordering for this layout. The ETMY endtable layout will be similar to this one, except that we will have IPANG setup at the empty space in the right top corner.


  7815   Wed Dec 12 14:59:49 2012 ManasaConfiguration40m UpgradingNew tip-tilts layout in BSC

I have updated the BSC layout to include the new tip-tilts. The bigger footprints of the tiptilts are on in the way of the existing PRM oplev path. So I have recalculated new PRM oplev paths. The proposed layout requires a new oplev mirror to be included.



  7843   Mon Dec 17 21:33:45 2012 ManasaUpdateGeneralVent plan: WE VENT TOMORROW


Manasa is lowering the input power and preparing the mode cleaner.

I aligned the PSL angle and position QPDs...then attenuated the input laser power using HWP-PBS-HWP combo from 1.28W to 100mW following instructions from elog 6892 and elog 7299.

To enable MC locking, I replaced the 10% BS before the MC_REFL PD with Y1 mirror. I tweaked the steering mirrors at the PSL table a teeny tiny bit to enable MC locking. MC is now locked at low power with 1.0 transmission.

  7846   Mon Dec 17 22:49:33 2012 ManasaSummaryGeneralThe projector lamp ended its life?


i just heard a rather large exploding sound in the control room.
I tried to locate the source and found the projector is not illuminating the wall anymore.
There is a slight smell of burning, but nothing is smoking.

Probably the lamp ended its life.

Rana and I just talked about the projector life time an hour ago! It must have been hearing!


We should try purchase a projector with LED this time...longer lifetime! I guess the price of replacing the lamp in the one we have will be more or less same as a new one!

  7848   Tue Dec 18 07:03:40 2012 ManasaUpdateGeneralVent plan: WE VENT TOMORROW



12/19: First thing in the morning we take off the access connector ONLY.  The access connector is all we'll need to replace PZT1.    Put light door on the OMC chamber side immediately, since we won't need to get in there at all.  We won't need the light access connector.

 The access connector is all we'll need to replace PZT1.

Really? Can you be sure of the input pointing this way?







  7858   Wed Dec 19 19:28:12 2012 ManasaUpdateIOOPZT1 removed, TT1 in place


Tip Tilt, serial number ### (Manasa will get the serial number and put it in the elog) was taken out of the cleanroom, for use as TT1.


Depending on how far things get tonight, Jamie and Manasa may ask Steve to help them remove the BS door, so they can get started on replacing PZT2 with TT2.

Tip-Tilt TT1


I have fixed TT1 close to what it's position looks like in the CAD drawing. Only 2/3 of TT1 rests on the table...so we need to be extra careful when we will move it for alignment.

Serial Number:  SN 027

dcc number: D1001450-V2

 We are still in the process of removing the quadrupus from the TT, figuring out which connector goes where, putting it on correctly, and re-testing.

We closed the IMC chamber with light doors calling it a day!


  7861   Thu Dec 20 10:11:12 2012 ManasaUpdateIOOTT1 connections


We've been trying to figure out the connector for the TTs. Since, we found the cables were plugged in wrong in TT1; when triggered in pitch, the mirror moves in yaw and viceversa.

Referring to the cabling diagram, D1000234-v10, we infer that connectors go as J2 - LR, J3 - UR, J4 - LL, J5 - UL and the connections are made looking at the mirror from behind.

  7889   Thu Jan 10 12:41:06 2013 ManasaConfiguration40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : wiki page


I have created a wiki page linked here with all details about the endtable upgrade.

The page has links to the new drawing for doubler post to hold the tilt-aligner that holds it. The Faradays will also be mounted similarly on tilt aligners placed on these posts. The bulk mounts will be made of aluminium similar to the colorful cylindrical mounts (images of which can be seen in the archived layouts on the wiki) that hold the He-Ne lasers and few faradays now.

  7891   Fri Jan 11 11:07:04 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneralIFO status update - PMC problems

I came in this morning to see that the PMC was down. The PZT voltage had drifted to below 50V. I adjusted the FSS slow controls to 0V and PZT was back at 126V.

PMC and IMC could eventually be locked.

