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Entry  Wed May 24 13:19:28 2023, Paco, Update, BHD, BH44 and BH55 dc transimpedance modified PXL_20230524_191008053~2.jpgPXL_20230524_192525594~2.jpgPXL_20230524_193122794~2.jpgPXL_20230524_194225616~2.jpg
    Reply  Wed May 24 17:36:25 2023, Paco, Update, BHD, BH44_I content and PRC alignment Screenshot_2023-05-24_17-38-22_PRMI_REFLDCvsBH44.pngScreenshot_2023-05-24_17-40-58_PRY_REFLDCvsBH44.pngScreenshot_2023-05-24_17-44-49_PRY_REFLDCvsBH44_PRM0.5Hz.pngScreenshot_2023-05-24_17-46-13_ITMSBOUNCE.png
Entry  Thu May 25 14:40:03 2023, Paco, Update, Calibration, Measured the PSL wavelength PXL_20230525_205542591~2.jpgPXL_20230525_205332570.jpg
Entry  Thu May 25 13:38:28 2023, advait, Summary, PEM, Existing temperature control hardware temp_board.jpeg
    Reply  Fri May 26 11:16:46 2023, Anchal, Summary, PEM, Temperature sensing circuit with AD590 
Entry  Fri May 19 15:25:00 2023, Mayank, Update, PSL, PSL tripped - removed internal fans 20230519_123659.jpgafterfans_PSLcontroller_Screenshot_2023-05-19_15-48-04.png
    Reply  Fri May 26 15:04:12 2023, JC, Update, PSL, PSL Fans Replaced IMG_5650.jpegIMG_5653.jpegScreenshot_2023-05-26_16-25-54.png
Entry  Mon Dec 5 12:05:29 2022, Anchal, Update, CDS, c1sus2 all FE models crashed spontaneously c1sus2Failed.txtc1sus2Failed.png
    Reply  Thu Feb 9 10:05:37 2023, yuta, Update, CDS, c1sus2 all FE models crashed spontaneously again 
       Reply  Mon May 29 11:04:13 2023, Paco, Update, CDS, c1sus2 all FE models crashed spontaneously again 
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