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  5943   Fri Nov 18 08:29:35 2011 SureshUpdateIOOHEPA air-flow effect on WFS.[Koji, Suresh]
    We investigated
the effect of airflow from the HEPA filters
  5944   Fri Nov 18 11:16:08 2011 ranaUpdateIOOeom box


  5945   Fri Nov 18 11:28:39 2011 ranaUpdateGreen LockingY end green PDH servo : it's okay


  5946   Fri Nov 18 12:11:24 2011 ZachUpdateGreen LockingY end green PDH servo : it's okay


  5947   Fri Nov 18 15:35:18 2011 kiwamuUpdateIOORF generation box : power switch malfunctionJenne
gave me a spare LED power switch
  5949   Fri Nov 18 15:45:11 2011 MirkoUpdateIOOMode cleaner noise projection[Rana, Den, Mirko]
Updated the MC noise projection to
include the longitudinal motion of the MC
  5950   Fri Nov 18 16:37:14 2011 steveUpdateVACpreparing for ac power interruptionThe vacuum is ready for no AC power for
1 hr on Sunday morning at 10am
  5951   Fri Nov 18 19:07:07 2011 JenneUpdateRF SystemFoam house on EOM[Jenne, Zach, Frank]
Frank helped Zach and I cable up
at PT-100 RTD, and make sure it worked with
  5952   Fri Nov 18 19:57:19 2011 MirkoUpdateIOOMode cleaner noise projection 
Some more info on this:
  5953   Fri Nov 18 23:44:33 2011 ranaUpdateIOOMode cleaner noise projectionCould use some more detail on how this
measurement was done. It looks like you used
the SUSPOS signal with the mirror moving,
  5954   Sat Nov 19 00:09:02 2011 ZachUpdateRF SystemFoam house on EOM


  5955   Sat Nov 19 00:34:36 2011 ZachUpdateRF Systemwhy the Newport 6000 isn't working I just figured out why the Newport
6000 isn't stabilizing the temperature. It is designed
  5956   Sat Nov 19 00:47:24 2011 ZachUpdateGreen LockingY-Arm locked with PDH Box #17I installed the newly modified PDH  error_sig_m_11_18_11.png 
  5957   Sat Nov 19 01:26:16 2011 DenUpdateIOOMode cleaner noise projection


  5958   Sat Nov 19 06:04:43 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC_WFS Servo: The MC2_TRANS_PIT and YAW loops switched ONWithout adding significant amounts of noise
to other WFS loops I have engaged the MC2_TRANS_PIT
and YAW loops. 
  5959   Sat Nov 19 10:41:30 2011 ranaUpdateIOOMC_WFS Servo: The MC2_TRANS_PIT and YAW loops switched ONI'm quite sure that this is not good: since
MC2 can
produce a signal in WFS1 and WFS2, it cannot
  5960   Sat Nov 19 12:57:55 2011 MirkoUpdateIOOMode cleaner noise projection

  5961   Sat Nov 19 15:58:04 2011 MirkoUpdateIOOSome more looks into OSEM noise[Den, Mirko]
We looked some more into the the
OSEM signals and their coherence to the seismometer
  5962   Sun Nov 20 13:51:54 2011 steveUpdateVACvacuum is back up after ac interruptionState condition: Vac Normal,         
CC1 ~8e-6 Torr
The IFO pressure peaked at 
  5963   Sun Nov 20 14:48:55 2011 kiwamuUpdateGeneralrecovery from the power shutdownRecovery
from the power shutdown
 - Turned on the raid disk of
  5964   Sun Nov 20 15:11:09 2011 kiwamuUpdateIOORFAM monitoring testDO NOT CHANGE
  5965   Sun Nov 20 15:33:37 2011 ranaUpdateGeneralrecovery from the power shutdown restarted Apache on Nodus for the
SVN as per wiki instructions
  5966   Mon Nov 21 12:48:00 2011 JenneUpdateIOORFAM monitoring testI don't think I touched/adjusted/whatever
anything, but I did open the PSL table ~5-10min
ago to measure the size of the Kiwamu-Box,
  5967   Mon Nov 21 14:15:25 2011 JenneUpdateIOORFAM monitoring test

  5968   Mon Nov 21 14:35:28 2011 kiwamuUpdateIOORFAM monitoring test   REFL_RFAM.png 
  5969   Mon Nov 21 15:47:58 2011 MirkoUpdateIOOOsem loop shape[Jenne, Mirko]
reiterate: We changed the OSEM loop shape
  5970   Mon Nov 21 16:08:04 2011 kiwamuUpdateGreen Locking2nd trial of Y arm ALS noise budget : broad band noise gone