History of PZT voltage behaviour in dataviewer over the last 24 hours shows it has been drifting everytime after it has been fixed.

  7893   Fri Jan 11 17:32:10 2013 ManasaUpdateAlignmentTT2 connections


 Manasa, Jenne

We started off to try and get TT2 working. We used the cables Jamie had already prepared while working on TT1 and used them to connect TT to the channels in 1Y3.

There were sma cable connectors already running between the channels 5-8 on the board to the UL,LL,UR and LR. Triggering the UL LL UR LR matrix on epics did not show any analog voltage at the output analog channels on the board. Talking to Jamie over phone, we inferred  that the  SMA cables that were already left connected corresponded to channels assigned for TT4 in epics.  So we set the connections right and could see analog voltage outputs corresponding to epics triggers.

We connected the ribbon cables running from the board to the TT. But changing pitch and yaw did not do anything to the TT2 mirror. We opened the BS door and checked if  the tt cables were connected to the post. We beeped the cable running from the board to TT (we also traced the cable's trail through the cable rack pile from 1Y3 to BSC). Using a function generator at the board end of the cable, we could not observe anything at the TT end of the cable.

We ran out of options on what can be done next and closed the doors. We hope Jamie can fix the problem once he returns next week.

  7899   Mon Jan 14 19:56:48 2013 ManasaUpdate TT


 [Manasa, Jenne]

The motion of the magnets (~1.5mm estimated by looking at the magnets moving) correspond to ~2deg. tilt of the mirror. This would mean almost 1.5m shift at the ETM end (~45m from the TT).

  7902   Tue Jan 15 20:00:42 2013 ManasaUpdateAlignmentAdjustment of active TTs and input alignment


Just for reference! The changes made to the TT matrix in order to fix the polarity problem:

The old matrix values are mentioned in elog!


PIT    YAW                   New                   

Pit slider           |  -100   -100  |  UL  

     0               | -100    100   |  LL

Yaw slider           |  100   -100   |  UR

    0                |  100    100   |  LR








  7915   Thu Jan 17 19:33:53 2013 ManasaUpdateAlignmentPRM oplev

 We had to work on redesigning the oplev layout in BSC when I found that the positions of the mirrors were clipping IPPOS and the green beam while updating the CAD layout.  

To avoid any clipping, the prm oplev beam is steered into the vacuum by an oplev mirror and out of vacuum through 3 steering mirrors. The table weights had to be moved to allow room for the oplev mirrors. Hence table had to be re-leveled. I will update the CAD drawing with the current position of the mirrors and will reconfirm that the new mirrors are not in the way of any of the beams. In-vac photos are updated in picasa.

  7930   Wed Jan 23 18:16:11 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneralLaseroptik mirror - SN6

 I repeated the transmittance measurements of LaserOptik SN6 @1064nm.

Transmittance for s-polarization 

0 deg - 0.524
45 deg - 0.055

Transmittance for p-polarization

0 deg - 0.515
45 deg - 0.1047 0.01047

Raji's measurements are here.

Attachment 1: sn6_trans.png
  7935   Wed Jan 23 22:02:25 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneralLaseroptik mirror - SN6


Got confused (even after I talked with Manasa).

The plot shows the number ~0.01 or less at 45deg. But the number is the text does not match with the plot.

Please use the logarithmic scale for the vertical axis.
And more points between 35 to 50 deg please (like ~1deg spacing)

Don't we have the data sheet from the coater? Can we request it?

I corrected the typo in the text...however, I agree the plot was lame...Will get the data sheet made tomorrow! 

  7940   Thu Jan 24 15:16:50 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneralLaseroptik mirror - SN6

I repeated the transmittance measurements of Laseroptik SN6 at 1064nm. The rotation stage could only resolve 2 deg rotation (We should consider buying a better rotation stage).


Percentage transmittance

       0.177% 42 deg
       0.806% 44 deg
       0.57%   46 deg
       54.8%    0 deg


Percentage transmittance

       1.039% 42deg
       1.155% 44 deg
       1.159% 46 deg
        65.6%   0 deg


  7947   Mon Jan 28 19:07:45 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneralSN6 Laseroptik mirror - Tranmittance measurements

I repeated the measurements using NPRO instead of Crystalaser. I am attaching optical layouts for these measurements for future reference. 

