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Entry  Wed Nov 13 18:32:04 2013, Nic, Evan, Update, ISS, SR560 ISS loop psl_aom_overhead.jpgaom_driver.jpgloop_on_settings.jpgfxn_gen.jpg40m_iss.pdf
    Reply  Wed Nov 13 19:41:55 2013, Jenne, Update, ISS, ISS AOM 
    Reply  Wed Nov 13 20:02:12 2013, Nic, Evan, Update, ISS, SR560 ISS loop ISS_560_rot.pdfISS_560cal.pdf
       Reply  Fri Nov 15 10:31:45 2013, Steve, Update, ISS, SR560 ISS loop connection ISS.png
       Reply  Thu May 8 02:03:51 2014, rana, Update, ISS, ISS: fuse was blown, repaired, loop back on ISS.pdf
Message ID: 9929     Entry time: Thu May 8 02:03:51 2014     In reply to: 9380
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: ISS 
Subject: ISS: fuse was blown, repaired, loop back on 

Back in November, Nic and Evan turned on an SR560 based ISS. It uses the PMC TRANS PD as the error signal and makes an AC coupled loop with 2 SR560's and then it drives the RF amplifier which drives the AOM upstream of the PMC.

This was the saturating SR560 under the PSL table that Steve found this week*. Tonight I found that the +24 V rack fuse for this was blown. I replaced the previous 2A fuse with a new 2A fuse (turned off the +/24 V Sorensens during this operation). I think all of the servo settings are basically the same as before, except that I'm using a gain of 10000 instead of 50000 on the first SR560. It was saturating otherwise. My guess is that the fuse blew many months ago and no one has noticed...

 I checked the out of loop performance in MC_TRANS and in the IFO REFL_DC and there's some high frequency improvement with the loops on.

The main improvement, however, was in lowering the HEPA fan speed. This should only be turned up to Hurricane when you are working on the table. Similarly, those of us trying to lock at night, can't really trust that the HEPA is set to its nominal low setting of 20%. The whole difference in the MC_TRANS from 5-50 Hz is from this however, so we can use this ISS reference .xml as a way to see if the HEPA is up too high.

If we want to do better for RIN from 100-1000 Hz for improving the REFL_DC/CARM noise, we would have to think of how to improve the PMC_TRANS PD RIN.


* Steve gets +1 point for finding this, but then -3 points for not elogging.

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