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Entry  Tue Aug 7 16:11:23 2012, steve, Update, SUS, optical table box wall proposal IMG_1479.JPGIMG_1478.JPG
    Reply  Tue Aug 7 16:21:16 2012, rana, Update, SUS, optical table box wall proposal 
    Reply  Mon May 12 14:42:25 2014, steve, Update, endtable upgrade, optical table enclosure wall proposal and table at ETMY Hilite70.jpgETMY-ISCT.jpgRoscoThermashield.pdf
Message ID: 9941     Entry time: Mon May 12 14:42:25 2014     In reply to: 7106
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: endtable upgrade 
Subject: optical table enclosure wall proposal and table at ETMY 


 Sanwiched wall as shown: 1" clear acrylic, 2 layers of 0.004" thick "window tint", 1 layer of  0.007" thermashield  and  0.125" yellow acrylic

Visibility: 70 %,    Transmission of 1064 nm  2-3 % at 0-50 degrees incident,   power density  ~ 0.7 W/mm2

Max power 100 mW


More details about this east end  " acrylic + "   enclosure ( optical table cover ) can be found elog entry 6210, 7194 and  7106


Window tinted layer transmission plot is below.


We have a film which may meet your requirements and the values are shown below:


               Wavelength (nm)              Transmission                     Reflectance(front)            Reflectance (back)


                        1060                               .0772                               .604                                     .759


                        1070                               .0723                               .615                                     .772


These values are taken from the LBNL Optics 6 program and if you have access to that program, the NFRC ID for the film is 202.   If you do not have access to the program, I have a captured the graph which may be of some help.  I apologize for the appearance of the graph but someone at LBNL decided it would look better with a dark gray background – the yellow is the transmission curve, the blue is the reflectance (front) and the green is the reflectance (back).



The film is referred to as “Hilite 70” and has a 72% visible light transmission.  These results were obtained with the film mounted on 1/8” clear glass.








Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics



Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this email.




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