Lesson learnt : Do not use Crystalaser for transmission measurements and always separate the transmitted main beam from other beams that result from the wedged surface of the mirror. 


Measurements match specs provided by Laseroptik


T percentage = 0.10% 42 deg
                            0.092% 44 deg
                            0.086% 46 deg
Minimum transmittance = 0.081% 52deg


T percentage = 0.048% 42 deg
                            0.047% 44 deg
                            0.047% 46 deg
Minimum transmittance = 0.047% 46 deg


  7948   Mon Jan 28 19:15:14 2013 ManasaUpdateScatteringScattering setup

 [Jan, Manasa]

We are trying to get some scattering measurements in the Y-arm cavity. We have removed one of  the viewport windows window covers of ETMY chamber and have installed cameras on a ring that clamps to the window. The window along with the ring attachment is covered with aluminium foil when not in use.

  7955   Tue Jan 29 15:16:18 2013 ManasaFrogsGeneraltrial run


 I would like to suggest a trial run on these....Ergomates and the cleanboot!



REPLY by JCD:  Are these going to trap dirt and be impossible to clean though?  The nice thing about Crocs and the giant flip flops is that they are solid and if they get dirty you can do a quick wipedown, and they're good as new.

  7962   Wed Jan 30 11:18:31 2013 ManasaUpdateScatteringScattering setup


 [Jan, Manasa]

We are trying to get some scattering measurements in the Y-arm cavity. We have removed one of  the viewport windows window covers of ETMY chamber and have installed cameras on a ring that clamps to the window. The window along with the ring attachment is covered with aluminium foil when not in use.

[Jan, Manasa]

To align the camera to see small angle scattering from the ITMY, we tried shooting a green laser pointer at the pickoff mirror that was installed in the ETMY chamber such that we hit the face of ITMY. But we concluded that to be a very bad way to align the camera because we have no means to reconfirm that the camera was exactly looking at the scattering from ITMY.

Since we are in air, we came up with a plan B. The plan is to temporarily install a mirror in the ITMY chamber to steer the beam from the laser pointer (installed on the POY table) through ITMY to the pickoff mirror at the ETMY end. This way, we can install the camera at the ETMY window and be sure we are looking at ITMY scattered light. 

  7967   Wed Jan 30 16:24:25 2013 ManasaFrogsGeneraltrial run



REPLY by JCD:  Are these going to trap dirt and be impossible to clean though?  The nice thing about Crocs and the giant flip flops is that they are solid and if they get dirty you can do a quick wipedown, and they're good as new.

 The Cleanboot is washable and reusable!

  7971   Thu Jan 31 11:53:31 2013 ManasaUpdateScatteringScattering setup

Since we are in air, we came up with a plan B. The plan is to temporarily install a mirror in the ITMY chamber to steer the beam from the laser pointer (installed on the POY table) through ITMY to the pickoff mirror at the ETMY end. This way, we can install the camera at the ETMY window and be sure we are looking at ITMY scattered light. 


We executed plan B. We installed the green laser pointer on POY table and steered the beam  through ITMY to hit the pick off mirror at the ETM end by installing *temporary mirrors. The pick off mirror was adjusted in pitch and yaw to center the reflected beam on the viewport window. We have installed irides on the ring attached to the viewport window to direct the beam to the camera.

*Temporary mirrors were removed from the ITMY chamber after this alignment.

  8016   Wed Feb 6 20:00:06 2013 ManasaUpdateElectronicsBNC cables piled up at every corner

 [Yuta, Steve, Manasa]

There are cables piled up around the access connector area which have been victims of stampedes all the time. I have heard these cables were somehow Den's responsibility. 

Now that he is not around here:

I found piled up bnc's open at one end and with no labels lying on the floor near the access connector and PSL area. Yuta, Steve and I tried to trace them and found them connected to data channels. We could not totally get rid of the pile even after almost an hour of struggle, but we tied them together and put them away on the other side of the arm where we rarely walk.

