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  17866   Thu Sep 21 14:22:02 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics CDS UpdateI recalculated the scale factors between
OSEM sensor readings after/before the upgrade.
The expected factor is 8.64, although we
  17865   Thu Sep 21 12:02:25 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralPower Outage Sept 21, 2023 ~9AM[JC, Paco, Koji]

We had a power outage on Sept 21,
2023 at ~9AM. This is the third power outage
  17864   Wed Sep 20 18:18:38 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Wed Plan[Koji, Murtaza, JC]

Regarding PRM/BS:

PRM2 cable and BS2 cable
  17863   Wed Sep 20 17:28:17 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsre: Filter Coefficient Loading IssueI noticed the same issue today with C1RMS.txt,
when trying to update the coil actuation
gains for SRM. The filter changes were saved
  17862   Wed Sep 20 17:02:22 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics ~ change in the actuator calibration[Paco, Radhika]


  17861   Wed Sep 20 14:04:58 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics ~ change in the actuator calibrationMC1/MC2/MC3 damping

I tweaked
  17860   Wed Sep 20 00:20:09 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics ~ change in the actuator calibrationI found the actuator calibration is more
complicated. The numbers I reported in the
previous elog was not correct.
  17859   Wed Sep 20 00:03:22 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsre: Filter Coefficient Loading IssueI asked CDS mattermost for help. Chris
(Wipf) checked it and reported it is working
fine as usual (without fixing anything).
  17858   Tue Sep 19 23:40:33 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Wed PlanPlan
for Sept 20, 2023

For morning people:
  17857   Tue Sep 19 20:49:08 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Trouble shooting[Murtaza, Koji]

ITMX / BS / PRM sat amps were removed
from the rack and checked on the workbench.
  17856   Tue Sep 19 19:48:20 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Trouble shooting[Paco, Murtaza, JC, Koji, Radhika]

MC1/MC2 was working fine.

  17855   Tue Sep 19 19:21:10 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 5[Koji, Radhika]

Update to the Foton/Load
  17854   Tue Sep 19 17:25:38 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 5MCs
OSEM input / coil output gain tuning

that MC1, MC2, MC3 OSEM readings looked reasonable
  17853   Mon Sep 18 23:09:40 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4MC1 is ready for the damping test

Trouble shooting plan

Is the LED on? => Check
  17852   Mon Sep 18 20:16:03 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4- Here is the thought how does the factor
of 9 come from:

We are driving OSEM LEDs
  17849   Mon Sep 18 18:38:02 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4[Koji, Paco, Radhika]

We recorded the 5 OSEM sensor readings
for each of the 8 upgraded optics.
  17848   Mon Sep 18 10:26:12 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4[JC, Paco, Radhika, Koji]

Morning/Afternoon work:

Long DB cable installation
  17847   Fri Sep 15 22:57:15 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsc1sus ADC1 AA chassis fixc1sus ADC1 AA chassis fix.

Brought the chassis on
the workbench.
Opened the chassis
  17846   Fri Sep 15 18:50:34 2023 KojiUpdateCDSDolphin Fencing Investigation / Full CDS crash / nodus reboot / recovered allDolphin
Fencing technique

I believe that the dolphin emits
  17845   Fri Sep 15 12:51:29 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 3[Radhika, Paco, Murtaza, Koji]

We made great
  17844   Thu Sep 14 11:46:28 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 2[Radhika, Paco, Murtaza, Koji]

Morning work:

Power Strip assembly
  17843   Wed Sep 13 17:26:26 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 1[Radhika, Paco, Murtaza, Koji]

- Removed all the units
that will not be used in the new setup.
  17842   Wed Sep 13 14:02:29 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ final prep- 4x 1064nm NPROs
are OFF. The lab hall is laser safe, although
  17841   Wed Sep 13 13:50:48 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ final prepOSEM values for 8 vertex optics ~before~
electronics upgrade (averaged over 60 s):

  17840   Wed Sep 13 12:46:03 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ final prep
[OK] Reflected the sorensen
setup (minimal change from the conventional
config. (See the attachment)

  17839   Tue Sep 12 23:10:06 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics TransitionNote on Sorensen:

- Eurocard crate requires
+-15V. We can place two 15V Sorensens on
  17838   Tue Sep 12 18:55:55 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics TransitionWe are ready to do the transition
from Wed 1PM.

