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  Draft   Mon Feb 6 07:58:00 2023 JCSummaryPowerShutdownMain laser trippingI came in today and it seems like the main
laser tripped again yesterday around 3:00
  17450   Sun Feb 5 18:02:46 2023 ranaSummaryBHD60 Hz noise investigations around IMC, part 2For the loop calculation, don't you
have to consider the IMC cavity pole? What
about the analog filter on the output of
  17449   Sun Feb 5 10:25:49 2023 AnchalSummaryPowerShutdownMain laser trippingOur main laser has tripped suspiciously
twice since the power shutdown. The last
time it happened on Thursday Feb 2 night
  17448   Sat Feb 4 14:55:25 2023 AnchalUpdateASCDC sensing matrix for AS WFS for YARMFilter and scripts setup

copied IOO_WFS1_I filter bank to AWS_WFS1/2_I/Q
filter banks to copy the dewhitening and
  17447   Fri Feb 3 17:41:26 2023 PacoSummaryBHDSystematic line noise hunting around BH44[Paco, Yuta]


We devised a plan to systematically
  17446   Fri Feb 3 17:39:38 2023 yutaSummaryBHD60 Hz noise investigations around IMC, part 2[Paco, Yuta]

We estimated the frequency noise of
  17445   Fri Feb 3 17:31:34 2023 JCUpdateGeneralVisit from Steve Vass[Steve, Koji, JC]

Steve Vass came by today and was
loaded with information. Here are a couple
  17444   Fri Feb 3 12:50:47 2023 AnchalUpdateASCAS WFS model changes and phase calibrationModel and medm changes

incrementally doing the model changes, I
found out that the model was failing to build
  17443   Thu Feb 2 19:41:49 2023 AnchalSummaryPowerShutdownRecovery from power outage events[Anchal, JC, Radhika, Paco]

JC reported that power outage happened
twice in 40m today at around 4:17 pm.
  17442   Thu Feb 2 13:21:39 2023 RadhikaUpdateGeneralMephisto laser interlockToday while aligning optics at the xend,
my knee engaged the AUX laser interlock.
I spent some time trying to disable the interlock,
  17441   Wed Feb 1 16:53:55 2023 AlexSummaryGeneralShadowing Anchal on developing a change for the c1ioo CDS computerDuring my time shadowing Anchal, we discussed
the need for digital control systems on the
suspension systems for the 40 meter optics.
  17440   Wed Feb 1 14:43:21 2023 JCUpdateVACFalse Nitrogen LeakageChub mentioned to Paco and I that the Nitrogen
seemed to be losing pressure quicker than
usual. After looking over the previous 4
  17439   Wed Feb 1 12:55:14 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debuggingI reconnected the green REFL monitor channel
and acquired its spectra when the laser was
(mostly) locked. During the collection window,
  17438   Wed Feb 1 11:52:13 2023 AnchalUpdateALSMoku Phasemeter AM coupling and comparisonI wondered if Moku could have lied about
its noise measurement since the RF source
was the same Moku device. To avoid this bias,
  17437   Wed Feb 1 09:56:00 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debugging   7x 
  17436   Tue Jan 31 20:49:46 2023 AnchalUpdateALSMoku Phasemeter AM coupling and comparisonModel changes and addition of
Moku Phasemeter

I setup Moku:Pro MP1 with phasemeter app
  17435   Tue Jan 31 11:02:16 2023 AnchalSummaryBHDc1cal DAQ error 0x2000 fixedThe 0x2000 error happens when the rtcds
model can not acquire the requested number
of channels at their data rates. Basically,
  17434   Mon Jan 30 18:08:56 2023 PacoSummaryBHDc1cal DAQ error 0x2000[JC, Paco]

I tried restarting all models this
afternoon to see if the DC error 0x2000 on
  17433   Mon Jan 30 10:59:15 2023 JCSummaryPSLPMC aligned, now PMC transmission is 0.7PMC hit a drop around mid-day on Saturday
and has been going down since. As of now,

  17432   Fri Jan 27 21:22:57 2023 yutaSummaryBHDV beam dump installed for BH44 RF PDOne of these V beam dumps was installed
for BH44 RF PD.
The rest is now stored in the box
  17431   Fri Jan 27 19:35:31 2023 yutaSummaryBHD60 Hz noise investigations around IMCSo far different measurements are consistent
with the hypothesis that the 60 Hz noise
is from PSL frequency noise (40m/17423).
  17429   Fri Jan 27 11:26:31 2023 ranaUpdatePEMHEPA Monitor setup using WFS BLRMSthis is very exciting! Its the beginning
of the task of reducing vast amounts of PEM
data into human-useful (bite sized) info.
  17428   Thu Jan 26 23:33:19 2023 KojiUpdateLSCEP30-2 Epoxy bonding for Yuta@OMC Lab
EP30-2 Epoxy bonding of V beam dumps
for LSC PDs.
  17427   Thu Jan 26 18:20:43 2023 AnchalUpdatePEMHEPA Monitor setup using WFS BLRMSI implemented the BLRMS on WFS1/2_I_PIT/YAW
outputs and using there value, a HEPA state
can be defined. I've currently set it
  17426   Thu Jan 26 16:07:05 2023 yutaSummaryPSLPMC aligned, now PMC transmission is 0.7PMC aligned (Attachment #1).
Over the past month, PMC transmission
is actually slowly growing from 0.68 to 0.70
  17425   Thu Jan 26 15:56:30 2023 AnchalUpdateASC1X1 -5V sorenson tripped[Yuta, Anchal]