There are more piles around the access connector...we should have a next cleanup session and get rid of these orphaned cables or atleast move them to where they will not be walked on.





  8017   Wed Feb 6 20:03:50 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingPRC cavity gains


  Getting closer, but need to use the real measured AR reflectivity values, not the 1500 ppm guess. These should be measured at the correct angles and pol, using an NPRO.

 I'm still on that!

  8018   Wed Feb 6 20:19:52 2013 ManasaUpdateOpticsG&H and LaserOptik mirrors

[Koji, Manasa]

We measured the wedge angle of the G&H and LaserOptik mirrors at the OMC lab using an autocollimator and rotation stage.

The wedge angles:

G&H : 18 arc seconds (rough measurement)

LaserOptik : 1.887 deg

  8020   Thu Feb 7 09:03:54 2013 ManasaUpdateGeneralStore optics in respective cabinets


The ITMX table has been left open since yesterday. I am disconnecting your oscilloscope and closing the table.

To whomsoever it may concern...

I found about half a dozen new cvi optics (beam splitters, waveplates and lenses) lying around on the SP table.

Please store optics back in their respective cabinets if you are not using them immediately. Somebody might be looking around to use them. 









  8023   Thu Feb 7 14:10:25 2013 ManasaUpdateOpticsLaserOptik - AR Reflectivity - Bad data

Reflectivity of AR surface of LaserOptik (SN6)


The first step measurements of R for AR surface. I am not convinced with the data....because the power meter is a lame detector for this measurement.

I'm repeating the measurements again with PDs. But below is the log R plot for AR surface.

R percentage

6000ppm @ 42 deg
3560ppm @ 44 deg
7880ppm @ 46 deg
4690ppm @ 48 deg



  8045   Fri Feb 8 21:14:52 2013 ManasaUpdateOpticsG&H - AR Reflectivity

 Hours of struggle and still no data 

I tried to measure the AR reflectivity and the loss due to flipping of G&H mirrors

 With almost no wedge angle, separating the AR reflected beam from the HR reflected beam seems to need more tricks.


The separation between the 2 reflected rays is expected 0.8mm. After using a lens along the incident beam, this distance was still not enough to be separable by an iris.

The first trick: I could find a prism and tried to refract the beams at the edge of the prism...but the edges weren't that sharp to separate the beams (Infact I thought an axicon would do the job better..but I think we don't have any of those).

Next from the bag of tricks: I installed a camera to see if the spots can actually be resolved.

The camera image shows the 2 sets of focal spots; bright set to the left corresponding to HR reflected beam and the other from the AR surface. I expect the ghost images to arise from the 15 arcsec wedge of the mirror. I tried to mask one of the sets using a razor blade to see if I can separate them and get some data using a PD. But, it so turns out that even the blade edge is not sharp enough to separate them.

If there are any more intelligent ideas...go ahead and suggest! 



  8047   Fri Feb 8 23:04:40 2013 ManasaUpdateOpticsG&H - AR Reflectivity


D = 2 d Tan(\phi) Cos(\theta), where \phi = ArcSin(Sin(\theta) * n)

\theta is the angle of incidence. For a small \theta, D is propotional to \theta.

n1Sin(\theta1) = n2 Sin(\theta2)

So it should be

\phi = ArcSin(Sin(\theta) / n 

I did check the reflected images for larger angles of incidence, about 20 deg and visibly (on the IR card) I did not see much change in the separation. But I will check it with the camera again to confirm on that.

  8063   Mon Feb 11 19:55:47 2013 ManasaUpdateOpticsG&H - AR Reflectivity


I adjusted the focal length of the focusing lens and reduced the beam size enough to mask with the razor blade edge while looking at the camera and then making measurements using PD.

I am still not satisfied with this data because the R of the HR surface measured after flipping seems totally unbelievable (at around 0.45).