The items for the upgrade was collected
  17837   Tue Sep 12 18:49:51 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralTransformed 3x 18bit AI chassis into 16bitFor the preparation of the electronics
upgrade, three 18bit DAC AI chassis were
transformed to 16bit version.
  17836   Mon Sep 11 19:35:27 2023 RadhikaUpdateASSReducing XARM-ASS Errors[Radhika, Murtaza, Paco]

Today we decided to take a closer
look at the demod phases of the T and L error
  17835   Sat Sep 9 16:25:07 2023 RadhikaUpdateASSReducing XARM-ASS Errors[Radhika, Murtaza]

This post summarizes XARM ASS efforts
from Friday 9/8 and Saturday 9/9.
  17834   Fri Sep 8 17:11:53 2023 KojiUpdateCDSFSSSlow restorationI came to the lab to see the recovery work
from the power glitch this morning 8:15AM.
All CDS seems up. The suspensions are somewhat
  17833   Thu Sep 7 21:09:17 2023 PacoUpdate eCARM and eDARM to ALS CARM and ALS DARMTonight
I managed to lock CARM and DARM under ALS
control only
  17832   Thu Sep 7 18:42:02 2023 Paco, Radhika, MurtazaUpdateASSReducing XARM-ASS Errors[Radhika, Murtaza]

We recalculated the sensing matrix
for XARM ASS by collecting each sensor's
  17831   Thu Sep 7 16:25:01 2023 MurtazaUpdateSUSETMX TestingCOIL
  17830   Thu Sep 7 14:09:37 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics TransitionThe vertex electronics transition work
will begin on Monday. We expect the ongoing
ASS-X work to be completed by then. But if
  17828   Wed Sep 6 12:53:11 2023 Paco, Radhika, MurtazaUpdateASSReducing XARM-ASS Errors[Radhika, Murtaza]

To create the sensing matrix, we
tried the DC offset method by giving offsets
  17827   Tue Sep 5 18:46:08 2023 KojiSummaryGeneralDsub 9 (DB9) cable inventoryI went to Section Y7 to check the stock
DB9-MF cables. The custom dsub cables are
also there.
  17825   Tue Sep 5 11:04:33 2023 ranaUpdateASSReducing XARM-ASS ErrorsI recommend usinng the DC offset method
that Koji and I used for measuring the IMC
WFS sensing matrix (not the AC method that
  17824   Tue Sep 5 04:48:20 2023 HirokiSummaryGeneralSummary of the late submitted entriesAfter I came back to Japan, I wrote and
revised some Elog entries that I was not
able to finish during my stay.
  17823   Sun Sep 3 08:47:43 2023 HirokiUpdateOptical LeversFound a fiber-coupled visible diode laser (iFLEX-1000)[Koji, Hiroki]

work was done on Aug. 11th.
  17822   Sun Sep 3 08:37:18 2023 HirokiUpdateGeneralPut away beam chopper*This work was done on
Aug. 11th.
  17821   Sun Sep 3 08:30:56 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCALS noise on Aug. 10th[Yuta, Hiroki]

work was done on Aug. 10th.
  17820   Fri Sep 1 18:06:35 2023 Paco, Radhika, MurtazaUpdateASSReducing XARM-ASS Errors[Radhika, Murtaza]


  17819   Thu Aug 31 10:15:21 2023 RadhikaUpdate Electronic CARM to ALS CARM handoff[Paco, Radhika]

ALS control of CARM

  17817   Thu Aug 31 02:05:09 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCMICH noise in various conditions[Yuta, Hiroki]

work was done on Aug. 10th.
  17816   Wed Aug 30 17:40:31 2023 MurtazaUpdateSUSETMX TestingUpdate to 17809.
The free swing test for ETMX took quite some
time, here's a brief summary of what
  17815   Tue Aug 29 18:02:35 2023 RadhikaUpdateDaily ProgressT&R measurement setup for PR2The intented AOI for PR2 is 1.5 degrees.
I averaged the peak measurements from the
Moku:Go spectrum analyzer and from manual
  17814   Tue Aug 29 02:02:51 2023 KojiUpdateBHDBHD Prep StatusReady / Soon Ready
- BHD OMC Cables ready
- OMC#1 / OMC#4 ready
  17813   Tue Aug 29 01:39:47 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralBHD / Misc Inventory40m BHD OFI Inventory


  17812   Fri Aug 25 22:52:30 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralTaking nodus /home/export backupTook the backup (snapshot) of nodus'
/home/export as of Aug 25, 2023

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