  17424   Thu Jan 26 00:18:54 2023 KojiUpdateCamerasRecording CCD camerasConnect any video signal supported by the
adapter. Use Windows / Mac or any other OS.
If it keeps complaining, contact Magwell
  17423   Wed Jan 25 18:01:21 2023 yutaSummaryBHDBH44 setup isolated, but 60 Hz noise stays the same[Paco, Anchal, Yuta]

BH44 setup from the rest didn't help
  17422   Wed Jan 25 16:58:19 2023 AlexUpdateCamerasRecording CCD camerasThus far, the software needed for the Magewell
video encoder has been successfully installed
on Donatella. OBS studio has also been installed
  17421   Wed Jan 25 14:33:07 2023 ranaSummaryBHDREFL55 visually inspected, BH44 Kapton tapedKapton tape is a good insulator, so its
a good block for 60 Hz. But it is mostly
useless for RF since the capacitance between
  17420   Wed Jan 25 12:49:14 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debugging   XEND_PDHservo_boost_on_gain2.pdfXEND_PDHservo_boost_on_gain4.pdfXEND_PDHservo_boost_on_gain6.pdfXEND_PDHservo_boost_on_gain8.pdfXEND_PDHservo_boost_on_gain10.pdf 
  17419   Wed Jan 25 11:35:20 2023 yutaSummaryBHDREFL55 visually inspected, BH44 Kapton tapedFollowing was done to investigate 60 Hz
noise issue, but no significant change in
the FPMI noise observed.
  17418   Wed Jan 25 10:02:47 2023 yehonathanUpdate Earthquake, MC3 watchdog trippedWe came this morning and noticed the FSS_FAST
channel was moving very rapidly. Short inspection
showed that MC3 watchdog got tripped. After
  17417   Tue Jan 24 21:29:31 2023 yutaSummaryBHDElectronics diagram around BH44 and BH551) Turning the whitening filter before
the ADC on/off didn't changed the relative
height of 60 Hz peak compared with the
  17416   Tue Jan 24 21:04:59 2023 AnchalUpdateASCAS WFS path beam profiledI completed the mode matching calculation
today and found good solution with 360.6
mm ROC PLCX lens at -1.2 m from z=0 point.
  17415   Tue Jan 24 16:12:07 2023 ranaSummaryBHDFPMI displacement noise with 60 Hz harmonics side lobes1) do a comparison with the whtiening before
the ADC on/off. This will tell us if it is
pickup before the whtiening filter or not.
  17414   Tue Jan 24 11:21:59 2023 yutaSummaryBHDFPMI displacement noise with 60 Hz harmonics side lobesJust to show how bad 60 Hz noise is, I
compared FPMI displacement noise with pre-BH44
era (measured on Jan 13, 40m/17400).
  17413   Mon Jan 23 22:51:17 2023 yutaSummaryBHD60 Hz harmonics side lobe investigations[Paco, Yehonathan, Yuta]

Since we have installed BH44, we
are seeing side lobes of 60 Hz + harmonics
  17412   Mon Jan 23 20:50:58 2023 AnchalUpdateASCAS WFS path beam profiledI measured the expected beam profile by
WFS photodiodes by measuring the beam when
mode cleaner was unlocked from the point
  17411   Mon Jan 23 16:31:23 2023 ranaUpdateALSDFD and Phase tracker AM couplingBoth the TF measurement and the noise measurements
are useful, but the nosie measurement is
much more meaningful. Since we expect the
  17410   Mon Jan 23 11:20:44 2023 JCSummaryBHDBH44 RFPD optical path and LO/AS cameraHere's the beam path of BH44.  BH44.jpg 
  17409   Sat Jan 21 18:01:06 2023 AnchalUpdateALSDFD and Phase tracker AM couplingI took transfer function measurement
of DFD AM coupling using noise excitation.

Noise excitation
  17408   Sat Jan 21 15:32:40 2023 AnchalUpdateASCAS WFS path nominally setI've completed the beam redirection
path for AS beam to WFS heads in a nominal
way. By that I mean that all mirrors (M1,
  17407   Fri Jan 20 20:13:20 2023 AnchalUpdateASCInstalled 2 flipper mirrors for handingl MC reflection beam to cameraAfter discussions with Yuta, I figured
that a better optical layout is possible
which does not interfere with the existing
  17406   Thu Jan 19 20:35:54 2023 AnchalUpdateASCInstalled 2 flipper mirrors for handingl MC reflection beam to cameraToday I installed two flipper mirrors M3
and M4 (see attached photo) to create alternate
route for MC reflection camera beam. Both
  17405   Thu Jan 19 18:15:48 2023 yutaSummaryBHDBH44 RFPD optical path and LO/AS camera[JC, Paco, Anchal, Yuta]

- We installed the new BH44 beam path
  17404   Thu Jan 19 14:58:40 2023 ranaSummaryBHDIQ demod orthogonalthe
problems with these circle plots:
  17403   Thu Jan 19 12:12:09 2023 AnchalSummaryBHDIQ demod orthogonalBy sending two frequencies offset from
eachother to LO input and RF input, we measured
the remaining phase difference between I
  17402   Wed Jan 18 20:57:53 2023 PacoSummaryBHDIQ demod orthogonalI tested a spare IQ demod board labeled
33.3 MHz (closer to 44 MHz than the 165 MHz
we had started using) and using the Moku
  17401   Tue Jan 17 20:03:19 2023 yutaSummaryBHDBH44 installations: IQ demodulator is not orthogonal[Anchal, Paco, JC, Yuta]

We have started hardware installations
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