G&H AR reflectivity

R percentage

11 ppm @4 deg
19.8 ppm @6 deg
20 ppm @ 8 deg
30 ppm @ 20 deg

  8072   Tue Feb 12 23:22:14 2013 ManasaUpdateScatteringScattering setup


 [Jan, Manasa]

We installed a camera at the ETMY end to look at the scattering pickoff from the ITMY. We were able to see the whole of the beam tube. We need to meditate on where to assemble the camera and use appropriate lenses to narrow the field of view such that we avoid looking at scattering from other sources inside the chamber.

  8113   Wed Feb 20 01:40:37 2013 ManasaUpdateAlignmentFinal IFO alignment- in progress

[Yuta, Sendhil, Jamie, Jenne, Rana]

1. After the MC centering, we tried to align the IFO using IPPOS and IPANG as reference. This did not recover the alignment perfectly. We were clipping at the BS aperture. Using TTs, we centered the beam at BS and PRM.
2. Using TTs, the beam was centered at ITMY and ETMY.
3. IPPOS and IPANG mirrors in-vacuum were aligned and were centered at the out-of-vacuum optics.
4. We checked the centering of the beam on optics in the BS and ITMY chamber. (Yuta will make an elog with the layout)
5. We retro-reflected ITMY at the BS and aligned ETMY such that we saw a couple of bounces in the arm cavity.
6. Using BS, the beam was steered to go through the center of ITMX and ETMX.
7. At this point we were able to see the MI fringes at the AS port.
8. We made fine alignments to the ITMX such that we saw MI reflected at the Farday.
9. We retro-reflected ITMX and aligned ETMX to see the beam bounce at the ITMX.
10. We aligned PRM such that PRC flashes. But we were not happy with the flashes (they were in higher order modes). We suspect that minor tuning of the input pointing might be necessary.
11. We closed for the day

  8130   Thu Feb 21 16:53:37 2013 ManasaUpdatePSLPSL shutter

[Steve, Jenne, Yuta, Manasa]

We have kept the laser ON at low power through the pump down process. As we pumped down, at around 400torr, we found that the PSL mech shutter closed. Steve explained  that it was due to an interlock with a pressure gauge. To keep the IFO running, we switched the shutter from N.C (normally close) to N.O (normally open). This should be undone after the pumpdown.

In the process of figuring out, we reset the shutter and switched it ON and OFF a couple of times.

  8133   Thu Feb 21 19:55:02 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingGreen locking in arms

[Yuta, Manasa]

We have aligned the Y-arm to lock in green. The green beams at the PSL table were clipping at the attenuation optics we installed for the vent (HWP-PBS-HWP). We had to move the polarization changing wave plate to get the green beam on the steering mirror. We installed the GRNT camera on the PSL table and aligned the arms to get TEM00 flashing. Green TRX PD was then installed and the trans power was brought to a maximum of 210uW.
We will use this to align the IR to the arm when we are back in full power tomorrow.

Attachment 1: ETMYF_1045540570.png
  8137   Fri Feb 22 13:03:49 2013 ManasaUpdate MC REFL PD murder


[Yuta, Manasa]

We turned IFO power back to 1.25W by removing the attenuator and forgot that the Y1 mirror before the REFL PD must be replaced with BS 10% before getting to full power. The PD is dead  and now we are in the process of fixing it. Forgive us for all our sins!

On the other note, we have changed the mech shutter mode from N.O back to N.C. So the shutter now works as usual from the medm screen.


  8138   Fri Feb 22 17:33:25 2013 ManasaUpdateElectronicsMC REFL PD back from the dead


 [Yuta, Manasa]

We replaced the dead photodiode on MC REFL PD with a new one (GAP 2000). We measured the frequency response of the PD and tuned the resonant frequency using inductor L5 (in the circuit diagram) to be 29.575MHz - over an average of 10 measurements.

Riju is measuring the characteristics of the PD and will be posting an elog in detail.

  8142   Sat Feb 23 00:36:52 2013 ManasaSummaryLockingMC locked

[Yuta, Manasa, Sendhil, Rana]

With MC REFL PD fixed, we aligned MC in high power enabling a fully functional MC autolocker.
We then unlocked MC and aligned the PD and WFS QPDs. Also we checked the MC demodulator and found a ~20% leakage between the Q-phase and I-phase. This must be fixed later by changing the cable length.

