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Message ID: 9979     Entry time: Wed May 21 05:05:39 2014
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: REFL 165 vs 33 investigations 

[Rana, Jenne]

We spent some time tonight looking at locking the PRMI with REFL165 vs. REFL33, while reducing the CARM offset. 

We were not able to lock the PRMI on REFL165 I&Q at small CARM offsets.  When locking at larger CARM offsets (about 100 counts, which is about 100nm) and then re-adjusting the REFL165 demod phase as I reduced the CARM offset, I saw that I had to significantly rotate the phase.  For PRMI only (no arms), the REFL165 demod phase was -138.5 deg.  When the PRMI was locked with a -100 count CARM offset, the optimal demod phase was -123 deg.  Then at -90 counts the phase was -113 deg.  At -70 counts, the phase was -108 deg, at -50 counts it was -98 deg, and at -40 it was -93 deg.  We want to go back and look at these more carefully, and in a more continuous way, by watching the sensing matrix calibration lines.  It's unclear to me right now why we're seeing this, but it's possible that we're getting some kind of extra 55MHz resonances.

REFL DC looks like it should be good - same slope and gain as sqrtTR, extra 20 or 30 deg of phase margin, so we think that we should be able to transition over to it, and then try engaging the AO path.  Tonight we had Den's new 1kHz lowpass engaged, and with this, everything looks nice and stable.

Game plan:  Bring CARM in until transmissions are at about 10ish, then try keeping CARM on sqrtInvTrans for the DC part, and engage the AC AO part with REFL DC.  We probably just need to try this for a while more to find just the right way to turn it on.

Need to think about demod phase rotation vs CARM offset as well as extra resonances, but this may take a while, and if we can just get the AO path engaged, that would be good.

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