  5971   Mon Nov 21 17:07:34 2011 MirkoUpdateCDSc1pem model deadFor some reason C1PEM doesn't seem to work
anymore after a recompilation. It did recompile
fine. We just changed some channel / subsystem
  5972   Mon Nov 21 17:48:36 2011 KojiUpdateIOORFAM monitoring testDo we care about the AC? I thought what
we care is the DC.
  5973   Mon Nov 21 22:51:55 2011 MirkoUpdateCDSc1pem model dead

  5974   Tue Nov 22 00:19:10 2011 kiwamuUpdateSUSc1auxey hadware rebootedI found that the slow machine c1auxey,
which controls and monitoring the ETMY suspension
  5975   Tue Nov 22 04:02:47 2011 kiwamuUpdateIOOchanged MC alignmentI
have changed the MC2_YAW DC bias because
the PZT1_YAW was railing.
  5976   Tue Nov 22 06:12:43 2011 ZachUpdateRF SystemPrototype temperature controllerTonight I built a simpler version of  refres1.pngrefres2.pngproto_temp_ctrl.pngschematic.png 
  5977   Tue Nov 22 14:39:50 2011 JenneUpdateelogAfternoon elog restartGave the elog its afternoon / tea-time
reboot, since it was hanging yet again.
  5978   Tue Nov 22 15:18:18 2011 kiwamuUpdateGreen Lockingbroad band noise depends on the gain of Y green PDH. and comaprator broken


  5979   Tue Nov 22 18:15:39 2011 jamieUpdateCDSc1iscex ADC found dead. Replaced, c1iscex working againc1iscex has not been running for a couple
of days (since the power shutdown at least).
I was assuming that the problem was recurrence
  5980   Tue Nov 22 18:42:10 2011 kiwamuSummaryGreen LockingSome issues on the Y end green PDH locking[Rana / Kiwamu]
a part of the ALS noise budgeting we took
  5981   Tue Nov 22 20:45:21 2011 MirkoUpdateIOOMeasurement of the actuator matrixTried measuring the actuator matrix for
With the watchdogs tripped I cut
  5982   Tue Nov 22 23:06:13 2011 kiwamuUpdateSUSMC watchdogs[Rana / Mirko / Kiwamu]
  5983   Wed Nov 23 00:00:53 2011 ZachSummaryGreen LockingSome issues on the Y end green PDH locking


  5984   Wed Nov 23 00:30:14 2011 ZachUpdateRF SystemEOM temperature controller trials[Jenne, Zach]
We did some testing of the prototype
temperature controller. When I left it late
  5985   Wed Nov 23 00:30:55 2011 ZachUpdateelogsucksTried the script 3 times and it didn't
come back. Pkill'd and then scripted. That
  5986   Wed Nov 23 02:34:28 2011 MirkoUpdatePEMSeismic spectrum & StriptoolThe Striptool for the BLRMS seismic channels
is running now. Channels are ( still ) recorded
as slow EPICS channels.
  5987   Wed Nov 23 13:53:36 2011 ZachUpdateGreen LockingSensor noiseThe in-loop Y-Arm error signal looks
equal to the beat note noise divided by the
Y-Arm OL gain in the broadband-noise region
  5988   Wed Nov 23 14:47:14 2011 JenneConfigurationEnvironmentAC in the IFO room was offI turned it back on, maybe around 11am? 
Definitely a little while before the 12:30
  5989   Wed Nov 23 16:48:39 2011 SureshUpdateGeneralcable cleanup[Koji Suresh]
As part of the general lab clean
up we removed many unused BNC cables (long
  5990   Wed Nov 23 16:55:57 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC realignedThe PSL alignment into the MC was too poor
for the autolocker to engage.  So retaining
the last coil slider settings on the MC_Align
  5991   Wed Nov 23 18:28:09 2011 KojiUpdateIOORFAMPD channels / EOM monitor channels added to DAQThe
following channels have been registered in
c1iool0 database, and are now recorded by
  5992   Wed Nov 23 22:58:33 2011 KojiUpdateGeneralc1iscaux2 is back (re: recovery from the power shutdown)Keying again did not help to solve the
issue. I turned off the power at the back
of the crate, and turn it on again. 
  5993   Thu Nov 24 01:28:09 2011 kiwamuUpdateGeneral1X8 sorensen came back


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