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New entries since:Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969
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  17874   Tue Sep 26 14:07:00 2023 MurtazaUpdate IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES)[Paco, JC, Murtaza]


To fix the WFS loops, went through
  17875   Wed Sep 27 14:01:11 2023 yutaUpdateSUSWhitening/dewhitening check at Yend[Paco, Yuta]

 We checked whitening and dewhitening
  17876   Wed Sep 27 21:11:36 2023 yutaUpdateSUSChecking suspension damping loop polarity conventions [Paco, Yuta]

We checked the polarity of suspension
  17877   Thu Sep 28 11:27:24 2023 RadhikaUpdateSUSPRM/SRM damping/alignmentPRM/SRM OSEM input

- I realized
  17878   Thu Sep 28 11:30:13 2023 yutaUpdateSUSChecking suspension damping loop polarity conventions To further homogenize the suspensions,
we did the following changes.

 - Turned on DECIMATION in
  17879   Thu Sep 28 12:43:02 2023 RadhikaUpdate IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES)While aligning today I realized the cavAlign
step sizes and step factors had not been
updated after the upgrade.
  Draft   Thu Sep 28 16:45:54 2023 MurtazaUpdate IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES)[Rana, Radhika, Murtaza]

WFS Loop Debugging

  17883   Wed Oct 4 10:36:03 2023 MurtazaUpdateSUSSmall Optic Suspension SimulationTHERE"S SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENING
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