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Entry  Tue May 27 21:48:31 2014, Jenne, Update, LSC, X green broadband PD not working???!? ALS_outofloop_27May2013_2.pdf
    Reply  Wed May 28 17:51:48 2014, manasa, Update, LSC, X green broadband PD NOT working 
       Reply  Wed May 28 19:15:38 2014, Koji, Update, LSC, X green broadband PD NOT working 
Message ID: 9996     Entry time: Tue May 27 21:48:31 2014     Reply to this: 10000
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: X green broadband PD not working???!? 

Grr.  I am very frustrated.  After lunch I redid alignment for both X and Y green systems (Yarm both at the end and on the PSL table, Xarm just on the PSL table).  After that realignment work, I cannot find a beatnote for the Xarm!!! 

The Ybeat, after aligment, was up to -5.5 dBm when the beat was at 11 MHz. Last week it was something like -20 dBm, so alignment makes a big difference.  After doing IR alignment I had noticed that the green transmitted through the Yarm didn't look very bright on the camera, and the power was around 0.2, so I went to the Yend and gently touched the green input steering mirrors, and got the Ygreen trans PD back to more than 0.9 with the PSL green shutter closed.  Awesome.  Then I touched up the Ygreen PSL alignment, and then saw that the beatnote was nice and large.  Hooray.  I measured the out of loop noise, and it was even better than the best we saw last week:  (greenish was best last week for Yarm, teal blue is new Ygreen):


At this point, I still hadn't touched anything on the X path (except the PZT input steering mirrors, remotely from the control room).  The beatnote was about the same size as it was on Friday, around -27dBm.  I went onto the PSL table and did the same alignment procedure that I had just done for the Yarm:  Remove the green trans PD and the accompanying lens so that I get far-field spots on the wall, and then steer the PSL green and the X green spots until they are nicely overlapped at both the camera (near-field) and on the wall.  I looked at the DC output of the beat PD, and centered the beam on the diode.  I put back the thorlabs DC transmission PD and the lens, and centered the beam on that.  However, after this work, I cannot find a beatnote for the X arm!  I still see the nice big Ygreen beatnote, and I have the PSL and Xend temperatures where they usually are (  abs(FSS Slow) < 0.1, and X end Slow around 10,090. )  I scanned -10,000 counts, and +5,000 counts from there, and still don't find a beatnote!

I went back inside, and I don't see an RF signal coming into the beatbox from the Xarm.  It's not the cable's fault though, since I then hooked the RF output of the beat PD to a 'scope, and still didn't see any beatnote.  The DC path of the PD is definitely seeing things, because when I switch the 'scope over to the DC output of the Xbeat PD, and I block/unblock the beam, I see the voltage step up and down as expected. 

I have not pulled out the Xgreen broadband PD, but unless someone else has a good idea of what to check, that might be one of the next things to do. 

Ideas of things I could try:

* Put the X broadband PD on the Y beatnote path to see if I see the same Y beatnote (use the port where the Y green trans PD is, since it has the coaligned beams, and a lens).

* Open the PD and see if anything on the RF path is fried.

* Move the Y PD over to the X path, to see if it sees the beatnote.

* ????

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