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Entry  Wed Feb 19 11:00:16 2014, ericq, Update, LSC, Some Simulation Efforts PRMISensingAsIs.pdfPRMISensingCoinc.pdfMICHvPRCLangle.pdfArmLengthChoice.pdf
    Reply  Wed Feb 19 14:14:46 2014, ericq, Update, LSC, Some Simulation Efforts PRMISensingAsIs.pdfPRMISensingCoinc.pdfMICHvPRCLangle.pdf
       Reply  Wed Feb 19 16:42:08 2014, ericq, Update, LSC, Some Simulation Efforts SBLOCK_PRMISensingAsIs.pdfSBLOCK_MICHvPRCLangle.pdf
Message ID: 9657     Entry time: Wed Feb 19 16:42:08 2014     In reply to: 9656
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Some Simulation Efforts 

Disregard previous ELOGs, I had the PRC locked on carrier 

Locked on the sideband, the MICH / PRCL angle is much less sensitive to the PRC length, and shouldn't in fact be as degenerate as we've seen in reality. 


So, my simulations no longer provide any reason for the 3F signals to be so degenerate. 

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