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Entry  Tue Apr 8 19:10:39 2014, rana, Update, LSC, arm length measurements 
    Reply  Tue Apr 8 23:04:14 2014, manasa, Update, LSC, arm length measurements 
       Reply  Fri Apr 11 18:55:28 2014, manasa, Update, LSC, arm length measurements Xarm.pngYarm.png40mCavLength.zip
Message ID: 9790     Entry time: Tue Apr 8 23:04:14 2014     In reply to: 9789     Reply to this: 9804
Author: manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: arm length measurements 


 Since we don't have an arm length precision measurement (i.e. better than centimeters), why not just do as Koji suggests and use the ALS to get the frequency spacing between a few red FSR and then we have the measurement solid ?

Arm lengths measured using ALS. Both the arms were estimated to have the same length (to the order of a centimeter) 37.51 m

I used ALS error signal to lock the arms and scanned the arm to find 4 consecutive IR resonances. From the beat note frequencies measured using the spectrum analyser during IR resonance, the FSR, and hence the length of the arms were calculated.

The estimated lengths are not very precise down to a mm given the resolution of the spectrum analyser. We have brought out the rubidium clock to use as reference for the spectrum analyser to challenge the measurements.

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