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Entry  Thu Jan 23 23:10:19 2014, ericq , Update, General, Vent so far 
    Reply  Mon Jan 27 21:36:35 2014, ericq , Update, General, Vent so far 
       Reply  Tue Jan 28 22:24:46 2014, ericq , Update, General, Further Alignment 
Message ID: 9583     Entry time: Tue Jan 28 22:24:46 2014     In reply to: 9579
Author: ericq  
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Further Alignment 

[Masasa, ericq]

Having no luck doing things remotely, we went into the ITMX chamber and roughly aligned the IR beam. Using the little sliding alignment target, we moved the BS to get the IR beam centered on ITMX, then moved ITMX to get good michelson fringes with ITMY. Using an IR card, found the retroflection and moved ETMX to make it overlap with the beam transmitted through the ITM. With the PRM flashing, X-arm cavity flashes could be seen. So, at that point, both the y-arm and x-arm were flashing low order modes. 

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