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Entry  Wed May 14 17:36:32 2014, ericq, Update, CDS, New netgpib scripts for SR785 
    Reply  Fri Jan 23 14:25:03 2015, evan, Update, CDS, New netgpib scripts for SR785 TFSR785.zip
       Reply  Fri Jan 23 15:46:21 2015, ericq, Update, CDS, New netgpib scripts for SR785 
Message ID: 9954     Entry time: Wed May 14 17:36:32 2014     Reply to this: 10935
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: New netgpib scripts for SR785 

 I have redone the SPSR785 (spectrum measurement) and TFSR785 (TF measurement) commands in scripts/general/netgpibdata. This was mostly motivated by my frustration with typing out either a ton of command line arguments, or rooting around in the script itself; I'd rather just have a static file where I define the measurement, and can keep track of easier. 

They currently take one argument: a parameter file where all the measurement details are specified. (i.e. IP address, frequencies, etc.) There are a few template files in the same directory that they use as default. (Such as TFSR785template.yml)

If you call the functions with the option '--template', it will copy a template file into your working directory for you to modify as you wish. "SPSR785 -h" gives you some information as well (currently minimal, but I'll be adding more)

In the parameter file, you can also ask for the data to be plotted (and saved as pdf) when the measurement is finished. In SPSR785, and soon TFSR785, you can specify a directory where the script will look for reference traces to plot along with the results, presuming they were taken with the same measurement parameters and have the same filename stem. 

I've tested both on Pianosa, and they seem to work as expected. 


  • Add support for modifying some parameters at the command line 
  • Extend to the Agilent analyzer
  • Maybe the analyzer settings written to the output file should be verified by GPIB query, instead of writing out the intended settings. (I've never seen them go wrong, though)
  • Make sure that the analyzer has PSD units off when taking a TF. (Thought I could use resetSR785 for this, but there's some funkiness happening with that script currently.)
  • Possibly unify into one script that sees what kind of analyzer you're requesting, and then passes of to the device/measurement type specific script, so we don't have to remember many commands. 

Comments, criticism, and requests are very welcome. 

(P.S. all the random measurement files and plots that were in netgpibdata are now in netgpibdata/junk. I feel like this isn't really a good place to be keeping data. Old versions of the scripts I changed are in netgpibdata/oldScripts)

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