We adjusted MC offsets using /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/MC/WFS/WFS_FilterBank_offsets.
We then measured the MC spot positions using  /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/ASS/MC/mcassMCdecenter
Spot positions seem to have shifted by 2mm in yaw.

We will proceed with aligning the arms now.

Attachment 1: MCdecenter_23Feb2013.png
  8152   Sun Feb 24 00:14:28 2013 ManasaUpdateSUSSUS Summary

I tried to fix the alarms for sensors on the SUS summary screen. I checked earlier elogs and found the setSensors.py script.

I received errors while running the script and pianosa was refused connection to nds. Yuta suspects problems with the lib directory.

Jamie! Can you fix this?

  8170   Tue Feb 26 11:55:11 2013 ManasaUpdateLockingFPMI locked

 [Yuta, Manasa]

FPMI locked.

Alignment and lock acquisition
1. Use ITMY/ETMY to maximize green transmission in Y arm (to get closer to arm alignment).
2. Use TT1/TT2 to align arms to IR to the Y-arm (Maximum TRY = 0.84)
3. Use BS/ITMX/ETMX to align IR to the X-arm.
4. Use POY11_I and POX11_I to lock Yarm and Xarm.
5. Use ASDC to lock MI.

1. X-arm trans camera settings changed.
2. Blocked stray green from reaching TRX PD and camera.

P.S. TRX seems to be moving less on the camera because of the oplevs centered and working from last night.

Lock green to X arm.

  8192   Wed Feb 27 20:50:41 2013 ManasaUpdateLSC22/110MHz path for POP

[Yuta, Manasa]

Modified POP path.

1. Removed temporary POP DC and the BS 50 (elog)
2. Introduced a 95% BS after the POP steering mirrors (95% of the signal goes to PD10CF used for POP22 and 5% goes to POP camera)
3. Output of PD10CF goes to the LSC rack through POP110 heliax cable.
4. The PD output at the LSC rack  goes through a DC block to separate DC from RF.


We could not find a power supply slot for the amplifiers on the LSC rack. We had to put a temporary power supply in contradiction to our 'no temporary power supply' policy.

  8228   Tue Mar 5 00:24:52 2013 ManasaConfiguration40m UpgradingEndtable upgrade for auxiliary green laser : customized mount

 Drawing of customized mount for endtable doubler crystal (PV40+PVP2+NP9071) modified and updated on the endtable upgrade wiki page.

  8237   Wed Mar 6 02:46:20 2013 ManasaUpdateLSCPRMI locking for g-factor measurement

 [Yuta, Manasa]

PRMI alignment procedure for carrier locking has been kept the same except that a couple of issues that have persisted are now taken care of.

We were able to keep PRMI locked for over a minute (POPDC measures 2200) .

1. Trigger levels to MICH and PRCL for PRMI locking have been changed
Whenever we enabled LSC controls to lock PRMI, ITMY moves haphazard if PRM is not aligned. This is because of the low trigger levels of POPDC which keeps MICH triggered all the time while we align PRM. Increasing POPDC trigger (Upper level : 1000 and Lower level:20) for both MICH and PRCL solved this problem and resulted in a more stable ITMY. Also this has stabilized locking greatly if the alignment is fair enough.

Quoting Yuta's elog "  I found C1:SUS-ITMY_LSC_GAIN is somehow set to be 2.895 recently. I think this should be 1.0. Maybe this is why we had actuation imbalance in ITMs(elog #8212)."
This has been reset to 1.0 and it has not affected PRMI locking.


1. Filter module (FM1) on PRCL and MICH show significant delay while enabling and disabling.

2. I tried to fix PMC alignment (PMC trans was 0.76). I was not able to get PMC trans more than 0.79.
PMC has been this way since yesterday.

3. MICH is still bright when locked (ASDC_OUT reads 0.08 for dark and 2.0 for bright). We suspect it is because of the AS55_I error offset that persists even after running LSCoffsets script.

4. PRMI shows some dither at 3Hz when locked.

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