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Entry  Tue Jul 9 17:03:06 2013, Steve, Update, Green Locking, fiber layed for Y arm fromETMYtowardPSL.jpgfibreETMYtoPSL50m.jpgPSLfiberfromETMY.jpg
    Reply  Wed Jul 10 14:49:00 2013, Steve, Update, Green Locking, more fiber protective tubing layed  fibreETMXprotectedendOnly.jpg
    Reply  Mon Feb 24 17:21:42 2014, Steve, Update, Green Locking, green fiber status today 6x
Message ID: 9665     Entry time: Mon Feb 24 17:21:42 2014     In reply to: 8813
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: green fiber status today 


Alex, Gautam and Steve,

Single mode fiber 50m long is layed out into cable tray that is attached to the beam tube of the Y arm.

It goes from ETMY to PSL enclosure. It is protected at both ends with " clear- pvc, slit corrugated loom tubing " 1.5" ID

The fiber is not protected between 1Y1 and 1Y4

 The X -arm fiber is in the high cable tray and it has has  coupler mounts.

 The Y -arm fiber is in the low cable tray and it has no coupler mounts.

 The fibers are only protected at entering and exiting the trays.

 We have only 68 ft spare 1.5"  ID protective plastic tubing.

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